The Jealousy Game

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Chapter 23: Love

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The next two weeks passed uneventfully.

I still felt heartbroken, and I withdrew from my family, friends and everyone else. I did my work, only spoke when spoken to, and I finally knew what heartbreak felt like.

I had always felt like those girls that cried from heartbreak were weak, but finally I knew what it felt like.

I missed Noah more than I ever felt possible, and it took everything in me not to call him.

I think the time when I realized I wanted him back was when Daisy came to talk to me.

It was at lunch, when I was dumping my books in my locker and getting ready to meet Chaska and Ciara in the courtyard that she came up to me. Her hair was tied back in a bun, and she wore a minimal amount of makeup, compared to her normal get-up.

“Um, Marley?” she asked, looking scared. “Can I talk to you?”

“What?” I asked, feeling my patience fray with Daisy. She was the last person on this earth I wanted to talk to.

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair nervously. “I just… I really wanted to talk to you about Noah.”

I had already heard enough by this point, and snapped my locker closed. “Not interested,” I informed her, barging past her.

She grabbed my arms, and her long fingernails sunk into my soft skin. “Wait.”

I turned back around. “What?” I repeated.

“Please,” she begged, and I saw something in her eyes that told me I should stick around and see what she wanted.

“Fine,” I replied. “Go.”

She looked around, searching for words. “Logan called me after you broke up with him that afternoon, and told me to go over and kiss Noah when you came in. He wanted to break your heart like you had broken his, and I was stupid. I hated you for taking Logan from me when I had taken him from you originally.

“So I did it. I said yes, and I went over. I know it was stupid, and I never should’ve done it. Because the truth is, I could see that he loved you. But I loved Logan, and I was willing to do anything for him, even if it meant destroying you and Noah.”

She sucked in a deep breath and paused for a second, before continuing with the story. “When I went over, Noah looked shocked to see me, but he barely even wanted to look at me, let alone talk to me. But still, he took me up to the treehouse, and we talked.

“I came onto him, but at first he pushed me away.” She looked deep into my eyes sorrowfully. “The thing is, Marley, he didn’t want to be anywhere near me. He said that he couldn’t do that to you. He loved you, and he never wanted to hurt you.

“I made him cheat. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know what to do. So I came onto him, and I didn’t let him stop until you came in.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I whispered, eyes wide.

“Because,” she replied, “I know that both you and Noah are heartbroken, not being together. And Logan and I caused that. At the time, I had no idea you two were truly in love. But after I did that, and you broke it off with him, and you refused to speak, I realized it was true. Noah is heartbroken, and I know you are, too. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, Marley, but keeping two people who truly love each other apart is definitely the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

I was speechless, and I had no idea what to say. “What did you expect to happen once you told me this, Daisy?”

“I’m hoping that by coming clean about this, you two can finally be together. I know you think he still cheated, but that’s not true. I forced him into that kiss, and he was never into it. Even at the time I knew it was you he would much rather kiss. I’m sorry for keeping you apart.”

I couldn’t believe it. I struggled to believe that it was really Daisy Hawthorne apologizing to me. The girl that had caused so many of my problems really cared about us.

And it was never Noah’s fault for anything.

“Marley, there you are!” a voice called out, and I spun around to see Chaska and Ciara hurrying towards me.

I turned back around to Daisy, and she gave me a small smile. “Well, I guess I should go,” she told me. “I just… I needed you to know the truth, Marley. Don’t let something like this get in the way of true love, alright? Because a love like yours and Noah’s only comes around once in a lifetime, and you’d have to be as stupid as me to pass something like that. There’s only one Noah Fordman in this world, and he was made for you, Mar. Don’t let him go.”

She smiled one last time, and then turned around, disappearing from my view just as Chaska and Ciara came to me. Ciara tugged on my arm.

“Marley, we need to show you something,” she told me, blue eyes flashing.

“What?” I asked.

Chaska took my other arm and started leading me away until we reached the stairwell that I had been on not even three weeks ago, looking for Noah when we had danced on the rooftop.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking at both of them.

They said nothing, and instead opened the door and threw me in, before shutting the door. I heard a click, and spun around with wide eyes, jiggling the doorknob.

“Guys, what the hell? This isn’t funny! Open up!” I cried into the door, to find it was locked. “Guys!”

“I have a feeling we’ve been set up,” a voice informed me, and I jumped and spun around to see Noah standing there.

The breath left me, and I struggled for words. “I…”

He sighed with a smile. “They did the exact same thing to me. I think they want us to talk.”

I struggled for words, not sure what to say. “Look, Noah, I—”

He held up a hand. “Please, let me talk, Marley. I need to say some things.”

“What?” I whispered breathlessly.

He stepped forward. “I know you think I’m a hypocrite, and a liar, and a cheater. But I promise you, I never, ever wanted to hurt you. Because the truth is, I love you, Marley. And seeing you everyday and not being able to talk to you and tell you that I love you kills me.”


He ignored me, and continued on. “I promise you that if you take me back, I will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You deserve to be loved and kissed every single day. I think…” He swallowed and scrubbed his jaw, trying to force the words out. A crimson blush filtered onto his cheeks. “I think you’re The One, Marley.” He paused for a second, before continuing. “The One they always talk about. The One I’m meant to end up with. Some love lasts a lifetime, but I think true love… true love lasts forever.”

He took my hand, and stared earnestly into my eyes. “Will you be my girlfriend again, Marley? I promise that if you do, I will make you the happiest girl in the world.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “But on two conditions.”

“What?” he asked.

“Well, you know Kale?” I asked.

He frowned. “Uh, yes? Where’re you going with this, Mar?”

I gave him a small smile. “Do you think he knows who Chaska is?” I asked.

He chuckled, obviously catching onto my idea. “I’ll see what I can do. What’s your second condition?”

“Well, you know, I’d really like to dance in the rain again.”

He let out a full laugh, tipping his head back. “Really?”

I nodded, biting my lip gently. “Yeah.”

He pulled out a stereo and a keychain from behind his back, and smiled sheepishly. “Lucky I came prepared for that.”

My jaw dropped. “No way.”

He smiled and sat the stereo down. “May I have this dance?”

I took his hand, and with the other he turned on the stereo, and soft piano notes started playing from the piano. I giggled at the song choice; another one of my favorites. He pressed the keychain, and rain began to sprinkle down.


He held me close, and the song began. It was Heart by Heart, by Demi Lovato.

When your soul

Finds the soul

It was waiting for

When someone walks

Into your heart

Through an open door

When your hand

Finds the hand

It was meant to hold

Don’t let go.

When someone

Comes into your world

Suddenly your world

Has changed forever

No, there’s no one else’s eyes

That can see into me

No one else’s arms can lift

Lift me up so high

Your love lifts me out of time

And you know my heart by heart

Whoa, whoa

Once again, I had this amazing feeling, like everything was right in the world. With the song playing around us, and light rain sprinkling down, and warmth radiating off of his body, I could stay this way forever.

When you’re one

With the one

You were meant to find


Falls in place

All the stars align

When you’re touched

By the cloud

That has touched your soul

Don’t let go.

When someone comes

Into your life

It’s like they’ve been

In your life forever.

No, there’s no one else’s eyes

That can see into me

No one else’s arms can lift

Lift me up so high

Your love lifts me out of time

And you know my heart by heart

He leant forward, and my head swum dizzyingly as his lips came even closer. All of this had happened once before—this wasn’t the first time it had happened—but it was even more breathtaking than the last time. This time we had overcome so many obstacles, and still made it.

Nothing was going to stop us now.

So now we’ve found our way

To find each other

So now I’ve found my way

To you

He ducked his head down and kissed me, and his lips were soft and sweet, tasting of mint and chocolate. I leant closer, feeling his lips on mine as my arms moved around his neck. Our lips moved in perfect synchronization, and I felt so happy in that moment that I could’ve burst.

He leant back, as the last words of the song played around us.

Your love lifts me out of time

And you know my heart by heart

Whoa, whoa

And you know my heart by heart.

“I love you,” he whispered, and I didn’t have to think twice before I answered.

“I love you, too,” I whispered back, before bringing his lips back to mine.

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