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Saving him; Saving her

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Jieah was in search for herself after she got into trouble in the military academy that leads to the massacre of her family. Not only she found herself again, she also met someone that could lead her to happiness. This is a story of communism, how JIeah and Reggie found love in the middle of chaos, war and conflict. How the save each other from the battle of their own lives.

Romance / Action
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This novel is the first ever novel I really got to establish a proper ending. Most of my unfinished books always ended in a few different ways and that’s why they always end up in the graveyard of drafts and unsure plots. Finishing this novel is one of my achievements so far, and it’s definitely fulfilling. It made me happy enough that it didn’t just remain in the dimension of my imagination. Also, I’m not that good at conveying what’s really on my mind into words yet, so please bear with the lack of a proper description of the settings or even on fewer characters. Still, I’ll be trying my very best to introduce the characters into a realistic model for our fascination.

This book might tackle communist groups, terrorist and anti-government parties, please know that it is not celebratory and I, as the author does not advertise them or their movements. Any related names of organization, people, places and events are just purely inspired to the real thing, some are not real and simply written for the novel’s sake. This novel doesn’t glamorize the real pursuit of the communist. In reality their crusades are much more terrifying than what I have mentioned.

The general place of this piece is in the mountain regions of Mindanao, the second largest Island of Philippines. Western and Eastern Mindanao as the base of two raging communist, as mentioned in the novel, is purely imagination and does not happen in real life.

In this novel, I also mentioned the counterpart of Indigenous Tribes to the communist party. It is all fictional and that, it does not have any relation to real life events. Daligani Tribe is only invented and does not exist or registered as any Indigenous Tribe in the Philippines. As originally, I was supposed to be mentioning a truly existing tribe for them to be introduced, but it might be disrespectful and rude if I’ll be using their name without their consent.

This literary work should not be used as the basis of the history or to be used as a legal reference.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book and I’d try my bestest to entertain you with the best that I can.

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