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Book One of my Epic Fantasy Series - On the day of her 18th birthday, human plain Jane Marie Brown - a pack orphan servant - discovers she's true mate to the Alpha's son, Tristan. When neither will reject the other, his parents bring them to the brink of death to force a rejection. To save his life, she gives in and says those awful words before she's rogued and thrown into the forest covered in blood and on death's door. An unlikely hero rescues her and starts her down a path she could never have imagined. A path that has far greater impact for the future than any of them realized.

Romance / Fantasy
J.R. Soares
4.9 27 reviews
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Chapter 1


An hour ago. I think that was the last time I could feel my fingers and toes. I was trying. Dear God, I was trying to stay alive.

It's not that I particularly had anything to live for anymore. There was nothing, and that is why I was here huddled in the cold alone.

I remember vaguely reading somewhere that freezing to death is only painful for a while. The sharp needling pains subside into numbness then you begin to feel sleepy. Falling asleep would be nice. It feels like if I let myself fall asleep then I would be warm and cozy again. Somewhere in the depths of my childhood memories I could remember feeling that once. It seems like another lifetime ago now.

I was seated on a pile of leaves leaning against a tree. Curled up with my arms around my legs, I rocked back and forth. But now I needed to stop rocking. I was too tired to keep rocking. I closed my eyes and laid my head down on the tops of my knees. So tired.

I slept.

Something was touching me. I groaned in protest. Leave me alone, I'm sleeping; I wanted to say it but I couldn't speak. I was too tired to speak.

I heard cursing but it sounded like another language. I only knew it was cursing because it was said so emphatically.

Something wet was being rubbed on my lips now.

"Open your mouth!"

It was a man's voice hissing the command at me.

I obeyed because I wanted to go back to sleep. When I opened my mouth there was a rush of liquid across my tongue that tasted faintly like iron. I couldn't taste it well because my tongue was frozen.

"Swallow!" the voice commanded.

I did my best to swallow. I think I managed a small swallow but some of the liquid spilled out of my mouth and down my face. I couldn't open my eyes. They felt frozen shut but I was ok with that because I was so tired. Bone tired.

Suddenly the world was was being carried.

I slept again.

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