The Jealousy Game

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Chapter 20: Goodbye

“Logan, there’s something I have to tell you,” I told him that afternoon as I walked up to him after school, meeting him in front of the building, where other teenagers milled about, on their way home.

After Noah and I had made it from the rooftop, I knew I couldn’t continue things on with Logan. Not when I loved Noah. I had told Noah that I would find him after I was finished with Logan. We were going to meet in his treehouse when I was done breaking up with him here.

So I had texted Logan asking him to meet me outside the school when the final bell rang.

And now here we were.

I knew it wasn’t fair to continue on in this relationship. Both Noah and Logan loved me—I knew that—but I couldn’t keep leading both of them on like this. It hadn’t been fair to flick from Noah to Logan over and over again. I needed to make a decision, and I needed to be with the boy I loved.

Logan gave me a breathtaking smile that once might have made my heart plummet faster than a kamikaze plane. “What is it?”

I looked around the campus as teenagers dispersed, and steeled myself for my next words. “I can’t do this anymore, Logan.”

He froze, his brown eyes burning intensely. “I…”

“Look, it’s not you, it’s me,” I said, using the clichéd line that they seemed to use in all those cheesy chick-flicks. I hadn’t meant to sound cliché, but it seemed like the only appropriate words I could use. “It just wasn’t working out.”

“Why? What did Fordman say?” he growled, stepping forward. My fists clenched as I took a step back. Logan sometimes had a fiery temper, and I hated to be on the receiving end. I had rarely been before, only in the occasional fight, and let me tell you, this side of Logan was not a good one.

“Noah didn’t say anything,” I replied, feeling anger boil inside me at Logan. How could he talk about Noah like that? Noah had never done anything besides open up and tell me the truth about everything. He had never wanted to hurt me, only to save me from being hurt.

“He said something. Whatever he said, he lied to you!” Logan yelled.

“Logan, please,” I whispered, noticing we were starting to draw attention to ourselves. I cast a nervous glance around. “You need to calm down.”

“Calm down?” he seethed, his jaw clenching. “No, I won’t calm down! Noah brainwashed you. What did he say?” He stepped forward, leering over me. “What did he do?”

“Nothing!” I cried again, my voice rising shakily. “This was my decision.”

“You can’t break up with me!” he told me, his whole face alight with rage. “You belong to me!”

Back when I loved him, that sentence would’ve meant everything to me. That he thought I belonged to him. That he thought I was his. I would’ve loved to hear those words, and I would have believed it and wanted it more than anything. I had strived for his attention more than enough times to know how much those words would’ve excited me. But now it angered me.

“I don’t belong to you!” I retorted. “I’m not a possession! I can’t be owned. We’re done, Logan.”

I turned to walk away, not wanting to continue this argument, when his hand wrapped around my wrist and savagely pulled me back, making my shoulder scream in protest. “We’re not done here,” he growled harshly.

I tried to yank my arm out. “Yes, we are!”

“You’re not leaving me, Marley,” Logan told me, his eyes cold and black. For once in my life, I was scared of Logan. I had never seen him like this before. We had fought, but only over stupid things that had been resolved over a twenty-four hour period. But now he looked so angry that I felt my heart beat hard against my ribcage, and my breath hitch painfully in my throat. He looked ready to kill.

I cast a look around, but everyone had seemed to leave somewhere in between all of the arguing and tension. Where the hell was everybody right now?!

“Marley, come on. Think this through. Without me, you would be nothing. No one would even know your name.”

It was true. Logan had kind of boosted me to popularity when we had first started going out. Before Logan, I was just this lanky, mousy girl, who wasn’t even known by half the student body. And he was the hot football player with adorable eyes, broad shoulders and a sweet smile that had drawn me to him like a fly to honey.

“I don’t care,” I told him, narrowing my eyes to slits. “Let me go. We’re done.”

“I’m not letting you go this easily.”

“Logan, let me go! We’re through!” I said, my voice rising shrilly. “Let. Me. Go!”

Before I knew what I was doing, my free hand came up and slapped him across the face. The sharp crack rang through the air, piercing through the silence like that of a gunshot, and he swore loudly, dropping my arm.

I stumbled back in shock, my eyes widening and my hand going to my mouth. Had I just slapped Logan? I was not a violent person; everybody knew that, and I struggled to believe I was capable of doing that; that it was my hand that had done that.

His hand was on his cheek, and his nostrils flared dangerously. When he lowered his hand, a red mark in the shape of a hand wrapped around the side of his face, burning like a red flag. My hand still tingled from the velocity of the contact my hand had with his cheek.

“Logan, I’m so sorry—” I began.

He snarled, and I snapped my mouth shut. I gulped as I stared at him. He looked irate, angrier than what I had ever seen before. My heart stuttered in my chest.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” he roared, making me almost fall back in my haste to create some distance between us.

I started to back away, not wanting to be near him when he exploded. “Logan, I’m—”

“If you think you’ll find someone who’ll treat you better than I did, then I wish you luck, Marley. Because I don’t know anyone who will put up with the amount of stuff you put me through. Soon they’ll realize how much of a worthless skank you are and drop you. Don’t act all high and mighty with me, like you’re Little Miss Queen Bee. Without me you would be nothing. Nothing! Just some girl who has the fashion sense of a librarian and trucker’s daughter, and who can’t make up her freaking mind about who the hell she wants! Then they’ll drop you so quickly that you won’t even have time to say, “Wait, but I love you!” I give you three days before you come crawling back to me.”

I swallowed, feeling any remorse I had had for Logan vanish. I know that I had made our relationship hell in the end, but who did he think he was, talking to me like that? “I don’t need you.”

He smirked at me, cockiness and arrogance written all over his face, as if he had some evil master plan in his mind. “You better leave now, Marley. Before I really get pissed.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I ran to the parking lot and hopped into my car. I sat in the driver’s seat, breathing in and out slowly and trying to ignore the buzzing in my hands.

What the hell had I just done?

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