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The Holland Brothers (Completed)

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Violet has a new job at a large company, and she quickly finds interest in her coworker Weston. They hit it off immediately and get close very quickly. But during the time she is talking to Weston, she hooks up with the CEO of the company, Silas, she works. But quickly finds out that Weston and Silas hate each other, and even worse, they are brothers. Weston the nice good boy or Silas the rotten CEO? She has to choose before she gets neither of them.

Romance / Erotica
Victoria Anderson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“So this is going to be your office. I’ll go ahead and let you get settled in, and then I’ll be back in probably about 20 minutes. I need to do a few things. But once I’m back you and I can discuss your duties with this position.” Charlotte said.

Charlotte was high up in the company chain. But not high enough to be the one to hire people. In her mind, Violet Pierce was not experienced enough to have this position. Charlotte doubted Violet greatly, thinking that this whole hiring was a waste of time.

But Charlotte could not speak her mind, or she would be fired. She never dared question Mr.Hollands’ hirings, at least not to his face. But what irked her the most was that Ms.Pierce never even met Mr.Holland, so how could he judge her character?

Or more importantly, her worth ethic?

Charlotte left Violet alone in the small office.

Violet looked around, imagining how she would set the office up. Making it truly her own.

Violet was grateful for the position she was offered, but even she knew she was not qualified for this job.

She worried greatly that she would be fired quickly due to her lack of knowledge. But she had told the person who hired her this multiple times. Almost making sure that he understood that she didn’t know much and that she would basically have to learn everything.

But the man didn’t care.

Violet was happy with getting the position, and most definitely did not decline. The pay was good for someone her age, especially since she didn’t have a college degree to back her.

She had planned to go to college but simply couldn’t afford it due to her parent’s complete destruction of her life.

Violet planned to work today to the fullest, and then she had been invited to a party at a friend’s house. She got off work at 5:30, and the party started at 8. Giving her a good few hours to go home and get ready.

The day went by quickly for Violet, scooping up as much knowledge as possible.

She worried she would forget it all, but she didn’t.

“You did a good job today. I hope to see you Monday morning at 7 am.” Charlotte said. Charlotte was surprised at how well the day went.

Violet picked up very quickly. Keeping up with everything Charlotte threw at her.

Charlotte honestly expected Violet to break down. She did not expect Violet to last the entire day. But both Charlotte and Violet were happy at the end of the day.

“Charlotte, thank you for today. I know you don’t like me a whole lot. But it means a lot that you stayed with me. Teaching me as much as you could. I appreciate it. Have a good weekend.” Violet said.

Charlotte was shocked, by Violet’s honesty. Charlotte wasn’t making it clear that she did not like Violet, but it was clear that Violet picked up on it.

But, Violet knew why Charlotte did not like her. She wasn’t upset with Charlotte, just disappointed. She felt like Charlotte did not give her a chance. At least in the beginning.

Charlotte wished Violet a good weekend as well before they both headed out of the building. Getting into their own cars. Violet looked at the time, and it read 5:45 p.m. She was leaving a little later than expected. But not by much.

Violet lived only about 15 minutes away from work, arriving at her home around 6 p.m. When she got home, she headed up to the elevator and made her way to her apartment. She had just recently moved into her apartment, and not much was in place. Boxes still filled every room.

She was excited though, she finally had her own place. No more roommates. Her apartment wasn’t much. It was a one bedroom, one bath. But it was good enough for her. It was quite an improvement from the last place.

She no longer had three other roommates, who were dirty and disgusting. Constantly bringing over guys who treated them like shit. And constantly hit on her.

She was really happy when she got the job offer, it made her finally able to move out of the city and gross house the cheese to live in. But, she had to keep the job. Or she wouldn’t be able to live here anymore. It wasn’t the best apartment, but it was definitely better than the last one. She hated that she hadn’t unpacked everything. But she’s been quite busy these past few days. Getting ready for her first day, which was today.

But it was a lot better now that the first day was over. All of the first day jitters were gone. And now, she had to get ready for the party.

She quickly got out of her work clothes and hopped into the shower. She washed away all of the stress from today. Leaving her clean and smelling like strawberries.

When she was out of the shower, she began to do her skin routine, finishing off with makeup and hair. Once she was already, she threw a red dress on. The red dress fitted her perfectly. Making her wonderful curves show.

It took her forever to get ready, even though the party started at 8 p.m. it was already 8:15. She hated being late, but that’s the way it was going to be tonight.

She quickly made her way out of the apartment, got into the elevator, and headed down to the parking garage where her car sat.

Even though she had a somewhat okay apartment, the next thing that she would buy would be a new car. She hated her car. Yes, it had given her a good few years, but she always worried that it would break down the next second.

It always made weird noises and made her uneasy about riding in it. But, she had no other choice. She refused to walk to work. As it was too far. And she didn’t like public transportation, it made her feel uneasy.

The party was luckily only 8 minutes away, not making her too late. The house where the party was was already filled with tons of people. Drunk people. High people.

She got out of her car and headed up to the party. She already had a few friends here. But other than that, the other random 50 to 75 people she did not know. And she knew, by the end of the night, there would be even more people.

Violet was a very shy person. But after getting a few drinks in her, she was a lot more lively. She was chatty, and a lot more social.

The second she walked in the door, one of her best friends, ran right up to her. Pulling her into a big hug.

“ You’re here! I didn’t think you would come, but I’m glad you did. I know the party scene isn’t your type of thing, but we’re going to have so much fun tonight! I just know it!” Allison said excitedly.

Allison, who was 22, was also Violet’s best friend.

The girls have known each other for years. Ever since they were 10 years old. They had been the best of friends.

Neither was popular, but they had their own friends. But they were always together. They constantly stayed the night at each other’s house every single weekend.

Violet still seemed unsure of the party. But she was still excited at the same time. She wondered where the night would lead her.

“ Now, I have somebody you should meet! He’s super sweet. He just moved here. You would love him. He’s exactly like you.” Allison added, before pulling Violet over into another room.

The room that Allison pulled Violet into was already filled with tons of people. 15 to be exact. A lot of them were Allison’s friends. A lot of them Violet already knew.

“ All right guys, she’s here!” Allison announces to the group. They were all talking but stopped once Allison made her announcement.

Allison dragged Violet over to the couch, and they both took a seat. Violet almost recognized everybody except 3 people.

Two girls, and one guy. The two girls were most likely girlfriends of the other people that she did recognize. But the one guy, she’s never seen before.

Violet wondered if that was the guy that Allison was just previously talking about.

“ Everybody, you know violet?” Allison asked rhetorically, and they all nodded. Except for the 3.

“ Also, this is Weston. He’s new to our group. He’s friends with Jacob. Weston just moved here from Seattle. He’s the one who I told you that he’s a lot like you.” Allison told Violet under her breath. So that only Violet could here.

Everybody else seemed to get back into their conversations. But Violet, she could feel Weston’s eyes on her. The curiosity about who she was.

The party went by pretty easily. Violet hung out with Allison for a good amount of the time. At least until Allison wandered off with her boyfriend. Leaving Violet alone.

Violet walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen. Where all the drinks were at least. She looked around the kitchen, glancing at all of her options. She eventually decided that she would just have a couple of shots.

She took a couple of shot glasses and filled them up with vodka. The thing they would get her the drunkest the quickest.

She wanted to ease the anxiety that was inside of her.

She took the first one, waited a few seconds, took the second one, and before she could take the third one, she heard a voice behind her.

“ Are you okay? Most people don’t drink like that unless something’s wrong.” The voice asked. She didn’t take the third shot, but she turned around and looked to see who had just talked to her.

It was Weston.

She was unsure of how to reply. Something wasn’t truly wrong, she just wanted to ease the anxiety.

“ I’m fine. Just a little anxious. Allison left me alone. She usually doesn’t do that. But honestly, I don’t come to a whole lot of parties.” Violet replied. Being completely honest.

Automatically, Weston respected honesty.

Most girls that he talked to, would lie. Automatically say that they were fine. But she didn’t. She was somewhat truthful.

Violet turned back to the shot glass.

Honestly, she was now unsure if she should drink it.

“You can drink it, I’m not judging you. I was just genuinely curious if something was wrong. Alcohol helps me too. I’m not a big fan of crowds. I get along with people easily, but people freak me out. I’m terrified of their judgment.” Weston replied. He couldn’t understand why he was being honest about that. He never told anybody about his insecurities.

But for some odd reason, he felt like he could just tell her that. He didn’t even know her. He’s never even spoken to her before this conversation.

Violet still stared at the shot glass. She grabbed another shot glass and filled it up with vodka. Now leaving two full glasses.

She pick both of them up and walked over to Weston. She handed him one of the vodka-filled shot glasses.

“ Then we will get through this together,” Violet said.

Weston smiled, and both of them threw back the shot. Once they were done, they both had a big smile on their face.

For the rest of the night, Weston and Violet stayed together. Just talking. Nothing happened between them. But they were getting close. The alcohol definitely opened them up.

But neither of them would remember the conversations in the morning. And that was probably for the best. At least that’s what Weston would say.

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