Gears (Savage Creed MC Book 1)

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Book 1 of my Shifter MC series. Meet the brothers of Savage Creed MC. A group of lone-wolf shifters a group that puts the Creed before everything. One of their member's Gears is getting a surprise package that could change his fate and the fate of the club forever. Any similarities to people, places, or things are a pure coincidence and this is a work of pure fiction and copyright belongs solely to the author. I don't own the rights to this photo the cover photo rights solely belong to the owner.

Romance / Action
Allison Kayne
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“If you try to leave again I will make sure I cut your toes off. Let’s see you run without toes.”

Carina whimpered as Benjamin raped her over and over again. She made sure not to cry, he loved it when she cried, he would act worse just to make her cry louder.

“Then go ahead, because I Carina Negiri forever and always will reject you, Benjamin Maxwell. I reject you, I reject you, I reject you with everything in my heart and soul.”

Benjamin howled and slammed his fist into her face, then he dropped Carina to the floor. Benjamin shifted and swiped at her with his claws, bit her with his teeth, when he was done there was nothing but a bloody mess on the floor of his office. Benjamin walked to his desk and made a phone call. Ten minutes later the packs’ doctor Timothy walked in.

“You called me Alpha?”

Benjamin looked up from his paperwork and waved his hand to the mess in the corner.

“Yes, clean the mess up and heal her enough for the New Dawn ceremony in two weeks.”

Timothy looked over and sucked in a breath, then he ran to the corner.

“Oh no, Luna,”

Timothy whispered.

“Alpha, I can’t fix her.”

Benjamin looked over at Carina.

“What do you mean? Fix her now!”

Benjamin snarled.

“I can’t fix her Alpha because she’s dead.”

Timothy stood up and looked at Benjamin, tears streaming down his eyes. Benjamin looked uncomfortable.

“Then why don’t I feel that she is dead?”

Timothy squatted down.

“Maybe it’s because you never claimed the Luna, Alpha. She also repeatedly rejected you.”

Benjamin growled.

“Take care of the mess.”

Doctor Timothy picked up Carina after finding a sheet to cover her with. Then he quickly took her to his clinic. Once he got her there he patched her up and cleaned her as best he could before he grabbed his phone.

“Hey hurry it's time.”

Timothy waited for about fifteen minutes when another man walked in through the back of the clinic carrying a body.

“Here Damien, be careful he almost killed her this time.”

Damien gingerly wrapped Carina in a blanket and took the iv bag and the many medications Timothy gave him. He put her in the back of his car covering her up before spraying the blanket down so that no one could smell that it was the Luna.Start writing here…

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