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Let Me Be The One

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Every love story has different endings, sometimes they live happily ever after and sometimes it ended up in a tragic way. Xiao Miao Miao is a spoiled rich girl who do whatever she wants, she’s in love with her childhood friend Xander. But her life will change when she meets Vladimir Gu, a young cold businessman. They are force to get married by their families…is there a chance that these two will fall in love with each other?

Romance / Drama
Jinx Lee
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

*phone rings*

Miao Miao woke up because of the alarm sound of her phone, she groped where it was place though her eyes were still closed and drowsy, she tried to open her eyes and turned it off. She yawned then looked around her room. Lots of clutters, bottles of alcohol and left over foods.

“What the!” she immediately turned around. “Shittt!” she looked at her phone again.

It’s already 8 am! She quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

“Shitt! Why didn’t they wake me up!” she complained as she hurried to take a bath. They had a party last night because it was her friend’s birthday and they celebrated it in her condo, she was very drunk and slept deeply.

“Waaahh! It’s almost 9 am!” she rushed.

She grabbed her expensive bag and left her room. She’s driving too fast and doesn’t care if she collides with another vehicle. She is Xiao Miao Miao, a rich spoiled brat who gets everything she wants, and this time she wants to get to their university right before their old professor comes and nag her.

“Get out of my way!” she shouted at the students walking into the university.

They quickly made a way in fear that she would hit them. Miao Miao is popular in their university, many men admiring her, but Miao Miao is not interested on them. Some girls hate her too, because they are jealous of her. But Miao doesn’t really care at all. She immediately got out of her car and put on her sun glasses as she walked calmly in the hallway of their building.

“OMG! Look she got a new bag!”

“Wow is that Hermes? It’s so expensive.”

“I envy her!”

Miao just smirked at what she heard, you guys are just jealous.


She stopped walking when she heard her friend’s voice. She saw Rael waving, next to her is Jinx who was smiling as well.
“My God, we’re late” Rael said.

“I know and you guys didn’t wake me up, it’s good that I set an alarm on my phone” she said and rolled her eyes.

“Hehe sorry. Just like you we just woke up too, I didn’t even take my breakfast. Im hungry.” Rael pouted.

“We can eat later but for now we need to hurry coz our class will about to start” Jinx said.

The two nodded, the three of them walked to their classroom. Everyone turned their gaze on them when they entered. They quickly sat down on their seats.

“Woah! you girls made it on time” Zol said from his seat.

Miao Miao has only 4 friends. Rael Cruz is her closest friend, they treat each other like real sister. She’s the one who celebrated the birthday last night. Jinx Lopez is the calm and quiet one, she loves to read books. Zol Asher is an exchange student from America, he’s a playboy and cheerful person. He likes to tease them. The last one is Alexander Walker, the popular guy. All the girls in their university admired him.

“Hey Zol why you didn’t show up last night?” Rael asked.

“Well, I went on a date. Im sorry.” he winked.

“Psh. You are choosing your women over us. Don’t talk to me!” Miao said and rolled her eyes.

“Ehh? I didn’t mean it, it just happened to be in the same date of your party. Promise it won’t happen again.”

The girls just stared at him.

“Okay how about this, I will treat you guys for lunch, is that good?” Zol said.

The three looked at each other while grinning.

“Sure, make sure you gonna treat us or else I’ll break your legs” Miao threatened.

“Promise” Zol raised his right hand.

They stopped talking when their Professor arrived. Miao suddenly feel sleepy, she glanced at her classmates and they were all listening to their professor.

“Why they were all serious?” she whispered. “Whatever, I will just sleep til it’s over.” then she bent down on her desk and fell asleep...

An expensive car stopped in front of the Gu Empire building. A handsome young man got out from the car and walked seriously into the building followed by his assistant.

“Good morning Mr. Gu”

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning Mr. Gu”

All the employees of the company bowed and greeted him.

He is Vladimir Gu, the CEO of Gu Empire. He’s the youngest businessman in the country. Gu Empire is now the leading company in the business industry, they owned malls, hotels and factories.

Vlad immediately read the reports. “How’s the plantation in South Z?” he asked Mr. Hans who is his loyal assistant.

“The production are doing fine, the orders are ready to distribute.” Hans replied.

“That’s good to hear” Vlad replied without looking at him.

Vlad is known for being cold and serious, the employees have never seen him smile. It seems like he always carries the world.

“But..” Mr. Hans could not continue what he wants to say.

Vlad stopped reading. “But what?”

“Sir, do you remember the XMM?” Mr. Hans asked.

“Yeah, they are one of our business partners, what’s wrong with them?” his brows furrowed.

“Well, they are now facing bankruptcy and they are asking for help.” Mr. Hans replied.

The owner of XMM is his father’s best friend. If he will not help them his dad will definitely get upset.

“Tell Mr. Xiao that I want to talk to him in person, set a meeting for the two of us” he ordered.

“Yes sir” Mr. Hans bowed and left his office.

“Hey sleeping beauty wake up” Zol poked Miao’s cheek with his finger while she’s sleeping.

“Mmm…” Miao moaned.

“Wake up!” Zol screamed on her ear.

Miao immediately stood up. The three laughed.

Miao glared at him. “Do you wanna die?”

“Haha chill sis, we tried to wake you up but you are not waking up so i was forced to do it.” Zol explained.

Miao glared at him again so Zol hide behind Rael’s back.

“That’s enough guys, we just finished our class, it’s better for us to eat first since we didn’t take our breakfast.” Jinx said.

“She’s right, I’m so hungry.” Rael complained.

“Fine, I’m hungry too.” Miao agreed.

They were eating at the cafeteria when they suddenly heard Mei Lin’s voice.

“See this necklace girls? My boyfriend gave this to me in our monthsary. This is so expensive” Mei Lin showed up her necklace to her friends.

“Wow! Is that diamond?”

“It’s so pretty!”

“You’re right, I wish I have a rich boyfriend too”

Mei burst out laughing. “C’mon girls, if you want to have a rich boyfriend you need to be as pretty as me but that will never happen haha.” she said.

Miao rolled her eyes. “How arrogant.” she said.

Mei Lin looked at her. “What did you say?” she crossed her arms.

“Huh? Are you talking to me?” Miao asked.

“I heard what you said, you are accusing me for being arrogant. it’s not my fault if I’m pretty and my boyfriend is willing to give everything to me. Maybe you’re jealous of me because you don’t have a boyfriend.” she said while looking at Miao from head to toe.

Miao raised an eyebrow and stood up.

“Me? Jealous? Why would I? I don’t care if I don’t have a boyfriend, I can buy whatever I want using my own money unlike you who always ask your boyfriend to buy stuffs for you… what a gold digger.” she said while grinning.

“How dare you! Take back what you said!” to Mei Lin immediately pulled Miao’s hair.

“Let go of me bitch! Do you think I won’t fight you back!!!” Miao also pulled her hair.

The students were just watching them.

“Go Miao! Scratch her face!” Rael shouted.

“Girls are scary” Zol said.

“Aren’t you guys gonna stop them?” Jinx asked.

“Uhm… why don’t we help her instead?” Rael said.

Jinx shook her head.

“Ouch! Let go of me! You crazy bitch!” Mei Lin shouted.

“I won’t let you go!” Miao pulled her hair again.

* whistle sound *

Everyone made a way as the guard arrived.

Miao Miao and Mei Lin are now in the Dean’s office.

“This is not the first time that you two fought and created a scene inside our school” the Dean said.

“But she did it first.” Mei said while pointing at Miao.

“Excuse me? We are eating quietly when you came and bothered us. You’re the one who asked for a fight, not me!” Miao said.

“Shut up! Why don’t you just admit that you’re jealous of me that’s why you always pick a fight with me.” Mei looked at their Dean. “Madam, I am really innocent if there’s someone who need to be punish it shoud be her!”

Miao rolled her eyes. This girl is so annoying!

The Dean sighed. “This is my last warning for both of you, the next time you fight again you will both be suspended for one week, understand?”

“Yes madam.” the two answered.

They left the office.

Mei rolled her eyes. “Hmph, you will pay for what you did to my hair!” then she left with her friends.

“You will pay for what you did to my hair.” Rael imitated Mei Lin. “Are you alright Miao?”

“Of course, I’m Xiao Miao Miao. I have nothing to fear.” Miao said.

“Haha right!” Rael agreed.

“So what’s our plan now? Our professor for the next subject will not coming so we have vacant time.” Zol said.

“Why don’t we go to mall?” Rael suggested.

“That’s a good idea, I want to cool down myself.” Miao agreed.

“But before we go, fix yourself first Miao. Your hair is messy.” Jinx commented.

Miao noticed it too. “You’re right”

Xander just came out from their classroom, lots girls were looking at him as usual, he stopped from walking when Miao texted her.

“Hey Xan hurry up!” his male classmate shouted.

“Yeah coming!” he said then replied to Miao’s message.

Miao pouted when she saw Xander’s reply.

“Is Xan coming?” Jinx asked while sipping her milk tea.

They are now in the mall and hanging out at their favorite café.

“No, he said he still have class.” she replied.

“Aww, then let’s just eat the food we ordered for him.” Rael grabbed the food.

“Hey share it! I want nachos too!” Zol grabbed the plate from Rael.

“No! it’s only mine!” they start fighting for foods.

Jinx laughed then continued reading her book.

“Hey, im bored. What else can we do here other than shopping and eating? I want some fun.” Miao complained while playing with the straw of her drinks.

“Uhm..” Rael think deeply. “Aha! Why don’t we play truth or dare?” she said and smiled widely.

“Nahh, I don’t like that game.” Zol bite his sandwich.

“Then don’t join.” Rael rolled her eyes.

“Bleh” Zol sitcked his tongue out.

“Haha you guys are acting like kids.” Jinx commented.

“C’mon let’s play truth and dare that’s more exciting than arcade.” Rael keep convincing them.

“Alright! alright! let’s play that game.” Miao said.

“Yes!” Rael clapped her hands.

“Who wants to try first?” Miao asked

“Jinx!” Zol pointed her.

Jinx just smiled. “Fine, truth”

“Let me ask you!“Rael raised her hand. “Who is your crush other than Mr. Gyu?” Rael asked.

“My heart only belong to Mr. Gyu, Rael. So my answer is none.” Jinx answered then read her book again.

“How disappointing.” Miao and Zol said together.

“Pft. Haha, I just want to tease Jinx ” Rael said.

“Now who’s next?”Jinx and Miao looked at Zol.

“What?” Zol asked while eating his sandwich.

“You’re next Mr. playboy” Rael said.

“Uhm, truth?” Zol bite his sandwich.

“When are you going to be serious with girls?” Miao asked.

Zol scartched his head. “I don’t know hahaha!”

Rael kicked him.


“So it’s my turn now, mine is dare.” Miao smirked.

“Wow! this is exciting haha.” Rael looked around the café.

“I can do anything you ask.” Miao proudly said.

“Really? Then how about kiss that guy!” she pointed the man talking on his phone outside the café.

“Seriously?” Zol’s eyes widened.

Jinx were also surprised.

“Hehe can you do it?” Rael smirked

.Miao raised an eyebrow. “Of course I can, watch and learn guys.” she stood up and went outside. The three watched her from their table.

“Mr. Hans where are you? I need the documents now.” Vlad is talking to his assistant on the phone. “Okay, please be here in 5 minutes I hate waiting.” He put back his phone in his pocket.

His face became more serious when a woman poked his shoulder. He glanced at her, watching her from head to toe, not bad.

She’s pretty but not as elegant as her sister. The woman smiled at him.

Do I know her? He asked himself.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“I’m sorry” said the woman.

His brow furrowed again. For what?

But he was surprised when she kissed him on the lips. He was stunned. What the fuck!

The woman ran away while smiling.

His blood was boiling with rage. No one had ever dare to kiss him! this is the first time.

That woman must pray to not see each other again or else she will regret it.

They all shouted when they saw Miao kissed tha man.

“OMG! you really did it hahaha!” Rael can’t stop laughing.

“I can’t believe that you kissed a stranger” Zol said.

“See? Xiao Miao Miao can do everything. If you only see the face of the guy earlier hahaha he was speechless.” Miao laughed.

“But that guy looks familiar, I just can’t remember where did I saw him” Jinx said.

“Really?” Miao got confused.

“Yeah, now that you mentioned it I think I saw him too from somewhere.” Rael as well.

“Seriously?” Miao suddenly got nervous. Is he famous?

“Waahh I remembered him!” Rael stood up.

“Oh! Me too” Zol said.

“Who is he?” Miao asked curiously.

“Vladimir Gu of Gu Empire!” Rael and Zol said at the same time.

Oh no…she’s dead….

The famous young businessman in the country…

“Oh no.” Jinx glanced at her.

“Waaahhh why didn’t you tell me right away?” Miao cried.

Her courage was suddenly faded, Vladimir Gu is known for being rude and cold hearted CEO. Everyone who opposes him face bankcruptcy..

Everyone fears him…

She’s in doom now. “Huhuhu im dead”

“I’m sorry I didn’t recognize him right away.” Rael pats her friend’s back.

“Let’s pray that he does not remember your face.” Jinx said.

“Will he going to look for me?”

They shrugged.

“Waaahhhh!” Miao cried.

“I’m very sorry Miao.” Rael said.

“I hope we won’t cross at each other again!” she cried.

Vlad is playing with his pen and still thinking about the girl who kissed him at the mall. He lost his mood so he cancelled his appointment with Mr. Gray. He’s in his office right now and still can’t forget what happened earlier.

“Tsss.. damn her.” the pen broke off because of his anger.

He heard a knock, he threw the pen and sat properly. “Come in.” he commanded.

His secretary entered. “Sir, Mr. Xiao have arrived.”

“Let him in.” he said.

The secretary nodded then let Mr. Xiao in.

“Good afternoon Mr. Gu” greeted by Mr. Xiao.

“Uncle you don’t have to be formal.” he said.

They sat on the couch.

“I heard what happened to your company.”

Mr. Xiao sighed. “Even I can’t believe it, we worked hard for our company and seeing it gradually collapsing really broke my heart”

“I’m willing to help uncle just tell me how much do you need.”

“I’m grateful but our company need large amount of money, I don’t want Gu Empire to be affected by my problem, there is definitely another way.”

“Then have you think it already?”

“I’m thinking of selling 80% of the company’s shares”

“80%? There is almost nothing left for you uncle and besides XMM.”

“I know Vlad but that’s the only way I can think of and the reason I came here is because I want you to help me find someone who can buy the shares. Seeing XMM rise again will make me happy again.” Vlad sighed.

Their conversation was interrupted when Vlad’s dad suddenly arrived.

“Jason!” his dad was so happy when he saw his friend.

“Napoleon my friend, how are you?”

The two hugged as if they had not seen each other for a long time.

“Dad, you didn’t tell me that you were going to visit.” Vlad said.

“I heard what happened to XMM so when I found out that Jason was coming here I didn’t waste a time and immediately come here. I want to help my bestfriend” his dad replied.

They sat down again then they talked about the XMM’s problem.

“Waahhh!” Miao cried while they were sitting in the school garden. She still can’t move on from what happened earlier at the mall, what if Vlad finds her? What if he ordered someone to kidnap her and burry her alive? Huhu!

“Just relax, Mr. Gu does not know who you are so you’re safe.” Rael comforted her.

“What if one day a men in black showed up in front of me and kidnap me? I heard all his enemy’s life became miserable. I don’t want to become one of them huhuh.” she cried again.

“Poor Miao.” Zol whispered while eating ice cream.

“Guys I have to go now.” Jinx started to pack up her things.

“Why leaving so early?” Miao asked.

“Gyu texted me and he said that we will go home together after his class. His class is about to end now.” Jinx replied.

“I hope my boyfriend also drive me home.” Rael frowned.

“Why? Is your boyfriend busy again?” Miao asked.

“Nahh, he’s always busy. I don’t know why it is so hard to be with him.” Rael complained.

“Just be patient Rael, you’ll be with him soon. Im leaving, bye.”

‘Bye bye!’ they waved at Jinx.

Then she left them.

“Im leaving too, see yah tomorrow ladies!” Zol also left.

“So what’s our plan now?” Rael asked.

They are now staring at the plants.

“I dunno, I’m stressed now.” Miao said.

“Stressed from what?” They were both surprised when Xander suddenly showed up.

“Xan!” Miao’s face immediately brightened when she saw the him.

“How are you guys?” he asked then sat down next to them.

“I’m fine, but Im not sure about Miao hehe.” Rael replied.

“Why? Did something bad happen?”

“Well, I don’t want to talk about it. By the way you don’t have practice today?” Miao asked.

“Coach gave us one-day break.” Xander answered.

He is a basketball player in their university.

“I remember mom wants me to come home early, so I’ll leave you two now.” Rael said. She whispered to Miao. "I will give you a solo moment with him so cheer up."


“Haha bye bye Xan!” Rael waved at him.

“Bye, take care.” Xander said.

She knows that Miao has been in love with Xander for a long time and she noticed that Xander feels the same. Xander and Miao are childhood friends, Xander is very sweet and caring so Miao really fell in love with him. He is also the reason why Miao rejected all his suitors, she’s waiting for Xander to confess.

“I’m sorry if I didn't join you earlier.”

“It’s alright, you have class.” Miao said.

Fortunately, Xander isn't with them earlier.

“Do you want to have dinner before going home? My treat.” he asked.


“Then let's go.”

They stood up, Xander carried her bag.

They went to a restaurant, they had a good conversation. She was so happy, Xander always make her forget her worries.

Xander is now driving, she will going to stay at their mansion tonight. Her mom said they have something important to say to her.

“What? Marriage?” Miao exclaimed when she arrived to their mansion.

“Yes my dear.” her mom said while smiling.

“No way mom! I will not gonna marry someone I don’t even know.” she said.

Fixed marriage? Seriously? That only happens in dramas right?

“Calm down Miao, listen to us first” her dad said.

Miao sat down again.

“You see, our business is now facing bankruptcy.” he said.

Miao was surprised again. “B-Bankcrupt? But how? Our distributions are okay, right?”

XMM is known for their beauty products, their products are very popular around the country, but new opponent came out and people already like their products.

“Our opponents are very strong, I don’t know how they managed to snatch our buyers. Because of that our sales suddenly dropped until the company went bankrupt.” his dad explained.

Miao felt bad, she knew that her dad sacrificed blood and sweat to grow their business.

“Then what does this have to do with marriage?” she asked.

Her dad smiled. “Do you know Gu Empire?”

Miao's heart beats so fast. What the hell! Why Gu Empire is involved?

“W-What’s with them?” she asked nervously.

“XMM and Gu Empire were partners for a long time and its founder is my best friend”


“Gu empire will going to pay our debts so we don't have to sell our company. But Napoleon Gu made a proposal.”

“W-What proposal?” gulped.

“Since they were going to pay for our debts, Mr. Gu asked for marriage.”

Miao face turned pale. “M-Marriage?”

Please Lord, please tell me that it is not Vladimir Gu!!!

“He wants you to marry his son Vladimir Gu.” his dad said while smiling.

He wants you to marry his son Vladimir Gu … He wants you to marry his son Vladimir Gu … He wants you to marry his son Vladimir Gu …

It echoed in her mind.

“NOOOOOO !!!!!” she shouted.

This can’t be true! She can’t marry Vladimir Gu!!!!

Waaahhhh Lord why????

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