The Real Evie Chase (Part 1)

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exciting announcement!!

Hello my friends ♡

As the title says, I’m here to make a super cool, super exciting announcement about The Real Evie Chase.

So, if you didn't already know, Inkitt (who The Real Evie Chase and subsequent books in the series are signed to) has developed an app called Galatea which is an immersive reading app that uses things like visuals and sound effects, vibrations, chat messages and a lot more, to completely bring a story to life and make it feel like you’re actually in there with the characters. They’ve hired professional screenwriters and sound engineers to work on adapting stories for the app.

And I’m excited to say that The Real Evie Chase is about to be its first YA contemporary romance adaptation!

I’ve been holding this secret in for a while now, so I’m happy to finally share it.

How it works:

The app is technically designed for those on a busy schedule, with a 5-10 minute “episode” for free, daily. Of course, if you want to binge read a book, you can buy points to unlock episodes and keep reading. There are 30 episodes total in a season, which length-wise factors out into one novel.

The Real Evie Chase will most likely be split into separate seasons because it’s so long (how many seasons is tentative until I have my conference with the lead writer), BUT that means the Galatea adaptation will include a lot of never before seen content, new scenes, new perspectives, basically expanding the world that’s been created in traditional version of TREC. Sort of like any book to TV adaptation you’ve ever seen.

The traditional ebooks and paperbacks will still be published, but further down the line. The adaptation on Galatea will come out first.

We should be beginning the production of the first season next month, which means, the first season should be released around October or so (it takes about two months to produce a season).

This leads me to...

Where I need your help:

So they’re letting me be really involved in the development of the seasons, which I love and appreciate. All story boards and drafts will pass by me, and I get to make notes and suggestions on both the content and the effects that are used. Then once it’s all approved by me it’s off to the amazing sound and effects team!

So that’s where I wanted to reach out to you guys! What do you think would be a cool way to experience the story.

So far the ideas I’ve had are:

-the text messages (which they pretty much already include in a lot of their stories)

-possibly making and including characters instagram accounts (or even something like snapchat). Imagine being able to see the live instagrams that Evie’s management is posting while she’s pretending to be Brittany Marshall or the posts Hollie had up on social media that helped Natalie figure out who Evie was disguised as. Or opening a snapchat from Paul.

-seeing articles/headlines displayed like you’re actually in the story (like after discovering Evie is Brittany).

-of course, music—specifically figuring out “Evie’s” music (so, for example, during those times in the car or at the bowling alley when she’s on the radio or TV, you actually hear her!)

Annnnd that’s all I got so far. Help pleaseeee.

The app development team is also super amazing. The sky could very well be the limit with what we can do in terms of immersion. I’d love to hear what you think, even if you think it’s impossible and crazy, pitch it anyway!! I’m serious.

Where I also need your help:

So Galatea has a closed Facebook group that you can join and basically interact with other users and the authors and also play games to win points and such. I’m going to formally introduce myself to the group soon, and I have way more anxiety over it than I should. It sorta feels like the equivalent of walking into a party where you don’t really know anyone. Especially because a lot of the stories on Galatea so far have been fantasy/werewolf and new adult novels, so my YA contemporary is fairly new and very different from what the readers are used to seeing.

So if you have a Facebook (or hey, if you want to make one, which I ended up doing haha), I would love if you guys joined the group so I could have you in there. Everyone in the group seems super nice (and also super funny), but ugh, I don’t know, I’m just freaking out about it.

(I’m also probably going to be doing a live Q & A on there at some point, and I’d love if you guys were on so it didn’t feel awkward and lonely).

I need ya’ll for some moral support, hahaha.

Plus, it will also benefit you in the long run because of the games and quizzes for free points!

And a lot of what they do is based off of popular demand as well. They prioritize the publications with the most shared topics for new releases, so if you want more Evie Chase stuff, you post it in the group and let them know (the Inkitt team checks out the group all the time to gauge reader opinion and interest). You can also share the app and TREC with your friends and family, and just spread the word, etc.

I’ll have links to the group and app in a message on my wall.

Yeah, so that’s all for now! I’m winded just typing this and reading it over, I’m so excited I can’t take it!

Of course, during all of this, I’m still working on TTAE and another project, so I’m busy, busy, busy. But I’m learning to balance it all so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Thank you all for reading and for all of your love and support! Can’t wait to go on this journey with you guys!

With love,

Riss xx

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