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It breathed a frenzied morning the subsequent day. I woke up. The radiant sunlight in my room streaking from the windows, illuminated the room. I glanced left and right hoping I might see Jansen lying besides me but he wasn't. I glanced at the door post staring at the door to see if his pair shoes could be sitting there. He usually drops his shoes by the door when he comes home very late and tired.

I got quite alarmed and picked my phone from the table by my bed staring at the screen to check for any missed calls or texts and the screen was blank.

"Huh!" I sighed, "why isn't he home yet?" I pondered. It felt strange cause he barely spends a night outside. And when does, he'll send a text.

I sprang to my feet to head to the bathroom and the horrible pain returned. I felt an immense pain in my stomach, I groaned loudly like a mooing cow and was touching my stomach. My feet got so weak and I dropped to the floor.

"Jansen! Jansen!" I screamed my lungs out, the pain felt so unbearable. "Jansen...!" I wriggled, and tossed.

Jansen sat up on the bed, he glanced at my sister Juliet lying her head on his arm. He grinned from ear to ear and leaned in to peck her on her cheek and she woke up looking into his eyes, "what are you trying to do?" She giggled.

"Uh trying to kiss you."


"To kiss you." He came on her and was kissing her affectionately. She placed her arms around his neck giggling loudly.

The pain wasn't going to stop. I tried to reach towards my drugs on the table crawling towards it and my six year old daughter, Isabella stepped into the room. Her eyes widened feeling anxious glancing at me on the floor.

She ran to me, "mum, what happened to you?"

"Baby just give me the drugs on the table okay?" My voice shrieked, "Jansen...." I muttered.

Isabella hurried to the table, grabbed the bottle of drugs and handed it to me with a bottle of water. I hurled some pills into my mouth and gulped down some water.

Isabella squatted besides me, she rubbed my back, "mum are you alright?"

I nodded in reply. The pain slowly stopped aching.

Nancy, my hand maid was approaching my bedroom carrying a tray and she slightly panicked spotting me on the floor. She hurried to drop the tray and ran to me picking me from the floor to the bed. She leaned my head on some fluffy pillows and spread the blanket around me.

After a few hours, I heard some loud footsteps entering the room and I jolted awake. I unhurriedly turned glancing at the door, I saw a figure of a man in black suit. My sight was blurry and I winked thrice till I was able to grasp the sight of the person. It was Jansen.

"Jansen?" I muttered.

Jansen grinned at me. He was holding a bouquet of red velvet roses. He advanced to me and kissed me on my forehead, "how are you love?"

The scent oozing out of the bouquet streaked to my nostrils. I sat up and the locks of my hair fell on my face, "why're you just coming home?"

"I was overworking at the office I didn't realize it was getting late and my car, it wasn't working, I had no one to pick me from work so I had to over stay till morning. So how're you doing love?" He touched my cheek gently.

I sighed, "I had another intense pain in my stomach but my sister Juliet attended to me and made sure I was alright."

I noticed Jansen's brows furrowing looking confused, "your sister Juliet? Isn't your sister in Brazil? So how can she attend to you?"

My sister Juliet has been residing in Brazil until she recently flew to New York. I haven't been able to introduce them to each other. Juliet was always occupied in Brazil and didn't even attend our wedding.

"Juliet has arrived New York since a week ago. Soon, I'm gonna introduce you to her."

"When I spoke with the maid she told me no one was at our house yesterday. She didn't tell me anything about your sister visiting. What she told me is she was attending to you the entire time."

I said firmly, "I saw my sister Juliet. She was the one attending to me not my maid. Though we barely talked, I know it was her who was with me."

Jansen held my hand, "are you sure honey? Remember one time you saw a basket of tomatoes and thought they were a basket of eggs?"

It was September 13th four months ago. I stepped into the kitchen to grab some fresh Apples and I suddenly felt my head spinning, I was getting dizzy and glanced at a basket of tomatoes seated on a table and they were reflecting a basket of eggs. I suddenly felt appetized for fried eggs and I approached the basket. I dipped my hand into the basket and tried to crack the tomatoes and I noticed the skin of the fruit was not rocky or hard.

I broke out of my reverie and started to wonder if Jansen was actually telling the truth and that perhaps the tumor in my brain and the pancreatic cancer I was having was what was affecting me but I was still having a gut feel Juliet was the one who attended to me last night.

Jansen was springing from my bed, I touched his arm and looked into his eyes, "are you going to work?"


"You just arrived home. Can't you stay a bit longer? I'm bored. Aren't you even gonna have breakfast with me and Isabella?"

"It's almost 9:00am hon. I can't afford to be late."

"Alright, I'm gonna permit you to leave if you promise to stay the whole evening with me. I've missed you hon." My eyes drooped.

Jansen gnashed his jaw and grudgingly replied, "okay." He pecked me on my cheek and walked to the bathroom grabbing a towel.

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