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This is a book series about the experiences of Rachel growing up with authoritarian parents, her love life and all the lessons she learned navigating through life

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Rachel was stressed. Her feet were swollen but she kept at it. Cleaning the electric stove, sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen slaps and resweeping the dirt particles that fell on the floor. She just finished making thick fonio and spinach soup. Soon everything was set right and the kitchen looked presentable finally. The weather was so hot and she couldn't wait to go to her room and rest. She felt tension in her head and remembered she hadn't slept properly in the night. She was on her phone scrolling through different apps with sleepy eyes. Why hadn't she slept when she felt sleepy? She was one of those weird people that felt it was too boring to sleep so early. Her mum came into the kitchen and asked how everything was going. "I'm done cooking. I'm so tired"

"You can go and rest. I'll help you finalize everything. Thank you darling" Mrs Abeo said. She was a beautiful woman. Very kind hearted though impatient sometimes.

Rachel felt relieved and ran upstairs to her room. She smoothed her bedsheet and removed her clothes and lay down on the bed. She stood up and went to the mirror and stared at herself. She squeezed her stomach. Sometimes she was confused on whether to classify herself as fat or thick. To be honest she didn't even know how thick or fat she was. All she knew was that she didn't care at all. When she was in high school she used to be obsessed about losing weight. She tried keto diet and wasn't feeling like herself after a few days so she gave up. Next she tried calorie restriction of which she didn't she the effect on her body and she didn't know why. Back then she'd be so worried about why it was so hard to lose weight. "Do I have to eat like a bird and labour like a prisoner before I lose weight?" She would ask herself but now she just didn't care anymore. Thank goodness she had fat in the right places so atleast she looked sexy.

She went back to her bed and collapsed on the bed letting out a huge sigh. Her ankles hurt. She was scrolling through WhatsApp. No messages as usual except from group chats. She went to Twitter. Annoying posts from "alpha males" and horny people. "Why are there so many dumb people on earth?" She went to Tiktok and was hooked for 30 minutes then started feeling drowsy but she felt guilty for sleeping in the afternoon. What if her dad comes back from work and calls her to do something only to find her sleeping. She would come across as a lazy fat useless human so she stayed awake. There were an option of things she could do but she didn't have the motivation to do them. "Ugh"

An hour later her dad came back and she felt unmotivated to do anything about it so she lay down staring at the ceiling. She heard her mum's footsteps and her heart jumped. Quick series of knocks on her door and she wore her dress to open the door. "Don't you know your dad is here?" Her mum said looking concerned and a bit disappointed. Her mum shook her head and left. Rachel stepped out of her room to go greet her dad and she went back to her room and collapsed on the bed. Finally she could sleep. "Phew!"

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