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Royal Romance Of Nina

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Chapter 2

Next day.

I woke up at 4am, to start my journey to my granfather's. At least I've packed all my belongings yesterday, right after the decision was made, so now I'm all set to go.

"Are you ready?" My father asked. "Yes, father. Thank you for saving me." We hugged each other with all that we had and when we pullwd appart, we had ters in our eyes. Maybe this is the last time, we see each other. My mother on the other hand, never came to say goodbye, and I really didn't mind that much. "Goodbye father. Stay safe and healthy. I hope we see each other again." I was almost sobbing now. "Take good care of my father, he is a good man. And take good care of yourself as well. Please be safe and strong. I wish you the best my child. Goodbye Nina and have a safe journey."

And this was it. Off I went. I was going on foot. It was a journey of 18km, that's why I had to wake up so early. I hope that I will be able to arrive there, before lunch time.

It was summer, so it was hot as hell. The weather was sunny, without a cloud. Just my luck. I was sweating like crazy and I was smelling really bad. I really didn't want to meet anyone in conditions like this. It would be awful if a young man or a boy passed by. But fortunatley, I was walking through the forest. Yes it shelters from direct sunlight, but it's really humid. We all know, what that means. Exactly as I deycribed myself earlier.

I was walking for a long time now and I didn't even know, how long it was. It looked like and felt like I was walking forever. Suddenly, I saw a stream, so stopped by it to drink some water and refresh myself, before I continue my journey. The water was cold and refreshing to the touch. When I have stopped drinking, a crazy idea popped into my mind, so I've checked every direction for potencial passerbyers, but I saw or heard noone. Just the sounds of the forest. So I stripped myself and went into the water. It was so cold, my teeth were clathering but afrer a while, my body started to relax and getting accustumed to the temperature. It was really refreshing and relaxing. I was feeling, like I was in heaven. After a while, I wwnt out and dressesd myself. I was also feeling hungry, so I seached for berries and ate some. After I was full or rather not so hungry anymore, I started walking again.

When I finally reached my grandfather's cottage, I way relieved, that the walking is over and that my sense of direction and my memory are still great and useful. I knocked on the door and my grandfather opened it. He was surprised to see me, but happy nonetheless. "Nina?" Even after 10 years, he still remembered me and had tears of happiness in his eyes, and so had I.

We embraced each other out of happines, that after all these years we finally see each other again. After our embrace, he had me at a distance of the arms's lenght and had his hands on my shoulders and was watching me intently. "You have grown up so much. You have grown up in a beautiful young lady. Now, lets get inside and you will tell me everything, that I've missed, while you were growing up."

So we went inside and shut the door.

Hello dear readers!

I hope, I'm keeping you on your toes with the story. Chapters are now a little short, but I'll do m, best to make them longer.

Or if you prefer shorter chapters, also let me know. This is the first story ever, that I'm writing, so I would apretiate the feedback. :)

Enjoy your reading. :)


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