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Fanged Connections

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An orphaned girl and a 19th century vampire race against time for love. Seb a love struck vampire chase his love through time as she dies and leaves him. Never interested in the beauties of the world he repeatedly finds his Averlynn.

Romance / Adventure
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Losing Averlynn

The coroner came on to the crime scene; and took one look at the young handsome man that laid sprawled on the ground beneath the building his wide green eyes bloodshot, glasses laying beside his hand on the ground. Leafs in his curly blonde hair from the tree that reaches for the sky beside him. The back of his head resting on the ground blood seeping from below it. The detective searched his pockets finding a wallet that held little money and an ID that had his name Sebastion Conor O'Neill and age 19. The lovely coroner had them bus the body to her lab there she examined the body the young man obviously had a great future ahead of him and definitely looked good in his khakis and royal blue vest. She couldn't pass up the opportunity, she opened her mouth as her fangs dropped and then she walked towards Sebastion all of a sudden she heard a faint gurgle as if he had gasped for air and she stopped approaching. Sebastian sat up and looked towards the women who's fangs still remained out as she stared at him in surprise mouth wide open he scanned her over and jumped to defend himself his fangs coming out and his hiss loudly ringing through the room. He looked at her again and then got off of the cold table.

He spoke then "Where's Averlynn," his voice coming out smooth like honey with a hint of dispair and an English accent. Looking around the room he began his footing towards the door. He began his search immediately this would not do Timber couldn't just take her like that. Well he could Timber knew their connection and how Sebastian would feel if he had done something to her. Vampires have excellent smell and he definitely could smell Timbers presence it was like he was taunting him begging him to begin his chase. And that he did. Timber was a werewolf who despised Vampires including the O'Neill family because of Sebastian's older sisters rejection. (Yes Timber as in a Timberwolf had thought his mate was a vampire.) Sebastion followed their trail for days getting absolutely nowhere attempting to keep his cool he rested and pulled his phone from his pocket examining the cracked screen. Suddenly it rang, Sebastion answered the phone and let a growl roll from his throat as Timber began speaking. "Care to tell me why you have stopped moving." With those words Sebastian began looking around. "You are watching me," "why, yes how do you think I keep getting away with your precious Avery." He growled again "don't ever call her that when I find you I'll end you and make sure to let my sister hear about it. You dumbass you really think a vampire could love a fowl smelling dog like you." "I've had your sister Seb she's very delicious just because we haven't made it official doesn't mean anything I'm still the person she calls when she needs a bulky fix." " Disgusting Tim I don't need to know that now stop hiding like a mouse and give me my love." "Catch me, you know the drill." With that last response the phone clicked and the call ended.

After three days Sebastian caught up with Timber while he slept with Averlynn tied to a tree beside him. Sebastian snuck up quitely and tried waking his love. He realized that she was cold to the touch and that her lips were blue. His heart sank and he turned towards the sleeping wolf letting a growl ripple from within he sprang into action landing on Timbers back. Timber spooked and jumped at the crippling weight. "What, what's going on." "You killed her you bastard." " N-no she was fine when I laid down I she she was she's okay I swear." Timber walked over to Averlynn's cold limp body. "Well at least she has a phoenix soul and she'll rise again." "You won't," Sebastian took a step towards the wolf. Timber stared at him wide eye'd. "Please I meant no harm I-it was a joke," " A joke... No harm. She is dead you jackass." Just then Sebastian's deminor changed and his eyes darkened with rage. He jumped at the werewolf and began his attack ripping his head violently from his shoulders and allowing his blood to spill on to his body. He looked over his shoulder at the love of his life and walked to her with tears in his eyes he began untying her from the tree. He scooped her up in a cradle hold and carried her through the woods. He found a water fall where he climbed to the top and found the weeping willow where he has barried is beloved Averlynn countless times before.

"From death you will rise. From love we will connect. And through time you will remain mine." Sebastian's head dropped as he began pushing the dirt over Averlynn and crying. "Goodbye my love, until we meet again."

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