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A Tough Life

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"I can see why the guards let you go. Your voice is annoying." I said. "Don't you have a filter?" "No. Now let's go." I said grabbing his shirt pulling him out the room.

Romance / Action
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“I don’t see why this is necessary.” I huff out slumping in the seat.

I was seating in my father’s office. Since the incident that happen a week ago I was on lock down. Stuck in my room only coming out to eat and for school. I know I get enough time to just lay around in my bed and sleep, but I’m not actually sleeping twenty-four seven. You would think that books, phones, and a computer will be enough entertainment for me. Well, it’s not! Even though I do love to sleep, but I don’t sleep all day. So when my dad sent for me I ran out my room in joy.

“Asha, you know you don’t have a say in this.” My dad said shuffling papers on his desk.

“But I should, I don’t need a babysitter. I’m eighteen for goodness sake!” I said throwing my arms in the air.

“You don’t act like it…..We don’t need what happen on your birthday repeating itself. You are going to be a queen one day and you need to start acting like one.”

“That’s not fair dad….What happen that day wasn’t totally my fault.”

“It’s final Asha.” My dad said in his final voice.

I sigh getting up from my seat. I walk out his office making my way down the hall. What happen on my birthday wasn’t my fault at all. Since my father didn’t say to go back to my room I decide to go find my siblings. I check first in the one place I knew they would be.

“I’m free from the walls of my room!” I called out as I walk into the lounge.

The lounge is used mostly by us. My parents barely even step foot in the room. So we change it to be our a room with some games, pool, a flat screen TV, mini fridge, and couches. Like I thought all of my siblings were here. Sara was stretch out on one of the couches reading one of her books. She’s the next oldest and looks more like me. We can actually be twins but I had light blonde hair almost white and she has dark brown hair. We both have dark blue eyes like our mom. Tomas’s was stretch out on the other couch watching TV. He is the next oldest at fourteen. He looks just like my dad with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kayla who sat on the floor coloring is ten and adopted.

My parents took her in after Venetia government was about to ship her away. Her family move here and ended up getting into a car wreck when she was six. She had no other relatives so they were just going to send her back. When my parents caught the light of this they took her in. Kayla has light brown skin dark brown eyes. Curly black hair that’s hard to tame. But she fit right in with us and I’m glad my parents took her in.

“You’re out of punishment?” Tomas asked looking over at me.

“I don’t know,” I said with a shrug pushing his legs off the couch knocking him to the floor to sit.

“Why couldn’t you sit over there with Sara?” He asked slumping back on the couch.

“Because she doesn’t want to disturb my reading,” Sara said not looking up from her book.

“And you never mess with her when she’s reading.” Kayla put in.

“Yep, so what kept you guys from keeping me company?” I ask all of them giving them a glare.

Sara closes her book with my question. She knows this is going to in up in a conversation. She can never read when there’s a conversation going on around her. She has to be really in the book for that.

“Mom told us that we couldn’t go anywhere near your room.” She said changing into a sitting position.

“Oh, that’s cruel,” I said.

“Well, you did almost…” Tomas was about to say before I push him back on the floor.

“We don’t need to go to that event, but y’all still could have come. You don’t know how bored I was in that room. I never thought that I would have ever prayed for your loud voice Tomas’s. Or even you’re ignoring facts about the country and our history that I already know Sara. Or coloring with you Kayla.” I said in a fake crying voice.

“Oh shut up you’re out now,” Kayla said with a laugh.

“But I’m getting a babysitter,” I mumble.

“But it’s for your protection and to keep you from doing stuff stupid. Plus you’re getting a bodyguard, not a babysitter.” Sara said.

“Then all of us should be getting one.” I counter.

“No, sweetie. You are the only one.” Tomas’s said coming over to pat my back.

I push him back off the couch. A smile came to my face when he glared at me with his ignore face.

“Stop doing that!” He said going over to sit next to Sara.

“Why? It was funny.” I said laughing.

“Can we play a game?” Kayla said putting up her crayons.

“Yes!” I jump up with excitement.

Sara and Tomas gave me a look at my excitement. If you were stuck in a room for almost a week with no human interaction, you would be excited like me. Plus I actually like playing around with my siblings, it’s very entertaining.

“Ok, let’s play hide and seek,” Tomas suggested.

“I’ll be it!” I yelled before anybody else could say it.

“I don’t think that was the right way to punish you,” Sara said under her breath.

I glared over at her as she got up from the couch.

“You’ll count in here. The rules are no hiding ten feet from this room, anywhere beyond. This is base and the winner gets the TV for a week.” She said taking Kayla books and crayons from her.

“So, if I get all of y’all I get the TV?” I ask.

“Yes, dummy,” Tomas said turning off the TV.

“Okay, count to one hundred. No cheating. Come own Kayla let’s go hide.” Sara said leading her out the room.

“I got a perfect spot!” She said running out the room.

I started counting as Tomas shut the room door. I move to the closet where we keep most of our toys, movies, and snacks at. I pull out the water guns from a box. I walk over to the sink in the bathroom we added a year ago. I plan on making this more interesting.

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