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To Soak in Silver

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Asahi is a kitsune, not the guardian kind that protects, but the kind that haunts you and breaks you if he wishes, the kind that feeds on human blood and soul. He is tall and handsome with a deliciously shredded physique, and once he lays his silver eyes on you, you're his. Kiara is an engineering student, sincere and aloof, a lost little bird, perfect prey for Asahi. It seems Kiara has lost her spark and there's nothing interesting about her. If she's gone, the world wouldn't notice her, let alone mourn her. But somehow, this little bird isn't going to be such an easy catch. She is wrapped in secrets, the slivery kind Asahi's silver eyes can't hook through. Can he then soak her in his silver? To Soak in Silver, the first book in the erotic paranormal series Moondane Pack, is a story about love and heartache between a kitsune and a human. The story has its fair share of steamy scenes but it will also make you tear up sometimes. Whatever you feel, I hope it will be worthwhile. Thank you so much for giving it a try! Best regards, Juliano Blackwood

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I gasped for air, my chiseled chest rising and falling with each strong inhale. My muscles pumped as I repeatedly slammed into her.

“More, more,” the bitch screamed after every moan.

I hated her voice, whiny but strangely commanding. Even being here beneath me, she attempted to take control. Increasing my pace, I pressed my hand tight on her mouth to shut her up and watched her eyes roll into the back of her head.

It made my cock twitch.

As if on cue, my phone buzzed. Damiano, that bastard had horrible timing. He always liked to fuck with me.

Nope, todat I was on holiday. I was not going to pick up. Not at this hour of night. Not when I was enjoying my time.

The phone buzzed again. I grunted, reaching for it, not stopping the sex for even a moment. It was on a dressing table beside the bed.

"Yes?" I said.

"God, what is that sound? Please don't tell me you are---"

"I am. So better make this quick."

"The council convenes tonight at the witching hour."

"Sorry, as you can see, I'm busy."

I heard an audible sigh from the other end. "Clem?"


"Your brother wants you there."

I smacked Clem hard on the ass as she whimpered. "Tell. Him. I'm. Busy," I said, making sure he heard it everytime my thighs collided with Clem's ass.

"Jason went missing few days ago. He suspects he's dead. Your brother thinks it's the hunters."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Hunters? Really? There hasn't been an incident in twenty years.

"I'm pretty sure Jason ran away with his human chic. Sarah. Nice girl. Only you all wouldn't accept her. Because she's human.

"Well, now face it, one of our best trackers is gone because of you and your stupid rules."

"We found Sarah. She's dead. Had you bothered to attend last meeting, you'd have known." Another sigh.

Oh fuck. I liked Sarah. No way, I don't believe it.

"Tell me more."

"Jason stopped coming to the meetings. No one heard from him in a week. Not even Sarah. Then we lost contact with Sarah as well. So we went to their home.

"Signs of struggle everywhere. Jason missing. Looks like someone dragged a body throughout the house toward the woods. Lots of blood. Sarah's blood. We couldn't track the body."

Oh shit. I wasn't particularly close with Jason or Sarah, but they belonged to my pack. I would feel their absence deeply. I curled my fists. Whoever did this was going to pay badly.

"Your brother is pissed off. Your fucking around, especially with this Clem girl, puts all of us at risk."

Oh, so I am the reason this happened? Of course. If a murder happened on Mars, my brother would find a logical way to connect that to me.

"I'm discreet. And Clem is no threat. She will never disobey me."

"Even unknowingly? What if someone hacks into her phone and read her messages? Or maybe a slip up? Does she even have a brain left, after everything you have done to her?"

I stopped fucking Clem. "What is that supposed to mean?" I ask, my words dripping with anger.

Clem looked at me, squinting her brow. I gave her a nod, indicating this shouldn't take long.

"Look, Asahi, I'm your friend. I always got your back. I always support you. But lately you've been acting a little strange, man. I'm the pack's librarian, yet I see you looking after the dark arts books more than I do.

"Seeing a human despite our rules is something I don't mind. Using your gift to take advantage of someone...is a whole different thing."

I was so mad with rage that I Iaughed. "We have known each other since like forever, dude. What the fuck is wrong with you?

"Clem is here because she wants to be here. Don't you, Clem?" I held out the phone for her.

"Obviously I do, hon," she said in her annoying accent.

"Now get lost, Damiano. I don't think I want to talk with you again. Living with those foxes, listening to my brother, has made you narrow-minded."

"Okay, sorry, that wasn't fair. But...I did see you borrowing the book we briefly discussed. The one that talked about feeding someone's soul energy. And I'm not an idiot. You have the book. It's a full moon night. You have Clem right now under you."

Fuck. I knew I should have been more careful. I shouldn't have discussed that book with Damiano. And I definitely shouldn't have picked up the phone right when I was fucking Clem.

"It's a dangerous thing, to play with souls. Even a nine-tailed kitsune can't control it. I hope you know that. I also hope you understand the wrath your brother will show if he realizes."


"We have known each other forever, Asahi. I don't need to talk with you to see what you're up to. I just know. So don't come up with stupid excuses. Just don't do anything you will regret."

With that, the bastard hung up.

I put the phone back on the dressing table, trying to gather my thoughts. Then my eyes met Clem's and I realized there was no thinking required. We were creatures of the night, her and I, and we would do what occurs to us, what flows.

We would do wild things, chaotic things, and we would need no one's permission or judgment, except each other's, for it's only natural to give in to dark delights.

I get on the bed and start fucking Clem again.

With sandy blonde hair whipping against her sweaty face, almond-shaped eyes lost in pleasure, and wet, lush lips eager to taste me, she was beautiful—there was no denying that.

I slipped my thumb in her mouth and she sucked on it. Pulling it out, I dove at her and bit her luscious lips, bruising and rupturing them. I lapped the blood, tasting her, the true her.

I groaned. She was beautiful. And delicious. Mmmh.

But there was no fun taking something that was already mine.

There used to be some life in her, when we had just met, when she was crazy about me, but not so far gone. But every time I had sex with her, the light inside her died a little. And the thing writhing beneath me now was just a shell of what she used to be.

Obviously she still had her fully functional brain. But she was definitely missing something. Something that made her her.

I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of flesh colliding against flesh as I imagined her previous self, with her giggles and witty remarks...the person I had probably killed. Not literally, of course. But maybe I had done something worse?

I pushed down my thoughts when she started squirting. Now wasn’t the time. Fuck it, Damiano had chosen the perfect time to get under my skin.

Clem moaned, moving around her curves seductively, perhaps sensing my mind was elsewhere, capturing my attention again.

"Forget the world. It's only you and I," she said.

A smirk worked its way on my face and I licked my fangs. The scent of her juices made my cock throb. The wetness now cascading down my legs felt incredible, and I was close.

As I pounded her, my tail whipped toward her neck. It curled around the fragile muscle, first merely touching it and then squeezing it tighter and tighter.

The chains binding her to the bed rattled as her shackled hands tried to reach my bushy tail. She loved running her hands through my thick fur. Realizing she was tied, she sighed, arching up her body while twisting so that more of her skin was in contact with my tail.

My heart was hammering, and suddenly, all I could see were the delicate edges of her neck. In the moonlight peering through the round window just below the ceiling, her skin shone, and the faintly glowing aura surrounding her pulsed.

I remembered the time when the aura burned brighter than lamps. Now it was faint, barely there, so thinned out one would think it would not be enough to sustain me.

But soul energy was a remarkable thing. Even this faded aura was strong. It made me tingle still.

My mouth salivated. I had to taste her. As good as it felt to draw her energy in to further my sustenance, the feel of human flesh in mouth is something unparalleled. Not necessary for creatures of my kind, but also something that can’t be helped.

I released the hold of my tail and let it swing behind my ass. Some color returned to her face after a fit of coughs and gasps. When her eyeballs steadied on me, telling me she was alright, I smiled.

I ran my fingertips along the edge of her neck as she tightened up, shrinking into the fetal position.

She knew her fate. She was trembling with the realization.

It didn’t seem to have sunk in yet fully, the fact that she had traded some of her soul energy for just a few hours of passion with me. That, this time, she had agreed to let me feed not only her aura but the actual substance of life itself.

That tomorrow, if things didn’t go right, there was no waking up.

The weight of that realization, the absolute horror of it, should have broken anyone’s mind. Not hers.

For her thirst of me was stronger.

She was ready. I was ready. But that fucking bastard. He was making me reconsider.

Maybe there was a way she could grow back into her original self, if I left right this instance, if I stopped.

I shook my head. We both were in the middle of the heat. There was no going back now. I had to take her.

Should I feel guilty about it? Should I, Damiano?

No. She was the one who came here, hunting me, craving for my touch, begging for my attention, time after time.

And because she was beautiful, delicious, and willing, I slept with her almost every time. Many times I gladly took her because I wanted to get off too, and very few humans could handle the intensity of a kitsune’s passion.

Sometimes, though, I did it only to piss off the other foxes from my tribe. They had stupid rules. We were prohibited to interact with humans. And, well, I hated rules and the rule-makers.

My brother.

Yet, lately, I’ve been fucking her to experience something even more frowned upon in my tribe: to taste the soul stream.

So, when she knocked on my door tonight, I made my intentions very clear. I showed her the book. Which, for some reason, she was already familiar of. And she was thirsty to experience it, so eager.

She didn't say anything. She got on her knees, her mouth on my crotch. She was so happy she didn’t bother with words; she just submitted there right in the doorway.

After all, she too dreamed of it, maybe even longer than I had. Of how it would feel to experience this trading of energy in its purest form. Something, only I, a kitsune could offer.

And so I’d give it to her, to us both.

And we would enjoy it. She would feel on top of the world.

Until that moment when her brain would turn to jelly and her soul would go poof--that was what the new texts said, to prohibit us from experimentation. Stupid books rewritten to make our rulers rule us easily, even at the cost of making our species, as a whole, weaker.

That's why I was into dark arts. For many books on dark arts were actually enlightening.

My tribe stayed away from this stuff, claiming it upset the universe, that it was ugly. I wasn’t sure about the first part, but well, I guess it was ugly, no matter how one saw it.

For even if the soul didn’t vapourize, like the new texts said, opening that all-powerful channel risked the balance of energy, on scales I couldn’t quite fathom.

But Clem and I also had a desire and curiosity the reach of which we couldn’t fathom.

Of course, if I opened the channel and felt like her soul was really going to explode, I’d stop. But, well, if it was so simple to make souls go kaboom, the supernatural realm would have started using humans as soul bombs a long time ago. So, to me, this possibility seemed improbable.

Watching her lips shudder and her breath hitch, I smirked. I drew out my pointy ivory fangs. Their tips were already red as they had been restless, scratching the insides of my mouth.

I could tell a part of her wanted to scream, but she instead froze, a deer caught in blinding headlights.

She was the personification of fear, and fear was the guardian emotion of living creatures that helped in their self-preservation for so many millennia. Fear made animals, especially humans, halt and reconsider things. But the desire she had of me was so strong, it easily broke the shield of fear.

I knew it was gone because I could see only one thing in her eyes now: the hunger to experience me, truly experience me, all of me.

I pulled my dick all the way back and pounded deep into her, meanwhile bringing my face nearer to hers. I could have asked her, but we didn’t need words. It was written all over her face, the consent.

I nodded, bringing my mouth to her neck. I released my hold on her and she still remained unmoving.

Another confirmation.

I pulled out my moist tongue and licked the hollow of her neck. Her legs wrapped around my back tightened and I felt her clench her thighs, pulling my cock further into her pussy.

I licked the stretch of her taut neck before trailing my sharp fangs along its edge. At one point, I wasn’t careful, and they cut into her. Blood oozed out, and within a microsecond, it was in my mouth.

It tasted amazing. I moaned, my eyes glowing silver, my white tail snapping back and forth. All my senses burned to consume her, and I growled so loud goosebumps covered her skin.

The skin my fangs had broken also glowed silver. It smelled rotten and putrid, the stench of death, and also life. I widened the crack as silver tendrils slithered out of the soul wound. I laughed with a deep rumble in my chest when they did.

Their presence meant I had bit her on the right spot. And it was near, so near, her essence, the stream of her soul.

Damiano had made such a big deal about it. That no one drunk souls not just because it’s dark arts but it’s also because it’s just too hard. Maybe even impossible. Many believed the soul stream was a fantasy as there existed no records describing the procedure to find the soul spot.

Which was not surprising. Most dark arts were never fully documented. Back then knowledge was also passed on orally, and so it's lost to us now.

But, for me, it had been so easy, really. Maybe I was too damn lucky, or maybe I was born a natural.

I swallowed my ego, though, because Damiano had said, if I ever got to the next step, this was when the real danger started.

For now was the game of balance, where one wrong step could hurt me badly. For, if the soul is not handled delicately, it could loop around, in dimensions of weird mathematics, and turn into singularity, the knot that wouldn't only consume her body, but also mine.

A shiver ran down my spine. I had done a fair share of dark arts, but this was something on a whole new level.

Was this really needed, risking all this for the sake of a kink?

But then my glance landed on the silver fluid swirling around within the soul wound, and I was mesmerized.

Yes, it was needed, and it would be worth it.

“This is it?” she whispered nervously as I continued to fuck her. "The moment of no return?"

I nodded. "You sure you want this?" I said, unable to look away from the opening to the soul stream.

She said something, but all I could hear, as I stared into the very substance of the soul, was a soft otherworldly buzz, like echoes of an angel's song, from miles under an ocean, in an era before ours.

I didn't hear her, but I believed she was ready. She had to be. Because tonight I was going to finally feed on her soul stream.And no one was going to stop me.

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