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You meet this guy in college and begin dating.. You thought that it would last forever, as if you were in a fairy tale... But one night on your 4th anniversary you caught him cheating on you... You locked yourself in your room not coming out for days, not eating.. When one night you heard a nock on your door you decided to open in.. It was your best friend since kindergarten. You tell him everything he looks raging mad... But tries to stay calm. He told you to not sit around when there is your whole life ahead of you. One day as you were getting ice-cream he confessed his love for you.. Read to find out what happens next!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Your name is Kate

You are a top student in your class and quite popular.

It started off as a boring day, going to college like usual. As you were walking facing your head to the floor you run into somone. "I am so sorry" you say. Seconds later you look up and realise who it was. A new student with the most precious blue eyes and fluffy brown hair. "There's no need to be sorry here let me help" he said.

Moments later he picks you up. "Thanks" you say

*bell rings*

"I better go now otherwise I'm going to be late" you say

Then your off again.

Just as you were about to sit you see a tall figure walking into the class doors. Everyone was staring at him. The boy you ran into earlier.

"This is our new student Jacob, go choose a seat"

Everyone makes room so he can sit next to them but surprising he sat down next to you.

"Hey I never got your name" he said

"It's Kate"

"What a pretty name fits well with a pretty girl like you"

You start blushing

"Your name is also quite pretty"

"Can a ugly man like me get a pretty girl like yourself, phone number? "

He handed his phone out to you.

You nod your head. Then you start putting in your phone number.

Just as you were clicking on the last diget the teacher saw you.

"No phones in class detention now"

You gave him his phone back, packed your bags and left for detention.

The next day you saw him and waved.

He ran up to you and said "I wanna take you out after school meet me at the big Tree outside"

Before you could say something he ran off again.

Damn he's a keeper you think to yourself.

-Time passes-

You are waiting outside school starts the tree when suddenly someone taps your shoulder.You quickly turn around.

It was Jacob with a lot of flowers

"Pretty flowers for a pretty lady like you" he said

You turned red

" no need to blush darling now let's go"

You nod your head but just as he starts walking you say

"May I have a hug? "

"Of course" he said

You hug him and whisper in his ear

"Sooooo do you really like me? "

He smiles and then he gently kissed your forehead "yes I love you the moment I saw you I knew you were the one"

You wisperd again "then be mine"

He picks you up and kissed you on the lips

"Am I not supposed to ask that" he said giggling

"Well not in my world" you say laughing.

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