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Miles Fuel Passion

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A story of a young couple who meet on unexpected terms that lead to the ride of their lives. The care and need for each other grows per every mile they drive further from where they met and closer to their future together as they run from everything a small family usually does, drug addicted neighbors, by the book citizens, and the worst society has to offer.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Sitting on the side of the bed, pondering life after a night of gin-tea and the most depressing music you could imagine, Dean couldn't get his mind wrapped around the fact that he spent six months of his life trying to drink himself to death over the most financially abusive relationship ever.

His bank had been emptied out, his energy had been all used up running around everywhere for this braud who cheated, lied, and pissed all his money into a walmart cashregister. Drinking was all he had left to do after she left to go shovel coke into her nose and sleep with every other guy in town. Hell, why he could ever keep running in circles for a golddigger was anyones guess, whos first was usually his need to have somone else in his live besides his own thoughts as he walked through the fog he susspected was life.

About a month had past since she last cheated on him for the last time and left him depressed, broken (financially and spirituly), and went off on a sex and drug fuelled parade of musical laps. She had harrassed him to death, burning up his phone battery with fake names and dozens of phone calls a day asking to either speak to him directly, or impersonate people he didnt even know asking him to contact her for her sake.

Dean couldn't decide if he should just change his phone number or move altogeather from an area he loved and concidered his new found home. His eyes were red and his heart pounded from all the alcohol and nicotine in his system. It was almost afternoon when he decided that the toilet was more important then the bed and got up to releive himself.

Returning to the bed where he sat back down and picked his phone of the homemade nightstand that had been in his family for decades he realized he had a number of text messages to read and delete. His head shook as he glanced at each new conversation and hit the delete button on his phone till his attention focused into one message that was written differently then the rest.

His ex tried making up names to write to him with, asking him to reach out to her, but they were all written with the same pattern to them, the same pauses and punctuation. This message had introduce itelf as someone else, however the melody of the message was all wrong to be his ex.

Just to be sure, Dean wrote back a nice, long paragraph "politely" telling them to go piss off and stop the continuing harassment. This response only challenged the messanger into correcting the mistake of charicter and follow up by announcing it was actully Kay and that she was just trying to be polite. Deans interest in the matter, most likelly fuled by the gin from the night before, and the month of regecting all messages, decided to accept the challenge and fight back with details and reasons why speaking to his ex would make him the most pathetic man to ever live, even more so then dealing with it for half a year.

When Kay agreed that trying to contact her would be a bad idea, he had enough evidence that this was somone he really hadn't spoken to and let him drop his guard and actully respond to her without all the hostility.

Paying very little attention to most anything for almost half a year, he learned that he had heard about this girl in the past. The guy his ex finnaly left him for had been with this girl while he was wrapped in the arms of hell. He used her for cash, took her body whenever he wanted to, and cheated on her throughout their 3 month relationship. She ended it when Dean's ex ran to him and cheated on both of them. She was younger then he was, grew up on the wrong side of a dirt road, and spent her child hood being bounced around drug addicted family members and a farm that build the most of her charicter.

Dean being from the east coast, knew how to piolet and sail boats, repair and design homes, and had a nack for driving and towing. He had moved over a thousand of miles away to a cleaner nicer area where he would both mis his family and live through the most hell any man would put a bullet in his head just to end the pain. This new found charicter in his life, who's messages had a certain rhythem to it that matched his attraction gave him a new chapter to read into.

Kay had made a few remarks and general intrest that had prevented him from just blocking the number, but he still lacked confadence in continual contact when he put the phone down after their fourty-five minute conversation. Fate struck when in about half an hour she reached out to make sure he was okay. Possably a bit selfish, Kay started out interested in his current state of depression before spiraling into stabbing herself to end her own missery. Dean, knowing full well how to talk someone out of suicide by now, after having a sycopatic ex in is rear view and a good freind whos luck seamed to fall apart every other week, he gave her the support she needed to stop thinking about the "easy way out" and change her perspective to what was happening then and now.

This conversation lasted for hours, resulting in consistant messages being exanged till the sun rose the next morning. Some rest followed by a trip to his favorite fast food resturant, where they incourage you to eat less beef, left him back at home continuting his 'brothers fighting monsters' tv series on the couch when Kay reached out again. Once again they continued this conversation up until the following morning only the tone had shifted.

They were no longer messaging about their depressing pasts, they now had care for what eachother were doing in the moment and where their day was taking them. More about their lives and their pasts were exchanged with every message followed by some flirting in between.

The transition from stranger to friend was made very quickly as Dean and Kay found one another easy to talk to and an interesting addtion to their day. The attraction seemed to build over the short time they had met eachother spiking interest in what eachother actully sounded like over the phone.

Dean couldn't believe it, her voice was beutiful, she had depth when she spoke giving her interest a soothing impression on him that made up the mood for the rest of his day. The amount of genuine intrest in the way she spoke to him filled him with confidence that he actully mattered to her, and her attraction to him was put on full display just by his analization of the conversation. They spent a few hours just talking, continuing the conversation they had been building for a few days now, and in that time she had cured his depression like a common-cold.

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