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The blessed journey

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This story fully describes a love of two young 15 years old children. They started after living together as a beggning. None could imagine that they can separate. They separated due to different reasons. The guy got good health become a young rich and forgotten the family that helped him. He worked as a national photographer, he was later promoted to go in russia for photographic duties. He come in rwanda to take a small motherland visit. He met someone of his friend and asked him whether he still loves her long time ago girlfriend. He ignored but remembered the good times they spent together. He got back in russia but thinking of how that famil raised him. He immediately turned back his privatejet to finf that family. He asked for forgiveness and he was forginen, but the girl immediately was affected by a killing disease. Do you think that diseases killed him. Read and understand.

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The arrival of Broney in happiness

My name is Broney! I was in a good and happy family, everything I needed was near me as they worked hard for me to learn. I studied in a good school, I made many friends. They thought that I am from a rich family, but they didn't understand how much I did hard. they thought that I was like a city boy. But that was not true. At home, I had to work in other to survive.

When you make new things or good things, when you have used your skills well, many people think that you are from a healthier family. You can't understand how much we need to become riches. We always wish to get money, whether you can be with 10000000$ or not. You need more.
I was studying in s2 going to s3. While in grand-vacancy, I heard something bad from my siblings.

I felt very shy to be there. My grand-brother was saying that I am useless and more. He called me a dog and other animal names. I felt very useless. I had always to judge myself why all that was happening to me.

In life, it is normal, but not good while by your family. When you become worse to your family it can cause faults to your future. No reason to disagree with your family. Instead, you can leave. But before leaving, you have to ask yourself why, where, and when. So that your leaving could not be bored by anything.

But to me, I ignored that, not even remembering the whole years that I spent with my family happy and together. None I told about my leaving, I felt that none was useful at that time.

I just only prayed to God to understand my wishes of being Good and rich. It was not a good idea for me to leave and it was not a good idea to stay as there could become family conflicts due to my character.

Sometimes people do not understand who you are and why you are there! But ignore it because only God knows you better. Nothing could make me concentrate as I have already adopted myself not at home. I had nowhere to go as none of my family knew my plan. None could believe that such small things were boring me.
Some would think that I can accept how I lived but to me it was impossible.

I would not understand anyone, that's the reason why I had not to advise them. Sometimes we think that only we are right but just understand what others think of us. They either think you are harmful because you fight, etc. But to me why did I was being treated like that?

I did not like to go away from home, I studied hard to win and more. I searched everywhere to gain profit. You cant imagine. I was a sinner but I believed to change. Now no full information on why I was being hated.

I chose to leave, but I had nothing to eat, to drink, no smartphone or airtime just only 500fr and my school bag with few clothes and uniform. I left my home with my mobile and reached Cyunuzi after 30 minutes as I was walking on foot.

I took a tarmac road and started walking on the road Rusumo-Nyabugogo but not sure about where I was going.

It was about 8:27 pm when I reached Ngoma. I bought airtime but none to call and slept on the road. I set an alarm for 4:30 am. I slept thinking of how others were happy, I was feeling now how good is to ignore some family problems to survive. I was hungry and thirsty.

None to call, no enough money, no food. It was just problems. I could now feel how easy life is. I kept telling myself stories of heroism and terrorists, army and famous, etc. Until I was ready to sleep. At 4:30 am the phone rang and it was my time to wake up. I woke up and continued.

I was very tired but kept up. Everyone would see how I was very tired and hungry. I was very shy so I was not able to beg. I kept on thinking of how many kilometers are remaining to reach Kigali. This annoyed me.

I was not sure that I will reach somewhere in town to buy juice and bread in the 400fr remained.I reached Rwamagana hall at 00:12 am. It was in town but every shop was closed and not able to buy the juice. Police officers and soldiers were passing near me and I felt secure to sleep. I was very tired and again slept near MTN Agent's hall, I set an alarm and slept.

It was about 8:30 am when I woke up, what shame? I felt shy as people were looking at a street boy, but nothing I had to do just to continue.

I bought a 200fr juice and a 200fr bread and ate. It is not a good thing for a youth to leave their home. Your family is supporting you even in your mistakes because they love you. Now I continued." Why are they parking near me? Who are them?" I ask myself.
It was a BMW car parking near me. The man in come out and he said" looking tired! Can we pick you?" " is it me you are talking to you?" " yeah!" He replied. It was good I had not to disagree. There was a woman in the car. " "looking good! What's your name? Where are you going and why are you hungry?" She asked

I replied," my name is Broney!, I am going to Kigali, I am hungry because I got a journey without transport and no money!" We conversed I told them why I am being leaving home and was immediately shocked. The woman asked the man whether they can carry me to their house as they had one child and were not able to give birth again. The man agreed and parked alongside us to buy something for us to eat.
I was adopted by their family. " hi my daughter! Prepare yourself and the house we are having a visitor" the woman said on the phone. The man immediately come and we ate as we were entering Kigali city. In a short time, we reached Gasabo district as they left near the convention center.
We reached a good new house. It was new and amazing for me to enter. The gate is opening slowly as we drove near it. The gate fully opened. What a strange thing! A miracle! My eyes would be blind at it! What was that? Continue reading with the next chapter.

Thank you. Written by BESSORA NEEMA HIRWA

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