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Win u over

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Oliver Wallace loves reading books it was a good way to escape reality cause reality was not going well for her. she is unemployed and her rent is over due but when all hope was lost abe appeared

Romance / Erotica
Panda Lovely
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

How do it get im to fall for me do i try hard to get or do i just tell him? Noo cant just telling him i have to be different from the other girl that throw themselves at him i would to but i cant if i wanna peck his interest…

Win abe over.

1.new look

2.make him jealous

3.act kind ass hell but not too kind

4.be late for the first day of work

5. Trip over air next to him

6. Be wild in bed

7.alot of misunderstandings

I applyed at abe company it too 2 months for me to get hair but it willsoon be worth it.

I bought some new clothes with my saves "how do i do this" i though "i need to professional not like strict but like serous and fun at the same time i decided to wear a pencil skirt with that gave my but so lift with a shirt and black heels. I know i know i look like the stereotype business woman.

Ok my job start at 8am so I decided to get ther at 8:30am.

I reach the office at 8:30 i walked in the office looking out of breathe and gasping for air not too much but enough to show that i was tired i went to the team leader office and apologized for being late " i am so sorry mr tomson my bus delayed pls let this one go" i said everyone started giving me pitiful looks "if your gonna be late again then just get car so we wont deal with these issues" i was pissed "ill buy a car when u become ceo" i said to mr tomson with a smile on my face but my tone was a bet mocking.

Mr.tomson glared at me "just go do your work heres ur first assessment" mr tomson bpught out 3 big packets not like a work contract the type of packets teachers be giving out during breaks

My face dropped.... i stood there staring at him "may be he still looking for my assessment" i knew that wasn't true but i was hoping that it was "why you still here mr tomson said looking at me confused

"Am waiting for my assessment" i mumbled lough enough for him to hear

"This is your assessment he" said pointing to the 3 big stacks of papers "you got to be kidding" i thought "im not" he said shit i said my thoughts out loud

"Enough chit chat pls go to your desk and begen working i am very busy at the moment you weren't hair to chit chat" he said glaring at me

Ughh first day and i got a target on my back

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