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The Midnight Caller

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Logan Foster was raised by his older brother and after dropping out of High School went to work for him in his construction company. He loved sex and the women who were into some of the kinky stuff. A friend of his talked him into doing a radio show once a week. It was for mature adults and Logan would have to give advice on romance and sex. He was arrogant, rude and downright explicit when he gave advice on sex. He was soon given the nickname, The Love Doctor, his dirty talk got the women wet and the men angry. He became famous and the ratings on the show went through the roof. Women sent him gifts and left their phone numbers. Since he wanted to keep his true identity a secret from his friends and family he couldn't go out with them. But that didn't matter to him since he had more women and sex than any man could ask for. He was a player and never went out with the same woman twice, it was just sex for him, nothing more. The only one that knew he was The Love Doctor was his brother who kept Logan's secret. But one night a caller got his attention, she was angry about the advice he gave his callers. He knew he had to meet her and tricked her into telling him where her hangouts were. He knew he had to meet her and get her into bed, but he was in for a huge surprise. He just might meet his match.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Here is a sample of our two main characters, a little insight as to who they are. Logan Foster, twenty-seven years old was raised by his older brother, Alexander who is fifteen years his senior when their parents died when he was just eight years old. He was a handful, getting into fights and when he dropped out of school he went to work at his brother’s construction site. He was good looking, charming, the ladies loved him and soon he became skilled in the art of lovemaking. Yes, he was a bad boy, a player and went from one woman to the next. No woman could resist him, especially when he gave them that sexy smile of his that showed off his dimples. He loved sex and the women who enjoy a bit of the kinky stuff. He always left them satisfied, leaving them wanting more.

He was sitting in a bar with a friend who works for a radio station and he told him they were looking for someone to host a new show. It was for one night a week and was to be about romance advice, they wanted it to have sizzling hot topics. One meant for mature adults and a host who wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty.

It wasn’t long before he had the female callers wet and the male callers angry, he was given the nickname The Love Doctor. Even though his life was full, he had a good job and all the pussy he wanted he still felt something was missing. Then one night, right at midnight he got a female caller who was complaining about her boring sex life. She had one of those voices that sounded like an angel and he just knew she had to be beautiful. He tried his best to keep her calling every Friday night, he had to find out who she was and where she was. For weeks they communicated this way and each time he was able to find out some little details, such as which bar she liked to go to, that she was twenty-five and recently broke up with her boyfriend. No name was given out, it was against the station’s policy. Only the callers could say their first names, and even then most of those names were false.


Riley Cooper, twenty-five with black hair and grey eyes grew up in Boston, when her parents moved to Florida she stayed behind. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, Sylas Dawson of three years. Things were good for the first two years they were together, but the last year he became very possessive and controlling. He never physically abused her, but he was emotionally and verbally abusive. To make matters worse he was a selfish lover, only his sexual needs were important to him. She longed for a man who would make her feel desired, one who thought of her pleasure before his own. She also wanted more intense sex, to explore different positions and she wanted to know what an orgasm felt like. Even before she met Sylas her other boyfriends weren’t good lovers. One night her friend, Alissa Goldstein told her about this guy on the radio called The Love Doctor and suggested she listen to his program. For two weeks she listened to him. Some of the advice he gave was pure crap in her opinion, but others she found to be sexually titillating, making her wet. She finally gave in and called his show, calling herself, unfulfilled.

It’s short but I just wanted to give you all a teaser.

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