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The Real Evie Chase (Part 1)

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**SAMPLE ONLY | READ IT NOW ON GALATEA** Evie Chase has it all--fame, fortune, the career of her dreams--but things weren't always that way. Three years ago, before her skyrocket to teenage stardom, she was a small town girl in northern Connecticut who dealt with anxiety, bullies, an unrequited love for her best friend, and, just before moving to Los Angeles, being humiliated in front of everyone she knew. When a terrifying nervous breakdown leads to the conclusion that her newfound life of fame is getting the best of her, it's a mutual decision amongst her and her parents that she needs a break. But what she doesn't expect is for them to send her back to her hometown, back to her old school, to live with her crazy aunt while donning a new identity. But things aren't so simple, because there are FOUR things that cannot long be hidden in the town of Anadale--the sun, the moon, the truth about what happened in that courtyard freshman year . . . and a teenage superstar. **DRAFT ONE**

Romance / Humor
riss concetta
Age Rating:


It's here! It's here! It's here!

The Real Evie Chase has officially dropped on Galatea!

We have officially initiated publishing phase 1!


I have a few announcements and things to say about this, so please continue reading this until the end.

Firstly, if you haven't already, you can download the Galatea app for free in the Apple Store or the Google Play store (links attached to this line).

With the immersive and interactive features, such as sound effects, music, text messages, and hepatic feedback, you can feel like you're actually in the story with the characters and experience it like never before. The way I look at it, it's the bridge between a book and a movie/TV show. I, personally, think it's different (in a good way as adaptations should be) and really cool!

Some things you can look forward to. . .

Feeling what it's like to be with Evie on the red carpet or what it's like to walk the halls of Roosevelt...

Seeing social media posts that Evie's team put out to make everyone think she was in LA...

Hearing Evie's music... (Yes, it features original music, with voice and everything!)

Experiencing the story from Adam's perspective... (Getting back to those Adam & Evie roots hahaha.)

A sneak peek into some new details that might be in the published version...

And some more fun things that I don't want to spoil...

The Galatea team put a crazy amount of work into this to make this story amazing for all of you so big shoutout and thank you to them, especially the "Evie Chase" team in Bethany (Lead Writer), Ellis & Cecilia (Junior Writers), and Meaghan (Sound Design and also the voice of Evie in the original music!).

Now just some minor nitty grittys to get out of the way so you guys know how the situation works.

The way Galatea produces stories is on season-by-season basis (like a TV show). Every season has 30 episodes. Each episode contains 5-15 minutes of reading (Galatea is structured for those on a busy schedule). In the end, the entire season is the length of a standard novel (I personally have the word counts for the season, so I can attest to this). You get one daily episode for free per day, or you can purchase points to skip the wait and binge read to your heart's content (like buying the book and like you pay for points for any other reading apps).

Any money spent on points to skip the wait on TREC will go on to support me as the author (ahhh, crazy and thank you very much to anyone who does this), but that's not all it will do. . .

Like I said, this is just the first season of TREC, the story could go on forever (even beyond what's in the trilogy, like college-age, which for some reason, I really, really want) as long as readers show interest in it. Galatea is very data-driven and they use this data and analytics to determine which stories readers enjoy most and should move forward or be "greenlit" for more seasons, like again, a TV network looks at ratings before making more seasons of a show.

A story won't be greenlit for more until it hits certain benchmarks and statistics based off:

1) the amount of readers

2) how many of them use points to skip the wait and binge-read, which makes sense, because if you can't wait to read on, you're obviously engrossed and enjoying the story (this is the biggest one)

(There may also be some other factors, but these are the two most obvious and the ones I've seen stated by the team).

There are several options to earn free points, which you’ll find under the “get points” tab in your app.

I've been told some stories hit the benchmarks within a month, some several months, some even more time, but everything hinges on these numbers. So basically, for a faster season turnover, binge-reading or skipping the wait (it doesn't even have to be skipping for the entire story, maybe even just some) is the best option, but not the only one. I understand not everyone has extra funds to throw at books. Just reading through, daily, until the final episode of the season, boosts chances a bit for a faster production of a new season. And also sharing the story with others, bringing more readers in, helps the story as well. (:

I didn't put any of that out there to pressure you. I've just seen these questions posed to other Galatea authors and wanted to be transparent with you up front as to what comes next and how it could come next. If you have any other questions about this, please let me know!

Besides that, you can also join the Galatea facebook group or follow the Galatea instagram page where they do daily contests to win free points.

Okay, and that's it from me on that technical stuff, and now onto my appreciative rant. . .


Seriously, it would've gotten nowhere without any of you from the Adam & Evie days, when your comments and feedback were the things that kept me going and what helped it get picked up by Inkitt, to now, with all of the rewrites that went into the book, continuing to support me. I cannot believe that we're finally entering the publishing phases. It could end up being a crazy ride if TREC does well on the app and I couldn't be more nervous/excited.

I really hope that you enjoy this adaptation of the story as much as I've enjoyed collaborating with the team to create it. Please leave your comments and feedback after each episode, and please also let me know your thoughts over here.

I love you all so much!

Riss xx

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