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I Stepped On Hell

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Hella the girl who's always been kicked out of her school. She's not that brat but her classmates are. Every school in their place didn't accept her as their student because of her bad background on her past studies. The only school who accept her was Adolpha University. Where she meets Hyler Swellers. The son of the owner of AU, he's as badass as her. When the day that they finally meet each other, he's the one who take care of her but they always end up fighting. And even when Hella is in Hylers' group of friends she always fights on him not because he doesn't like Hyler. Hyler is hot, handsome, tall, smart and also a varsity player. She's just don't like the way Hyler talks because he's always talk shit about her. Hyler was also a gangster he is a leader of their gang it's called Swellers Hell Group(SHG). A lot of groups want Hyler to suffer, and when the time that Hella comes into his life they knew that Hyler will protect Hella. Because as far as they know Hyler didn't want to mess with anyone specially when it comes to a girl but the way he treated Hella it's all new. He always mess with her, annoyed her but secretly he's watching her from a far. In short Hyler was change when Hella came into his life and everyone close to him was thinking the same, that Hella gets the attention of Hyler. A group of girls always bullied Hella because they envy her for being close to Hyler

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

"Hella! Why you're always like this? Don't you know that there's no school in this country that want to accept you as their student? Why can't you understand?!" my Dad shout in anger.

"I'm sorry, Dad, Mom. I know that I'm wrong this time." I said

"ALL OF THE TIME!" Mom and Dad said in chorus.

"Yeah.. But both of you know me. You knew that I'm not the one who's always pick a fight." I said

"We know honey, but you've just ignored them." Mom said.

"I tried, Mom." I said

My Mom hugged me, because they know that I really want to graduate. I have a dream I want to be a great surgeon someday.

While my Mom comfort me, Dad's phone ringing. I know it's his friends, when it comes to a situation like this all of my parents friends knows. And all of them want to help us.

After a long call, Dad sit down in my left side because my Mom is in my right side.

"I have a good news, My little brat!." He said and pinched my nose.

"Aww! Dad!" I said and hold my nose, it's not that hurt.

"You deserve it! By the way there's a school who wants to accept you, and I hope it's the last time honey. They have a course that you want. But, they have a dorms. So you'll stay there until you graduate." Dad said, that makes me sad and also Mom.

"Is there any school? I can't sleep when Hella is not here in the house.." Mom said sadly.

"There's no one, Wife, and besides it's for our daughters' future. After 4 years in studying she'll be back here." Dad explain it to Mom.

"Dad is right Mom, I promise I'll always call you. When I wake up and also before I go to sleep." I said and hug her.

"Okay, but after that can we go shopping? At least this time? Hubby? Honey?" Mom ask us, she's really lovable that's why I always miss her wherever I go.

"Of course Mom! Let's go!" I said excitedly.

"Why not, Wife. Let's prepare so we could go out today, okay?" Dad said.

I'm so lucky to have them as my parents.

We all prepare so I went to my room and take a bath after that I get dressed and put some make up, just a little. And viola! I'm done. After that I prepare the things I'll bring today.

"Honey? Are you done? Let's go." My Mom ask me.

"I'm done Mom, let's go." I said and cling on her just like a little girl. I love being like this because I feel that it can make them happy everytime I do it.

"Let's go, Dad!" I said with a big smile on my face.

"You look so excited, honey." He said

"I'm so, so, so excited Dad!" I said.

While Dad is driving I play a song in our car and we all sing the song I played.

'I'll miss this, when I leave.' I said just in my head.

When we're arrived at the mall I grab my Mom's hand and go wherever I want to go.

"Careful, My little brat." Dad said.

I just pout, as he tap my head.

"Dad! I spend a lot of time just to fix my hair." I said.

"You look cute honey hahahha" Mom said while laughing.

We buy a lot of things, we played, we watched movies and lastly I buy a bracelet for 3 and I'll give it to them tomorrow before I leave.

We're now in our car, it's so tiring but still it's so worth it.

"You buy a lot of things, Mom." I said.

"It's all for you, honey." Mom said.

" And also that teddy bear's." Dad said.

The teddy bear's Dads' bought has a letter on the teddy bear's shirt, it's 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad, I'm so lucky to have you both." I said.

"For you, honey. We can give all we have." Dad said.

I cried, and they heard it.

"Oh, come on. My little brat is crying." Dad said.

I know they just don't want to show that they so sad so that I don't always think of then 'cos I can't concentrate on my studies.

When we've arrived in our house, we talk a little and after that I told them I want to sleep 'cos I'm so tired.

'Wish, tomorrow never comes! I don't want to leave but I don't have a choice.'

And finally I feel my soft bed. I'm so tired.

I close my eyes 'cos I'm so sleepy, I don't even change my clothes.

I wake up and feel the masculine body wrap around me.

Who's this? Where am I?

"W-who are you?" I ask but he didn't reply and he's face is so blurry.

"I can't see your face, who are you?" I ask again but he really didn't talk.

My body feels like I'm frozen when I feel his lips on mine. And after that I finally open my eyes.

"It's just a dream! Who are you? Ugh! It's just a dream!" I said to myself.

I guess there's something wrong with me, I've already talk to myself. Tsk!

I saw my things are already packed up. I know, Mom's does it for me.

So this is it? I can do it!! I went to my bathroom and take a bath and after that I dressed up. I wear a hoodie jacket and a jogger.

After I change, I went to the kitchen 'cos I have something to give to the both of them.

"Hey, Mom, Dad. Good morning!!" I said happily.

"Ohh, good morning, honey." Mom said

"Good morning to my little brat." Dad said.

"Ahmm, Mom? Dad? I have something for the both of you." I said smiling.

"What is it?" Mom asked.

I showed them the bracelet I bought yesterday. I also wear mine.

"Can you wear it? Mom? Dad? I have too, see?" I said while showing the bracelet I wear.

"Of course, baby. You already make me cry, honey." Mom said while sniffing.

I put her bracelet on her hand, and also on my Dad too.

"Don't remove it, will you. I know the both of you doesn't like this kind of things, me too. But just this time, Mom, Dad. Okay?" I said, I saw my parents tears falling. I can't stand seeing them cry, so I hugged them both.

After that moments, we ate and having fun together.

And now, we're already here in front of Adolpha University.

So I guess, it's the time to be independent.

I said goodbye to my parents I hugged and kissed them before I follow to the guard who take my baggage.

While I'm walking someone catch my attention. He's walking towards me, he's so familiar. I can't remember where I meet him.

'Ugh! Nevermind.' I said in my mind.

I can feel my heart beating so fast when he passes by.

What the hell is this?! Urrgh!

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