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Theirs (Completed)

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Amelia comes from an abusive home until she runs into some handsome men and once they see her they want her and they will do anything to have her Lorenzo, Ace , and Xavier found what they have been missing their entire life Amelia loves to dance and she has been dancing for awhile but her adopted parents didn't want her doing anything she wanted didn't even want her going to school cause of the abuse and how she might tell someone The boys were abused when they were little and they ended killing their father and their mother died at their dad's hands and they have never forgiven themselves for it.. they see Amelia and immediately fall for her. (She ends up getting pregnant by them ) They find out their dad isn't dead And Amelia adoptive parents want her dead and are working with their dad Plus a lot more Read to find out more!!

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Amelia gets pulled out of the bed by her hair and she yelps ” ow!”

Issac screams in her face as he holds her up

" When I say get the fuck up and make me breakfast you get up and do it! ” he lands a punch to her face

Amelia cries as she spits some blood out of her mouth ” im sorry ill do it ”

Isaac throws her against the wall and hits her again ” damn right you are going to now go” he shoves her out the door

Isaac and Lisa always wanted a family but found out she had a very small change they could have kids and they adopted amelia and everything was great for awhile until Lisa found out she was pregnant and amelia was just a 5 year old little girl at the time and was running around and ended up running into Lisa causing her to fall down a small flight of stairs and rushed to the hospital where they told her the baby didn’t make it and since then they have been nothing but horrible to her

Amelia ran down the stairs and pulls the food out of the fridge and started making breakfast fast. she hurries and grabs the plates and sets the table and rings the bell to tell them that breakfast is done and she runs up the stairs and changes into her school outfit

Isaac - you better wear something that hides those bruises other the consequences are gonna be so worse for you

she nods ” yes sir” she looks down not making eye contact with him

Isaac - good

he leaves her room and she looks around and see’s her mattress that’s on the floor. all the rooms were decent sizes and Isaac and Lisa had the money but never spent any on amelia. the clothes she had were hand me down and were from garage sales

she stripped down and showers and grabs the makeup and covers the newly bruises and old bruises the best she can except for the ones on her wrist.

she slips a t shirt with some tight jeans and a flannel

she slips her white shoes on and grabs her bag and runs down the stairs and see’s Lisa at the table just finishing eating and she starts to clear the table

Lisa - i expect you home by 5 pm tonight otherwise there is a punishment

amelia nods

Lisa smacks the table ” words you bitch”

Amelia - yes ma’am

Lisa - good now finish cleaning up and get the hell out of here

she cleans the table and Lisa leaves for work and amelia just finished the table cleaning. she hurries out the door and starts walking and looks at her watch and realize that she is going to be late so she starts running

she gets to the school

Macy - BITCH! you were almost late

amelia says out of breath ” i know”

they hug and amelia winces ” are you ok?”

Macy has no idea about the abuse..

Amelia - yea i tripped this morning

Macy - you are so clumsy

Amelia - i know

they giggle ” get to class ladies there is only a few more weeks left of school ”

Macy salutes the teacher and pulls amelia into the school ” alright ill see you next hour ”

Amelia - yep

they hug and go their separate ways and amelia makes it to her first class and sits down in the back and takes out her notebook and starts to draw amelia always loved to draw and dance.

she draws for the hour and barely notices when the bell rings

" amelia class is over ”

Amelia - oh

she packs her stuff up and hurries out of the class room

the end of the day is near

Macy - lets ditch

Amelia - no i don’t wanna get in trouble

Macy - come on girl you never want to have fun..

Amelia - i do but i can get in big trouble

Macy - what do you mean?

Amelia - nothing just don’t worry i cant go alright

Macy huffs ” fine guess ill just die of boredom”

amelia giggles and the teacher turns his back around

" you mind sharing with the rest of the class?”

she shakes her head ” no im good ”

" stop laughing and pay attention” he turns back to the bored and amelia mocks him and macy laughs in her hands

the class ends and macy lets out a whine ” finally! i think any longer would have killed me”

Amelia giggled “yea for sure it would have” she says sarcastically

Macy - your mean.. its like if i died you wouldn’t care

Amelia - i mean cause you not actually dying

Macy - and how do you know bitch

Amelia - cause you are acting fine

macy gasped and starts choking on air and Amelia starts laughing at her. macy stops and amelia calms down

Macy - its 3:30 what we gon do?

Amelia - lets get some coffee and than i got to go home before 5

Macy - yea yea yea

they walk to star bucks and get some coffee. they drink it as they walk home

Macy lives about 3 blocks away from amelia

Macy - goodbye girl love you

Amelia - love you too

she hands macy her empty cup ” please ” macy groans “fine”

macy runs inside as amelia looks at her watch 4:30

she starts jogging home and than bumps into someone and knocks his stuff out of his hands

" SON OF A BITCH” she flinched at his tone ” im so sorry ”

she picks up the stuff and she stands up and see’s three hot men all around her

she hands him his stuff ” im so sorry i wasn’t watching where i was going”

the man she bumped into said ” its all ok are you ok?”

she nods ” words love”

she blushes ” yes im ok”

" my name is Xavier and this is my brothers ace and lorenzo”

Amelia looks at them “i- i’m amelia” she speaks nervously

she looks down at her watch and her eyes go wide ” i- i got to go” it was 4:50 pm

Ace - why?

Amelia mumbles ” ill be in trouble”

she moves past them ” im sorry again ” and she starts jogging away from them. she cant help but to think of them and she flushes as she runs.

the house came into sight and she makes it to the house and realizes its a minute till 5 and she hurries in the house and into her room and drops her bags and runs down the stairs and quickly gets their dinner out and starts to cook it and she sits their thanking god she wasn’t late

she sets the table and puts the plate down and rings the bell again and Isaac comes into sight and comes into the kitchen and sits at the table

Amelia asks quietly ” where is Lisa?”

Isaac says without looking at her “work like she always is ”

Amelia - want me to clean her plate or just leave it ?

Isaac - clean it

- - - - - - Trigger scene/ attempted rape

she take the plate and cleans it and she could feel Isaac behind her breathing down her neck

Isaac - you know she hasn’t giving me any action in a while

he grabs Amelia’s waist and pulls her against his hard on and she gasp and struggles and he shoves her into the counters and she stands up and tries to move. she didn’t want to lose her virginity like this

Isaac hisses at her “stop fucking moving. don’t act like you don’t want this or me.. i see the way you look at me”

she starts to cry as he pushes her to her knees and grabs her hair and slams her in his bulge ” please”

he smacks her across the face and she falls to the floor and than grabs her by her hair and pushes her against the table with her butt against him and he grabs her breast and she cries out as he pinches her breast ” ow!”

- - - - - trigger scene ends

the door bell rings and Isaac pushes her and she runs up the stairs as Isaac yells to her ” this isn’t over ill fucking get what i want you just wait”

she runs into the room and she closes the door and slides down it and cries in her knees. she felt so disgusted with herself for letting him do that to her

she strips and her breast are slightly bruised and her hips are very bruised and she slips her t shirt on with some sweats and lays on her mattress and cries into it.. she falls asleep

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