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Blackwell Unchained

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Lilith Blackwell is a successful business owner and club manager. She is tough as nails and can come across as unfriendly at times. She knows she job and does it well. She thought that was all she needed to do in order to get through life. Now watching her carefree brother getting serious with her best friend makes her wonder what she really wants. Is she really ok with being alone and only having a play partner every now and then? Does she want a real relationship? Something has been missing from her past relationship and she can't quiet figure out what. Cillian Hops is a high decorated detective in the Spokane police department and is watching his partner find healing and happiness in a new relationship with a whole new lifestyle. He is happy to see her happy and finally healing from the trauma she went through but there is something else nagging at him. A pull that he just can't quiet grasp. Can these two figure out what is missing in each of their lives? Can they find happiness for themselves as the watch their partner and brother find happiness? Will they find completeness or entirely fall apart trying to find it?

Romance / Erotica
Beth Burke
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The Blackwell club was silent as Lilith took inventory in the backroom. The only sounds came from the earbuds and the music from her phone. She loved this time at the club, it gave her time to think and no one had any expectations of her. She didn’t have to be the tough Domme business woman or anything else for that matter, she could just be herself. She had not been feeling like herself as of late. She felt as though something was missing, but she could not put her finger on what it was. She had always been confident and in charge, but now that was beginning to wear on her. The only other time she felt that she could truly be just herself with no expectations was with her brother or her best friend Realyn.

However, she had seen very little of either of them since she had introduced them to each other. The introduction had gone so well in fact that they had started to see one another and she had become his submissive. She was happy for them and loved seeing her brother serious about someone, but she missed her girl time since Rea had been spending most of her time with him and had even moved in with him. Lilith just wanted her friend time back. It wasn’t as if she was jealous of their relationship or anything. She would never be able to do what Rea did in her submission to Ambrose. At the same time she found something beautiful in the fact that her best friend could.

As she wrote down the number of glasses they had in storage she felt a hand on her shoulder. She froze for a moment and took hold of a bottle that was on the shelf right in front of her and spun around, raised the bottle ready to strike the person that broke into the club, she then saw the face of her half brother. “AMBROSE! You scared the shit out of me!” she yelled.

Ambrose laughed and took the bottle out of her hand slowly. “I can see that. Were you going to hit me with that?” he asked.

“I thought I was here alone and I didn’t hear you come in.” She exclaimed.

“Well, don’t wear earbuds when you are here alone. That way you can actually hear me calling for you.” He teased.

“What do you want!” She asked dismissively. “You never come here during the day.” She then looked around. “What no Ray? Thought you two were connected at the hip.”

Ambrose looked at her with confusion. “Rea is at work Lil. I was thinking of coming by tonight after she got home. I know you miss spending time with her and she misses you too.” He mentioned. “I actually came to talk to you about something.”

Lilith looked at him and saw that he was serious. Although they were not full siblings they had been raised that way and had always been close. His mother had died in a car crash when he was very young and his father had remarried fairly quickly so her mother was the only mom he had ever known. She could read him like an open book. “Is Rea alright?” She asked, unable to hold the question back.

“Yeah, she’s fine. I just want to talk to you.” he said and he sounded nervous.

She nodded and walked back out to the main club and took a seat at the bar. She then turned to Ambrose. “Alright brother what is it? You said Rea is ok and you don’t look dead, so what is going on?”

Ambrose looked nervous and he never looked nervous, he was the head of the Blackwell and Covington Legal Group. The law firm that their grandfather had started. He could walk into a courtroom and make his case in front of anyone and not bat an eye. Lilith wondered what was making her brother so nervous, but she just waited for him to speak.

“Ok I am just going to say it.” he said finally and then took a deep breath before he blurted out. “I want to collar Ray.”

Whatever Lilith was expecting him to say, that was not it. “What?”she stammered.

“I want to give Realyn a permanent collar.” Ambrose repeated a little slower. “What do you think? I know she talks to you and I’m sure that means she talks about me sometimes. I wanted to get your opinion.” He rambled out.

“That was what I thought you said.” She replied slowly, taking her time to think about it. “When did you decide this? What made you decide this?” She asked.

“The fight.” He began “I can’t stand to lose her again. When she walked out that door I was pissed but those three days when she refused to talk to me were pure torture. I knew I needed to do something. Once she agreed to move in with me I decided I needed to collar her.” He explained. “Will you help me?”

Lilith stared at her brother. “Help you collar my best friend?” she clarified.

“Yes.” Ambrose agreed. “I need your help planning something special. Rea deserves that. She doesn’t deserve to be offered a permanent collar in bed or in the playroom. She deserves a nice dinner out and a ride on a gondola down the waterways of Venice.” He said in a far off tone.

Lilith gave her brother a slightly disgusted look. “Ok, Ok, Ok lover boy, calm down! Man you got it bad! Although I don’t disagree she is a great person and I thought you guys might hit it off. I might not have expected quite this, but I am glad you’re both happy, and yes she is happy. She talks the same way about you. As sick as it makes me.” she exclaimed. She then thought about it for a moment. “Don’t know about Venice but the Riverfront park has those gondolas that go over the falls? That could be romantic.” She explained.

“So you’ll help me?” Ambrose asked in a hopeful voice.

Lilith rolled her eyes not believing she was agreeing to this. “Yes. of course I will. Have you chosen an actual collar?” She asked.

“Yes! “ exclaimed Ambrose and took out his phone to show her a picture. It was a simple bracelet with a heart lock surrounded by small roses and vines. It had a matching key necklace to go with it. It was elegant but simple. “I measured her wrist for a new set of cuffs and then used that to have this special made. I thought this was be less likely to get in her way or obvious as a necklace.

“ I like it” Lilith remarked. “It is simple, elegant and yes out of the way for her job.” She nodded with approval. “Now how do you plan on asking her this?”

Ambrose looked at his feet and mumbled something. When he raised his gaze to meet Lilith’s he admitted. “ Ok I don’t know. I mean if I could I would take her to Venice or something, but she will never leave her job long enough. What if I redid our first date? That went really well and she liked it” He suggested.

Lilith put her face in hand and shook her head. “Your first date?” she groaned “You went from flying her around the world to your first date?” She let out a huff of exasperation and pulled out her tablet to the note program. She began to ask him a bunch of questions about what he wanted. “Do you want this to be with people or alone?”

Ambrose looked at her confused, “Wouldn’t you want to be there?” he asked back

“Of course I would want to be there!” she exclaimed, “but what if she says no?”

Ambrose looked horrified at the very thought. “You think she will say no?” he asked quickly.

Again Lilith placed her hand over the face and then smacked her brother upside the head. “No! I don’t think she will say no, you dumbbee, but just something to think about. If on the very off chance she did say no, would you want people there with you to see it? or to support you?” as added.

Ambrose thought about this for a long moment before he answered her. “What if the outing was a group thing but the actual asking was private?” he suggested. “Could that work?”

Lilith smiled at him, “Yes that could work.” She changed screens on her tablet to look something up real quick. “We could use you idea of the gondolas, actually. We can split the group up and make sure that you and Rea get one to yourselves.” She stated. “What about Anthony’s by the falls?”

“Good restaurant!” Ambrose commented.

Lilith rolled her eyes at him again, “For a meal before or after?” she clarified. “Nice, but not TOO nice, good for a group and good food with a great view.”

“OH, yeah that sounds good.” Ambrose agreed catching on.

“She is so lucky you came to me.” Lilith teased. “You even ask her to marry you and you are on your own.”

“You got it sis.” Ambrose teased back.

“I will get the rest of the arrangements made and you just get her there, and give me a date.”

Ambrose left the club almost skipping with excitement. Once she was alone again Lilith began to think. Her brother was in a serious relationship and was about to give his girlfriend a permanent collar. Something she never thought he would do. He was always one for fun and casual. She found herself almost jealous of them. No, she wasn’t jealous of her brother. She did not want to be tied down to one person. Unless she knew that person could fulfill her needs and that was something she had not be able to find. Every relationship she had been in felt as thought a part of it was forced. She could never put her finger on what was forced about them.

Suddenly she realized she really was jealous. She wanted what they had. She wanted a partner, someone she could go home to. Someone that would support her and someone that she could support as well. Lilith had never thought about settling down with someone. She had play partners when she felt the need and that was that. Every relationship she had ended badly. Something seemed to be missing and she just could not put her finger on what it was.

After all the arrangements were made the day finally came. Lilith was excited for her friend but at the same time she was also a little jealous of what was going to happen. She had told herself over and over again that she wanted to free and be able to date who she wanted, when she wanted and not be tied to one person. She was not at the point in her life to settle down. At the same time her brother had always been the same way. However he was asking her best friend to wear his permanent collar and that was the biggest commitment either sibling had ever done.

that morning she called her brother, he answered on the third ring. “Hello, sis.” Ambrose said with some cheekiness.

“Hey Ambrose, we will be there in half an hour. I just finished getting ready,” said Lilith.

“Uh, yeah, make it an hour,” he said gruffly.

“Ew, just because I know my best friend is sleeping with my brother doesn’t mean I want to know my best friend is sleeping with my brother,” Lilith said and hung up on him. She shook her head at the phone before she flopped down on the couch to wait.

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