The Real Evie Chase (Part 1)

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NEW STORY ALERT! ➺ Publicity Stunt.

Hello everyone!

I’m writing to inform you I have begun posting a new story here on Inkitt. If you enjoyed the Evie Chase books, I think you may enjoy this one as well.

It’s called Publicity Stunt. It’s a contemporary romance, as TREC was, but it is New Adult rather than Young Adult (with protagonists who are 21/22), so it will be a bit more mature. Below is a summary to see if you would like to check it out (you can find it on my profile). I’ve really enjoyed writing it so far in tandem with the Evie Chase books. And hey, with its similar subject matter (concerning a celebrity), there may be some fun cameos (:


Falling in love is an experience. Falling out of love is painful. But pretending to love the boy you despise under the spotlight of the entire world? Well, that’s just a recipe for disaster.


Unless one counts what she knows about him through the tabloids keeping track of his many romantic escapades and Wikipedia, Kallie Carraway and Jack Westfield—ahem, “Jackson West”—are essentially strangers. Despite their shared past, the two of them haven’t spoken in over five years, with Jackson preoccupied with his new life as one Hollywood’s biggest up-and-coming actors and Kallie focusing on her studies and trying to forget Jack ever existed.

But when their first reunion happens to coincide with the fallout of one of “bad boy, womanizer” Jackson’s recent media-storm inducing, career jeopardizing stunts, his desperate management sees her—the unassuming, humble-beginnings, medical school-bound college student—as an opportunity to turn the narrative around. And so, they propose an idea:

Have Kallie pose as Jackson’s girlfriend.

And desperate for the cash they eventually offer to sweeten the deal, despite the fact she hates him. . . she says yes.

Thanks, everyone! (:

With love,

Riss xx

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