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Auzel - Love and you

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Augustus and Hazel are the popular characters from the book "The Fault in our stars" by John Green. This is the Indian fanfiction of their love story and married life . They both got married and settled in Mumbai, India. Let's see how they love and fight and handle all the problems life and also Hazel's mother-in-law throw at them.

Romance / Erotica
Rashmi Pathak
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Chapter 1

Hazel was completing some urgent office work while keeping laptop on kitchen and eating in hurry. Her complete attention was on the laptop because of which she made a mess on the kitchen and mind you she only prepared bread and butter. Augustus came out of bathroom completing morning shower and started searching for Hazel. He saw her standing in the kitchen eating messily. He came near her and hugged her from back. He gently kissed her on backhead and turned her and slowly kissed on her forehead. From last 5 years when she came in his life and in one month of marriage, he always starts his day by kissing her and never missed a single day. He then hugged her comfily while she was holding half eaten bread butter in her hand. He slowly whispered in her ear, "Baby, eat slowly or else it might get choked in your neck. And why are you in rush?" He than kissed her ear. Hazel said," I had one important assignment to complete and I slept halfway yesterday night. So I woke up early in the morning and continued to complete it. Only ten minutes and I will be done. Then I have to leave for work at 10.00 am and it's already 9:30. Wait!" she kissed his cheek. He looked her and smiled, "okay, baby." He then saw the messy kitchen and started cleaning it.

While he was cleaning the kitchen his mom arrived and saw him. She then looked at Hazel working on the laptop and angrily said, "Don't you feel ashame? Your husband is doing household chores and here you are chilling on laptop?" Augustus turned and saw his mother shouting at his baby while she was feeling very nervous. He said to his mom is sweet voice, "Mom, please don't shout at her. She has some urgent work to complete." His mother made a smirky face and left. Augustus respects his mother, he doesn't want to raise his voice at her. After his father died, he was left with her mother and she took a great care of him and made him a successful businessman. But he never liked the way she treated Hazel and had many arguments because of that. He tried to explain her that she is doing wrong but she never listened to him. She was a backward minded person and according to her women should stay home and do household chores only but Augustus never supported her in this matter. She hated Hazel, her own daughter-in-law. She always finds a way to trouble her but Hazel never responded. Infact, Hazel hid many foul incidences that her mother-in-law created for her from Augustus.
After his mother left he saw Hazel shaking and her eyes filled with water. He hugged her tightly, " I am sorry, baby. Please don't cry."

To be continued.....
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