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Lycan Soulmates #5: Wolf Fangs [18+]

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Lycan Soulmates Novella Zarphire and Srebrenka's love story gets a second chance... Lycan Soulmates Series Order: 1.Onyx Lycan Nightclub 2.Lycan Dystopia: Llyrian 3.The Lycan of Wisteria Falls 4.Lycan Nights 5.Wolf Fangs

Romance / Erotica
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1

I was new to the headquarters, I just transferred in from out of state. I was an experienced detective with a long career in busting some pretty high profile fugitives.

But bad people on the run, were no longer my area of specialty from today.

I applied for a promotion into a top-secret level in a strange sector of the police department called LC.

I was speaking with the big boss about my new position – a position that never existed until this very moment.

“I’m ready to see the demon,” I tell Jason straight.

“Good, but first things first,” Jason reaches into a draw, while sitting behind his pristine desk; not a spec of dust present. Not a single paper is pushed out of line. I appreciated cleanliness, although my desk was usually a mess. I just couldn’t help but wonder what secrets Jason is hiding – but that’s not my problem, I wasn’t being paid to investigate him.

“What’s this, I thought everything was signed,” I hold out my hand to the single piece of paper he hands over. I take a quick peep. Oh, wow. This was left out of the small print, “A death waiver, interesting,” I place it on the desk, and he rolls me a pen.

“My lawyers wrote it up this morning, it was a… last minute thing,” Jason shrugs a shoulder, “…will that be a problem…?”

“I’ll need to know why, I thought the demon was secured,” I have to ask questions first.

Jason seems ready to explain with open palms, “Alright, this is the thing, we didn’t know this demon was safe to approach for questioning – until we witnessed it firsthand. It’s a very recent development. That does not discount the danger. However, we have acquired new intelligence that makes us very confident that you can avoid such a tragic outcome, by simply following a very simple rule,” Jason slowly lowers his open palms to the desk, flattening them out and holding the wood; slightly defensive, “Never break a promise, keep your word, to the demon,” Jason explains, slowly, “That’s also why we needed someone very precise with their words, it is vital you do not create an emotional tie to this thing in our basement,” Jason smiles a little, “Of course, I can’t force you to sign the paper, but we will find someone else for the job, if you don’t accept, Srebrenka.”

“From my understanding there is no team that will assist this job,” I pick up a pen and make him believe I’ll sign, “Why is that?” I look down at the paper one more time.

“We are taking precaution, these demons have a tendency to create a sickness in the mind, which can spread to others… so we are being careful,” Jason explains, and I raise a brow, this was not explained either, “Listen, it’s not an illness we have a name for, it’s more an altered state, where some females, trust, the demon. That is all. Obviously that is a problem… but in this case we are making an exception, if you trust this monster in the basement, that’s fine, we just want answers. As many answers as you can get.”

“From what I understand now, you don’t seem to understand anything at all about this entity in the ‘basement’ – I thought it was a vaulted facility?” I ask, and Jason looks slightly embarrassed.

“We just nicknamed it the basement,” Jason whispers, “Anyway,” he motions to the paper, “It’s up to you.”

“Hm,” I raise the paper, and I let him know, gently, “…I am qualified to sit in that chair, as you should know, I haven’t built up this career for nothing,” I tell Jason that, straight, “So don’t lie to me. Is there anything else? Tell me all I need to know before I sign this paper.”

Jason quickly leans over the desk, inflicted by my words but truly I just wanted to get some more facts before anything else, and he falls for the bait, “We know nothing because our efforts are futile. A week ago, we had a woman walk in there, she stayed all night, with no assistance, and walked out untouched. That’s all we know, the beast likes a woman alone, at night, when no one is watching.”

“There is no direct line of questioning, so I know you really want to know anything, and you’re desperate for it,” I insult him again, just because now I know how badly he needs someone willing to take this challenge, “I will find out everything I can. The worst of man-kind can’t be much different to a demon, after all.”

I sign the papers.

I hand them over.

I walk out of the department to go home, since I start at night, and I only came in during the day to make sure I was formally accepted.

On the sidewalk, a man in a suit walks up to me, wearing glasses which I know are covering his red eyes.

I slowly come to a stop and I ask, tentatively, “…who are you again? You look… familiar…”

“Ah… you can call me… Lucifer,” he smiles and pushes his glasses to the top of his head, as he grabs my hand to shake it, leaning down to my upward gaze, he asks, slowly and precisely, “…did they accept you into this role?”

“Yes,” I answer truthfully, as a haze comes over my mind as he keeps looking me in the eyes.

“Who are you and what do you do, tell me correctly and I’ll never bother you again,” Lucifer waits for my answer, without blinking.

“My name is Srebrenka, I will speak to the demon tonight, I like studying behaviour, I enjoy walks under the moonlight, I like to drink my coffee black and my favourite snack is human flesh – ”

Lucifer tries not to laugh but he puts his hand over my mouth, “No, no,” he speaks quietly, “That last part was a joke, that’s my favourite food,” he leans down to my eye level, “Your favourite food, Srebrenka, is pizza and any kind of pasta. Okay?”

“Okay,” I answer through the haze, “Why are you telling me what to say?” I ask, while pulling his hand from my chin.

“I found you, sweetheart, lost and wandering around in hell, without any memories, because your brain was hanging out of your head, because a certain angry Lycan, tried to kill you,” Lucifer explains, “I put your brain back in, and while I had to wipe your precious memories, your soul is fine… although you might be… slightly… brain damaged. So don’t, don’t, try, to remember your past life… okay? It’s slightly traumatic and you’ll probably go insane, which is what happened last time. This time you have a fresh clean slate.”

“Okay,” I answer in a monotone, “I have to go, I have a job to do tonight.”

“Oh, one last thing,” Lucifer grabs my face one last time, looking deep into my eyes, “Forget everything about me.”

I blink and he’s gone.

So anyway, I feel like pasta… hmm… maybe I should find some for lunch? Then I’d have to rest, because tonight was going to be an interesting shift with LC.

I had a demon to investigate.

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