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Cruel Fears (#2)

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Dark Pleasures Series (Book 2) Cruel Fears Isiah Aka ; The Crow is left completely undone by the heinous acts and the painful betrayals he and his lover suffered through. There is so much loss and pain left behind. Renewal is wanted but can trust ever be revived between them? or is the chasm to wide to cross now? Maybell Foster is left reeling in the darkness of her own guilt and shame...and she will need more then sheer strength of will to claw her way back from the edge. And once she manages to break free can she overcome even more darkness? Orson Aka Fox is getting his hands into very murky waters...and in the center of his activities swirls a man with dark eyes they call Wolf. A man that runs in mysterious circles...a mysterious group with unknow aims called the Collective. Threads and secrets, healing and truma...in the end Cruel fears are pushing all the players into the light of this next tale.

Romance / Erotica
Crimson Petals
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Chapter 1 - New Priorities


Cruel Pleasures Series (Book 2)

Isiah Aka ; The Crow is left completely undone by the heinous acts and the painful betrayals he and his lover suffered through. There is so much loss and pain left behind. Renewal is wanted but can trust ever be revived between them? or is the chasm to wide to cross now?

Maybell Foster is left reeling in the darkness of her own guilt and shame...and she will need more then sheer strength of will to claw her way back from the edge. And once she manages to break free can she overcome even more darkness?

Orson; Aka the Fox is getting his hands into very murky waters in an attempt to undo his own sins and in the center of his activities swirls a man with dark eyes they call Wolf. A man that runs in mysterious circles...he is heavily associated with a mysterious group with unknow aims called the Collective.

Threads and secrets, healing and truma...in the end Cruel fears are pushing all the players into the light of this next tale.

Author Note

*Before we begin I just wanted to say that Im so grateful that you are reading and supporting me. I really want to do justice to this series, the characters and you as the reader, so I have been doing some research and trying to get my accuracy concerning BD& SD, S&M and Tech/Hack Lingo as accurate as I can. I am also trying to brush up on some of my vocab for the more colorful and sexy bits to follow in this story and series, so I thank you for your patience as I try to up my writing game with this story as well as create something truly entertaining for you. Im sorry about the gaps in posting that will happen as I am a full time student and worker.

But I will be updating and I hope you stay with me as this series expands and gets better and better.

Chapter 1- New Priorities

[Meet me tonight my Bunny...]

Orson chuckled as he clacked off on the keys of his keyboard. He had been surfing the net for so long that his legs felt numb and his eyes were scratchy and dry from exhaustion. And yet there was this intense and dark glee galloping through him that he couldn’t wholly deny.

“OH GOD Finally...I’m in...I’ve got him!” he breathed in anxious awe and with barely contained excitement he slapped his hands on his knees, shot up to his feet and walked around in his dim underground apartment. Fighting for the center of calm detachment he often relied on, but such a thing seemed to have deserted him as both dread and elation flew through his soul.

The gleam of the five giant computer monitors in his room danced around his silhouette painting the cold brick surrounding him with jumping shadows. Orson had been living in the small underground one bedroom apartment for about two years now, but to be honest the Fox had moved around and lived in just about every hole and squalor imaginable since he cut ties with his mother and moved out of the home at the tender age of 16.

Honestly this newest place was a cave more than a home, the brick surrounding him was like being trapped in chilly hell, while the lack of sunlight and windows easily attributed to making his $350 a week rental feel like a true trip into limbo.

Rickety broken sinks, a microwave, his three suits and six pairs of pants hung on the back of the door next to his hoodie, while a single night stand dominated the left center next to a small cot. This was all he had and it was home...for now.

And yet...in his head Orson had never been one to seek out a true place of comfort or refuge because he didn’t believe such a thing existed, instead he thought of this place and all other places he had lived before more like Dens. Hovels to hid in, temporary shelters, made of brittle necessity. But there was no home...and he never wanted to live in a “home” ever again. Home was what nightmares were made of.

Fortunately despite the lack of conventional comforts the Fox was giddy, ecstatic delight coursing from his head to his toes as he pumped a fist spun a circle and level a slightly feral sneer at the images on his computer.

It had taken him weeks to finally see the benefits of a venture that he had started some six years ago. After endless black room chats and hacking across months and months and weeks of firewalls and red government tape...the fruits of his labor were within his grasp!


The words on his screen made every fiber of his being want to burst alive and dance, but it also made something deep in his chest quake and ache like there was a blade being pulled across his most intimate organ releasing apprehension and a sick overwhelming sense of self-preservation that over the weeks had been growing and pushing him to reconsider just what he was about to do.

And yet he had fought away the sick feeling because if his own life, peace, his very soul was the price? Then he was happy to pay for the chance to kill a true monster. A monster he had been playing a dangerous game with for far too long...they called him the Pied Piper and after over a decade Orson was closer than he had ever been before.

This night would be the night.

And Orson knew that the only thing that could help him hunt his prey down was the Tet-Tron. It was a delicious diamond of his own painstaking creation. A masterpiece full of all of his loathing, sorrow and most importantly his desire for blood.

To the best understanding it was not only a powerful python creation, but also a virulent aggressive mass of algorithms, tied together by a vicious and malicious supped up AI software that was capable of ( theoretically) slicing into some of the deepest and darkest places of the net, cracking them wide open, and tearing the monsters hidden in the shadows out into the light for all the world to see.

And how did Orson know this? Well...because he had created it almost entirely by himself.

He had birthed and crafted and perfected the AI of the TET- Tron many years ago and he had even attributed to the more insidious bits of Python Code and the creation of some of the strongest cracking algorithms, firewall and facial identification aspects of the software...but somewhere along the way he had left himself vulnerable.

It was no secret that Fox liked to do things many would consider illegal, he was a grey hat after all and he enjoyed creating chaos and a lot of time that chaos dealt with hacking government files, moving money around and he had even rerouted a few packages of dildos and bottles of Viagra to six different police precincts in the past. He had even anonymously stolen access to over a thousand Netflix and amazon accounts and Wi-Fi addresses and passed them out online just to be a giant dick because he knew that he could.

But in this case, when it came to the Tet-Tron Orson had come to the conclusion that if he wanted to get the software to be as viscous and as debilitating as he needed it to be for his current game of cat and mouse, then Fox realized that not even his skills as a Grey Hat would suffice...and he couldn’t go to Crow at the time mostly because Crow was a White Hat and even as vicious and cruel as Isiah could be, his skills as a hacker were rooted in the manipulation of tried and true algorithms and backdoors. Crow was elegant and he finessed code to his liking.

But what Fox had needed was a crowbar, a corrosive acid, a goddamn nuke.

Something that could circumvent most resistance and turn walls into smoldering creators...and so Orson had turned in desperation to one of the last people he had ever believed himself foolish enough to deal with.

A Black Hat Hacker.

Dangerous, immoral and in many cases untrustworthy...and yet Fox had be forced to reach out into the web and call forth one of these more unscrupulous types to assist him in his programming and Python creation.

Python being an extremely powerful programming language used to connect to and evaluate a service its usage for a hacker. But different Python depends entirely on the situation at hand. For example a tool of Hacking is written in Python, and in order to use and access that particular tool you have to know the Pythion or language of it to access and utilize it. It’s this level of automation which affords an attacker the ability to quickly create highly useful tools, allowing them to adapt to new situations with ease.

This meant that Fox needed the python of a Black Hat so that he could use tools that could be more vicious and get him closer to winning the dark game he was involved in....and yet four years ago, just as Fox had managed to complete his masterpiece...the Tet-Tron was stolen from him...by the Black Hat he had been working with.

A traitorous bastard by the name of White Wolf....and to top it all off the fake hacker had been an undercover agent.

A White Hat seemingly working for the FBI and masquerading as a Black Hat on the dark net...and in the end Wolf stole everything and left the Fox nothing!

Just like that all of Fox’s hard work, his child, his masterpiece was taken from him and for too many years he had feared he would never get it back.

He had lost the game. His prey, the monsters he hunted would continue to live and there was nothing Orson could do. At first he fell into a deep and terrible despair. Part of him knew he should have been happy that all the FBI did was steal the Tet-Tron and didn’t lock him up for life, and yet he was heartbroken at the loss.

But after a while Orson began to play a new game...he began hunting a new prey.

The White Wolf.

And now....Fox had him.

In a sickening twist of fate...after searching and searching and hunting for years Fox had came upon the White Wolf in a backdoor chatroom. It seemed that the White Wolf had returned and once more the White Hat was pretending to be a Black Hat, pretending to not be an undercover cop looking to steal the Python of others more talented then him.

Luckily the cocky bastard had recycled an old IP and rerouted it as a flimsy means of covering his old digital foot print, but if there was one thing Orson was good at, it was that he had a critical eye for code. Or more specifically any code that he had seen and come to despise as much as he despised the White Wolf’s.

Knowing that he had to be careful and conceding that the Wolf had outsmarted him before, Fox had created a brand new IP for himself.

Taking weeks to perfect the fake accounts and looping the relatively clean digital foot print through over fifteen different cell towers before he even approached the White Wolf this time.

And then...slowly, carefully he made contact and ever since then Orson had been chipping away at the White Wolf’s entire Federal employment account. Orson had been meticulous, clawing and cracking and hacking with every tool at his disposal...and to his shock there he stood, deep in the databases of the USCB. The federal department that the White Wolf worked for.

The United States Children’s Bureau, a federal agency organized under the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration. Like a succulent piece of rip fruit dangling just on the other side of a barbed wire fence the Tet-Tron waited for him...but Orson knew that somethings just couldn’t be hacked by brute force...and in this case such a powerful federal agency required him to have an access code before he could get into the databases and hack into the Tet-Tron and steal it back.

The act of doing so...would surely lead him to running for the rest of his life, it would be the end of his life as anything but Fox. There would be no more Orson the intern. Orson Wells would be a bon-afied criminal hacker...and yet he was ready to pay that price.

Now...all the Fox had left to do was for him to worm his way into obtaining the key access code and in a almost poetic twist of fate Orson had devised the perfect means of obtaining the access key from the White Wolf himself. In the flesh.

After much digging and hacking Fox had come across a single email thread exchanged between White Wolf and an outside source from his work computer that mentioned a physical place by name.


A mysterious name with an even more secretive truth that Orson had had to spend many many sleepless nights trying to reveal.

After all of his searching Orson came to the conclusion that Heaven was a name of three large seemingly abandoned mansions sequestered up in the east side of L.A.

The Mansions were somehow connected by underground tunnels and chambers where thousands of lusty, hungry and wild couples gathered for burlesque parties, many ranging from the mundane to the more extreme. The parties ran all year long, and were apparently hosted by the higher echelons of the city and state, and hosted by one anonymous benefactor by the name of G.O.D.

The parties and access to get into Heaven weren’t extensive or exclusive. In fact there seemed to be no real fan fair around identification or names...all one had to do was know about the Mansions location from a friend and they could essentially walk in and join the fun...and Orson knew exactly where to find it because of the White Wolf.

Orson also knew one very important detail from what he could get from the Wolfs own personal search history...and email exchanges. The White Wolf was a man...and he was into BDSM. As a Dominate.

Orson was both delighted by the reveal of this information, and he was deeply disturbed. For one it gave him a window into how Fox was going to get the Access Key so he could steal back the Tet-Tron, but on the other hand the idea of dealing with another person who practiced that life style made his skin crawl.

Not because Orson was adverse to it. He was a practitioner in his own way...but the idea of other Dominates made him sick because he knew the men who often participated in that lifestyle had this skewed idea that the bigger they were the more they had a right to Dominate. But despite his thinner size Orson didn’t submit to anyone and he never would. He would never give up that part of himself and in most cases he liked making other men submit for him.

Orson would be damned if he would ever let a man play his Dom. Besides he was already all the Dom he would ever need...but in order to get what he wanted perhaps he could pretend just for a few minutes, just as the White Wolf had pretended to be a Black Hat all those years ago.

Barely concerned with what pretending to Submit would do to him all Fox could see on his computer screen was the Tet-Tron. All he could think about was the monster he wanted to kill...all he could feel was the satisfaction of a hunt nearly completed.

All he had to do was go to Heaven...and drag White Wolf down to a fiery hell....

With a sharp chuckle more malicious then happy Orson went back to his work with a fervent zeal, his fingers clacking as his tired eyes glazed over the codes he was putting in, the countless fake accounts (Facebook, twitter Instagram and email) he needed to make so that he could lure the White Wolf into a meeting with him under the guise of a Sub looking for a new DOM.

Fortunately one of the best things about this whole fiasco was that the FBI didn’t seem to know who he really was or what he looked like. If they did Orson knew he would have been arrested long ago when he first breached the USCB’s security firewall.

But unfortunately the inverse of this was the fact that Fox couldn’t risk hacking the White Wolfs personal information or accounts without the risk of setting off far too many red flags and scaring off his prey, so Orson had no real idea what the White Wolf looked like or his real name. There was a single stock picture of the man that was bleary and mostly useless.

Still a few weeks ago Fox began to send out little DM’s and a salacious private message or two. With a little artistic flare he took a few sexual pictures of young men who matched his height, weight and skin/hair tone and then Fox cropped/ photo-shopped his own face into the pictures and set it as his profile picture on Facebook under a name that made him laugh sardonically at himself.


The fact that the White Wolf, jumped at his bait less than a week later just made Fox despise the man even more than before, but Orson played his role as a weak, hesitant SUB, to perfection.

After a few weeks of teasing and playing and pretending to ignore responses from the White Wolf Orson was able to maneuver himself into a meeting in Heaven.


Sickly butterflies danced in Orson’s gut as he looked at the message that beckoned him, then he looked at the large box sitting on the floor by his door.

The image on the white box that was printed was an image of a skinny blond haird boy standing hip cocked to the right in a sleazy leather get up, composed of strips of shear cloth, bunny cosplay ears, big zippers, shear spandex and way more flesh then Orson wanted to think about showing. The young model was splayed with his legs open towards the air in an inviting show. This was to be fox’s outfit in Heaven.

A part of him died of utter mortification at the idea of lowering himself in front of another DOM in such an outfit, even if it was only a ruse, and yet beneath the embarrassment swirled a more insidious horror that almost made him feel weak.

The idea of letting himself do something as repugnant of submitting for even a second that Orson had to fight not to lose all control and smash a monitor to pieces.

Hating the way his fingers trembled and his heart thundered in his ear Orson shook his head, lifted his fingers back to the keys and get prepared to type his agreement...and at that exact moment a giant speech box popped up. The overlay of a small dancing blue wavelength popped up and started to dance in an erratic fashion s the trilling sound of the call reverberated in his headset.

Pulling back in quiet relief and some confusion Orson glanced at the call number on his screen, frowned, tapped his keys, and put the call through.

“Hello? Hello Maybell?” he gently called back, having already recognized the phone number. Especially since he had already hacked Maybells phone a few weeks before.

“Hello, yeah it’s me...” came a swift response. Maybells voice was smooth and sweet to the ear, battling away his own anxieties for a second. “Hey Fox...um Im sorry to call so late and so suddenly like this...but are you busy?”

Busy? I’m mean aside from robbing the government and setting up a hit on an undercover cop? Nope I’m not doing much.

Fox rolled his eyes at his own glib internal response and decided that she didn’t really need to know about his current and very illegal activities.

So he sat back in his chair, ignoring the crunch of the wheels as they slid over the cold concrete carrying him back from his keyboard and more towards the center of his room. Still elated about his discovery he pushed his seat around in a lazy slow circle, shuffling his feet as he called back into the head set microphone with warmth.

“Ha! Busy? me? No, I’m not too busy for you at least. “He offered slyly smirking as he steeple-d his hands at his chin and asked softly. “What’s wrong? Talk to me”

Maybell took a breath and let out a small chuckle that seemed forced more because Orson had never know Maybell to giggle in hesitation.

“Oh! Nothing’s wrong at all! ” She replied fast almost in a defensive tone. ” I just...um wanted to know if you wanted to...you know come over for a little while? I guess I wanted some company tonight, but if you are busy then don’t worry about it. Ill be fine...” Maybells voice was strong, but there was a weak tremble on the end of her sentence that sent a cool chill across his spine for some unexplainable reason.

Why do I get the distinct impression she’s not fine at all....Fuck me. I wonder if Isiah did something stupid...maybe trying to parent trap them last night wasn’t such a good idea after all...Dammit Crow you idiot! I really thought you would handle this the right way...

Orson stifled a small sigh as he leaned forwards and softly pressed her. “Maybell, little crow tell me what’s wrong?”

He sensed her smile at his pet name as she took a quiet pause. Fox had come to calling May by this pet nick name in the last few weeks as they spent more and more time together.

He knew she wasn’t a hacker or cracker like him and Isiah, but she was certainly a part of their world in her own way. Besides In a lot of ways Maybell remained him of Isiah, her tenacity and sharp mind mirrored her mate, but there was a tenderness and vast empathy to her that Isiah lacked, thus he had come to see her as a smaller, sweeter, but no less important figure. A little crow compared to the dark, intense Crow Orson still respected as a masterful hacker. And also knew never to anger.

“Fox I said nothing’s wrong...” came a stifled broken reply from May. She seemed to be trying not to sound weak.

Orson frowned deeper and asked a different question. “Fine. Nothing’s wrong, but then why are you calling me at 2 in the morning and not Isiah?”

There was a long pause, where it was clear to Orson that his friend, a woman he barely knew, but a sweet spirit he was more than willing to set the world on fire for, wanted desperately to burst into tears. Feeling a slight panic grip him at the prospect he stopped spinning and called out soft and worried. “May, please talk to me, I cant help if you wont talk to me...”

“Umm please don’t bring Isiah into this?” She suddenly whispered back her voice thick with burdens he understood in his own way. “Can you just come see me for a while? I had a nightmare and I don’t...I don’t want Isiah here so I called you.”

The fox felt his gut flip at this confession. Now he had serious questions, but he simply glanced around his shoulder at the screen he had been working on. One of the biggest defining moments of his last few years on the planet was sitting there.

[Meet me tonight my Bunny...]

Like a hot iron to the gut Orson recalled the first time his own father had called him that evil nick name...while he chased him naked under his bed crying and screaming to get away.

Orson clenched his jaw at the sick memory and cursed himself for letting it rise in the first place. The Fox had used the pet name of his abuser as a screen name to help him associate all of his hate with the Wolf every time the man called him that in a message, but perhaps he had overestimated his own detachment from that name because he kind of wanted to vomit. And more surprising than the fact that he was chickening out, was the fact that Orson really wanted to see Maybell.

Perhaps his attachment to her and her to him had formed to fast and through stressful drama, but he adored her the more he got to be around her. Her presence brought him joy and it hurt him to think that she was unhappy...even more then the idea of putting off his meeting with White Wolf.

“Ill be there in 15 minutes...with some epic chocolate. How’s that sound lil crow?”

There was a small sniffle like Maybell had pulled back from the phone to wipe her face or nose, then she let out a small watery laugh, faking happiness for him. “It sounds lovely...see you soon then?”

Fox agreed and ended the call with her, and with a small sigh of disappointment he pulled the bulky head set off his ears, jostling his red orange hair over his eyes as he shook his head to push away the fog of sleepiness. “Jesus Isiah what did you do this time?”

Orson commiserated to himself as he turned, and tossed his head set onto the small twin sized cot in the far corner. Before he threw on his coat and grabbed his keys he walked over to the computer and typed his reply.

[Not tonight Wolf. How about Saturday?]

He typed. Then as a way to keep the man from arguing he put a small bunny emoji and a heart next to his final message.

[Ill see you in Heaven!]

With that he spun, and left the room ignoring he pitched sickness in his heart and stomach that he couldn’t block out completely as the idea of going to meet the Wolf called up all kinds of sickening memories. Aiming a vicious kick at the box by the door, before he left his den. Steaming inside he seethed into his dark mind.

Damn you Wolf. Damn you to hell!! Ill make you regret making a fool out of soon enough!

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