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Deals will be made and Prices will be paid. He was her teacher and she was his student, but they both had things they aren't really sure they're ready to give up. Hot headed Xavier King believed making his dad mad was the only way to get what he wanted.He thought why not be a teacher to get him really mad this time after all he went to college to take over his dad's business,but when he becomes a teacher he finds things he didn't expect to Sophia Monroe being one of those things. When finding or Sophia's dad is Sawyer Monroe he does the only thing he can to save his and his father business, he makes a deal with his dad Carter King.What happens when Xavier starts falling for Sophia not only will it ruin the deal but the career he's starting to like. Working to keep her father proud of her accomplishments;as she's done all her life.Sophia just has a bone to pick with Xavier King her English teacher. She finds herself telling her dad who Xavier is not only as the son of Carter King, but as her teacher. It didn't end the way she planned and she finds herself making a deal with her father for the sake of the business and Xavier's job. If she loses the deal she loses the company,Xavier, and she'll be forced to go to boarding school. She'll be forced to decide what she really wants in her life Xavier and the business or a life somewhere in Paris.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

It was finally mine, I would have my Dad’s company I had been craving for the day that it would be mine, I could see it in my hands all I had to do was cut the ribbon.

“Thank you.” I said bowing holding the scissors to cut the red ribbon that would allow me to have the company that my hands had always starved for;the red ribbon shined in the light and made me smile brighter almost as bright as the ribbon itself.

The scenery to the big building and the silver scissors in my hands faded leaving me clueless and the noise start.

I was dreaming.

The alarm blared worse than I think it ever has and the only things in my new empty room were a bedside table that had two drawers and my mattress; on top of the bedside table was the stupid alarm clock. I was currently on my mattress since the frame won’t be here for another week. I wanted to smash the alarm clock to pieces, but unfortunately I couldn’t.

I groaned at the stupid thing trying to go back to sleep I wasn’t in the mood to wake up and get ready for the stupid day to come.

The bedside table was too tall so I have to sit up. Me being lazy I tried to sleep leaving the stupid alarm to keep beeping with the pillow over my head I tried to fall into a dream state, but I was only faced with darkness and my thoughts. My phone was barely audible over the alarm clock, but audible enough to hear.

I got up putting an end to trying to sleep altogether and I looked at my phone. It had the date and time which currently said six thirty in the morning and I wanted to just curl up in a ball and hide from this world. I looked to see who texted and just my luck it was Claire my best friend who had moved with me. She begged her mom to let her and her mom complied saying she was offered a job over here with a higher position.

Me and my dad moved to get away from our old lives well my old life. Nothing serious happened no dark past or anything we just needed a fresh start new scenery. My dad was like money with two legs he was like the people you see on TV the billionaire with money who had that big building in New York. He makes billions of dollars every year and everyone strives to be like him. My dad has one secret just one and that my friends was me.

I don’t know how a child can be hidden from the press for seventeen years, but I am and it sucks sometimes seeing as my dad goes to Company Balls, Parties, and Galas and I stay home waiting for my dad to come back. My dad looks young for his age he’s in his mid-forties and he looks like he was in his late thirties. Women want to be with my father and that’s gross considering he has a hidden daughter.

My dad doesn’t care he says he only cares for one woman and that’s me according to him that’s all he needs in his life because and I quote him ‘I am a handful as it is.’

Anyways back to Claire’s text she is apparently super excited and can’t wait to go to our new school. My dad finally wants to come out to the press about his daughter he has had since she was born with the woman who he used to love who cheated on him. Ouch!

I slammed the alarm since I was already up and I walked to the bathroom making sure I didn’t trip over any boxes that were in the way or those that spilled contents onto the perfectly white marble floor.

I grabbed some skinny jeans, a white shirt, a floral scarf, and my undergarments. I placed them on the bathroom counter and I went back out in search for a towel. I came across a box labeled junk for the bathroom and I smirked before finding a towel on the top. I took the towel and placed it next to the clothes making sure to go back into the stupid box and getting my toothbrush,toothpaste,mouth wash,and my makeup bag; which only had a few things such as: mascara, lipsticks, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, lip liners, concealer, and makeup remover.

I didn’t really wear foundation because it looks horrible on me plus I didn’t need it my skin wasn’t super oily nor did it have wrinkles, acne, etc.

I walked back into the restroom stripping from my former shorts and T shirt and undergarments before getting into the shower and cleaning up getting ready for my day. I washed my hair twice just to make sure it was clean and wouldn’t be oily. When I was done I grabbed the towel wrapping it around myself as I combed out my tangles.

I let my hair air dry for ten minutes before getting impatient. I finally decided on just putting it in a Messy bun half wet. I then put on my undergarments and then the clothes I chose which was the white T shirt with skinny jeans and a floral scarf. I put on a sock and went back into my room running around on one foot looking for my other sock once I found it under my mattress I put it on and then put on my floral vans.

When I was done doing that craziness I went back into the restroom putting on mascara and lipstick feeling lazy to do the rest. Once I was done I grabbed my phone and backpack before going down the huge staircase.

I walked into the kitchen spotting my dad in his suit struggling to put on his tie and answer the phone while drinking coffee. I chuckled and walked over to him. I grabbed the tie from him and I proceeded to tie it while he answered and conversed on his phone. Once I was done he told the person whom I assumed was his secretary that he would call her back before giving me his undivided attention.

“I hope you have a good day sorry there’s no breakfast kiddo.” He said before placing a kiss to my forehead, to which I pushed at his chest.

“I’m not a little kid.” I said in a sing song voice which made him chuckle.

“I’ll pick you up after school after all the secrets is going to get out since after next year you’re going to college to become next in line to take over the company.” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Drop me off?” I asked him not in the mood to drive.

“Actually I was already going to,are we getting Claire bear?” He asked to which I laughed at my dad had grew fond of Claire we had been friends since she lived next door and my dad treated her like a seconded daughter, nobody would expect the big mean owner of Monroe Industries to be so sweet I mean he was number two in the rankings for the richest most successful companies in the United States and number fifth in the World which is amazing.

The person in first was really old the man had no children so the company would be passed to my father which Stevenson Corps didn’t mind since my dad was doing really well, but when my dad said the company was going to me Stevenson was even more happy he even said I was a true business woman and I would work hard and it would be amazing to have a woman lead the biggest company in the world,he said it would be new and what the world needed.

“Yes let’s go.” I said smiling at the thought of being a real business woman after college even though my dad was doubting my ability he was willing to give it a shot maybe it will be set with a deal,but there are no deals to be made yet.

I walked out of the house and I got into the car my dad got in next and my dad told Bill our driver to go to Claire’s new house. We drove to her house and she was sitting on the curb waiting for us. She got up and walked to the car before swinging open the black door and getting in tossing the backpack in a direction that happens to be my father’s causing him to spatter coffee all over his perfectly pressed white shirt.

I chuckled and Claire was still facing the other direction.

“Why are you laughing?” Claire asked turning around coming in counter with my dad’s blue angered eyes which made me laugh and eventually she started laughing to seeing as there was a brown stain in the middle of his chest and a backpack on his lap. He scowled before looking out the window. She got in and mumbled a sorry, but failed due to her laughing so she ended up chocking causing my dad to mumble Karma.

I laughed and watched at the two stop bickering and finally talk again. They talked about the business and what me and her would do with it once we were older and if my dad gave it to me before thirty. When we got closer to the big school that looked like a college I became a thousand times more nervous I felt this flutter in my stomach causing me to grab onto my Dad’s hand and giving him a pleading look. We approached the gate to the school and it opened recognizing the specially made car my dad has.

The principal I assume was at the front eyes wide in shock. She approached the car as it stopped. My dad told Bill to give him My dad’s Jacket to cover the huge brown stain before getting out and coming face to face with the thin older lady. I saw them conversing her asking why he was here and what a pleasure it would be to have an assembly in his name to which he agreed to only to show off his daughter and her clumsy friend according to him that’s what we were.

So we got off and the lady looked at us confused not knowing who we were, but quickly dismissed it knowing we were with Sawyer Monroe. According to the lady the assembly would be at eight due to short notice leaving me and Claire having class after the assembly and that was English Literature as we walked with my dad to the lady’s office,eyes lingered in recognition and envy.

Two blonde girls approached us with their cleavage on display and their skirts hiked up leaving a sight but my dad paid attention elsewhere and that my friends was on me. The girls obviously knew who he was and didn’t care for the age gap. The taller one looked at me in disgust catching my dad’s attention which made her happy, but her smile soon faded.

“Can I help you?” He scowled at her making her eyes tremble with fear for he could ruin her everything, but she grew confidence and looked at him with nothing more than lust and she smirked placing her hand on his chest to which he removed it.

“Nope I was just welcoming you to our campus.” She said with a smirk before leaving.

We stood there as the principal told the student body to report to the speech room which was created for assemblies which they had frequently around here.

An announcement went on many intercoms through the campus giving clear instructions to report to the speech room.

We walked to the speech room located on the other side of the campus. When we got there I was panting;my dad looked unfazed and I gave him a ‘what the hell’ look which made him chuckle. Claire was singing an annoying song all the way here that had my dad irritated to the bone he practically screamed at her to shut up the whole time.

Claire eventually stopped and waited for my dad to climbing the stairs and on top of the platform and then she got on it and then me due to me looking around.

We stood there on the brown two feet tall platform waiting patiently for the students to enter. Soft instrumental music was playing in the background, waiting their arrival. This was a prestigious school for rich kids you could tell it made sense why they would know my father.

Me and Claire were dressed okay Claire better than me with a pencil skirt and a yellow blouse. She looked more professional while I looked like a freshman in public school.

The principal saw everyone enter down to the last staff and started her speech saying that ‘we’ as in the student body were having a special guest which I didn’t understand my dad wasn’t special well he was to me, but he was just another rich business man.

She handed the microphone over to my dad with a brief introduction in who he was the students gasped and murmured causing the principal to shush them once more. I stood there very uncomfortable and embarrassed; imagine your dad at your school introducing you and your friend then saying he now owns the school and you know he had a coffee stain due to your friend underneath.

Well this is Sawyer Monroe my Dad and big business man to the world and that’s how I feel right now.

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