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The Arrogant All Rounder Jerk

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Phyre Swan. Patrick Sheckler. Fire against Fire. Too many ego clashes and serious pranks lead them to a situation where, they only have each other. Two arrogant people fight head to head.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 3: Hyperventilating Walrus


He is so, infuriating.

First he pulled back my chair, and then intentionally tripped me, God bless Chase’s heart, for catching me, otherwise I would have had a 2d face.

I never let my enemies walk away like that, I get back at them with more intensity.

I would take revenge, buddy. Don’t you worry.

I have Mechanics next, and I swear that this guy is a bad omen because I am already late.

I run for the class, dodging a few people here and there.

“I am here, I am here…I reached.” I panted.

All the faces gave me weird looks including the teacher.

Well done, Phyre. What a great entrance, you couldn’t embarrass yourself any more, could you?

The teacher motioned me to enter the class, only one desk is empty towards the end, so I made a dash for it.

The one next to it was occupied by a black haired girl, who turned to give me a me a sweet smile.

“Hi, I am Alicia, Alicia Ranger. You must be Phyre?”

How on earth does she know my name?

“Uh…yeah. Nice to meet you Alicia. But how did you know my name?” I asked her.

“News spreads like wildfire at Ravenport High. I mean that’s what I’ve heard, you see I am also new. Half of the population is talking about your scene with that Sheckler guy, I must say I am pretty impressed by the way you handed him his ass back.” She winked.

A Smile came upon my face.

Yeah, finally I have found a friend.

Most of the class goes by, unnoticed as we shared about our lives and why we shifted to Huntsville.

She just joined this semester, one week prior to today. She used to live in California and as her mother was doctor, she had a few cases in Huntsville.

We also had Human Psychology together, so we decided to go together.

“So Phyre, would you like to spend the day at my house, I’ll guide you about the place, not that I know everything but we can always explore together, right?”

“Sure man, thanks for asking, we can go directly after school.”

She nodded and smiled back. We entered the class and chose the desk in the middle row, after a few minutes the teacher entered but everybody was still talking and nobody gave attention to the old lady.

She cleared her throat, twice, but still people kept talking.

“Class!” She screeched, then went about dragging her nails on the board, which resulted in that eery sound.

Alicia grimaced and half of the girls protested.

“Enough of your babbling, I have tolerated your tattle-tales enough for a week. We’ll have a sitting arrangement for the whole semester now.”

Just then the door banged open, and a guy walked in, casually.

Late, but still walked casually.

It was none other than that dipface.

What was his name, Freckeler? Ugh whatever.

He moved to the last row, giving me a hard look.

The teacher starts making partners according to last names

“Macy Pandora and Jace Player”

Player? That’s a hell of a name…

“Alicia Ranger and Blake Ryder.”

Alicia gives me a sad smile and moved to the Blake guy’s desk.

“Patrick Sheckler and Phyre Swan.”

The girls gasped and give me annoyed glares but, I realized that I was doomed only when the dipface came and sat beside me.

What the hell?

Yeah, Alicia mentioned his name was Sheckler.

I couldn’t sit with him for the whole friggin’ year, no way. I raised my hand and old lady gaves me a look before opening her mouth.

“You want to change your seat?”

“Yes ma’am.” I gave her a big smile.


“Uh I am not comfortable sitting with him.” I pointed towards him and he snorted back.

“Not my problem.” She said and started making other pairs.

What kind of a woman is she?

Can’t sympathise with another woman’s plight.

Tsk tsk tsk.

As the class started, Patrick took out his earpods and plugged them in ears ears.

Immediately, Loud music hit my eardrums, and yeah Loud music through the earpods.

He seriously had a deaf wish.

What is the need for earpods when you have to listen to music in high decibels? might as well remove them.

The whole class wa silent and was listening to the teacher talk about the the role of hormones in psychological development, when Patrick shouted.

Fire, Fire.” All of a sudden adrenaline coursed through me, half of the students were already up from their desks, and the teacher was looking for the signs of fire when Patrick calmly turned towards me and said in a softer tone.

“Phyre, Phyre would you please lend me a pen.” And that stupid smirk reappeared on his face.

This stupid, dipshit, dickhead of a jerk. I almost had a heart attack.

Really, a false fire alarm? Ugh.

The teacher glared at him and ordered the students to calm down and sit.

Alicia shared a look, which resembled ’I feel sorry for you’ kinda look.

Yeah, babes I feel sorry for myself too.

If only my bad luck had intensities, this guy would be of the highest one.

As the class got over, Alicia and I moved towards the cafeteria and stood in the lunch line, we were so busy talking that we didn’t even notice what was being served today.

Alicia was before me and had already moved for the tables.

On my turn, the guy, whom I presume must be doing a part-time as a server, put some fries and a pizza slice on my plate.

I was about to move away, when he called me back.

“Uh, miss you forgot your dessert.” He said.

“But I didn’t order one.”

“Oh! Your friend did it for you.”

I look around the cafeteria, and saw Alicia waving at me from a table just beside a large window.

Well, she is such a great friend for ordering this, which looks like some chocolate, caramelised huge ball.

I reached our lunch table and found Alicia already digging into her food.

“Thanks.” I told her.

“Oh, mention not, it was my responsibility, as You are new. I need to help you out.”

Help me out? By giving me some chocolate ball? Huh?

But I shook the thought away, and picked the the big chocolate ball. First bite into it, and I felt a little creepy. What kind of a desert is it? It’s so crispy.

I took another bite, unsure of my taste buds, when the spicy flavour stung my tongue.

This is so disgusting.

I pulled the leftover piece in front of my mouth only to see a blunder. It had a pinkish shade and had a lot of leaves stuck closely to each other.

It took me a moment to realise what it was

A fucking onion.

And guess what, Alicia wasn’t waving at me because she bought the dessert but because she chose the table. Which meant someone else asked for it.

All of a sudden my body heaved.

Holy shit, I am so gonna puke.

I hurriedly got up from the table, spilling my juice all over it, Alicia got up too giving me a concerned look. I quickly placed my hand over my mouth in order to prevent puking in front of the whole school and immediately dashed towards the door.

That’s when I saw Patrick laughing like a hyperventilating walrus and Chase giving me a smirk.

Those bastards. They are so dead.

But right now my main focus was on my uncontrolled heaving, so I ran straight for the restrooms with Alicia on my heels and puked my guts out.

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