The Real Evie Chase (Part 1)

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Important Take Down Notice -- TREC Coming Down Feb 17th

We interrupt this author social media/writing platform hiatus to make a bittersweet--but important--announcement.

With the Galatea adaptation for TREC entering sound design, there’s only a little less than a month left until we enter publication phase one and the story makes its debut on Galatea. Due to contracts and all that jazz, that means I can no longer leave the entire draft of this story up online, only a few sample chapters.

So the bulk of The Real Evie Chase will be coming off of Inkitt (and Wattpad) on February 17th at 12 pm EST. You’ll have until that day to finish up reading, start and finish up reading, or to re-read this version of the story if you would like.

As sad as this makes me, it also leaves me extremely excited for the future. Galatea has proven to be a great launching platform for a plethora of stories and authors, and with all of the hopes and goals I’ve heard from the team, there’s so much potential for Evie and the crew that I can’t believe it. None of this would’ve been possible without all of you showing your love for these characters and this story, so thank you. Seriously. Thank you.

I want to do something fun with the release, but I’m not sure what. Technically, there’s no physical copies to sign and giveaway (yet. . .), but I did want to giveaway something. Maybe Galatea points to read or something. Then like have some type of discussion to talk about the season on a live, I don’t know. If you have fun ideas, please send them my way.

And as for the traditionally published books, I don’t have exact dates when those will be released this year, but once we settle on them, of course, you will all be the first to know. (:

**Also important to note that, although drafts of The Real Evie Chase (Book 1) and Sincerely, Evelyn Marie (Book 2) cannot be posted online besides samples, I have permission to post The Truth About (Ev)erything (Book 3), so you’ll still be getting that from me once I have my draft in a decent place.**

I can’t get over how excited and nervous I am for you guys to experience the Galatea version. Just reading through the season while playing my own playlist for the story and knowing what they have in mind, it honestly feels like the bridge between the traditional book version and a movie/tv show, it’s crazy. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience of collaborating with them to make it.

Okay, that’s all from me. Talk to you all soon!

Riss xx

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