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Twitterpated (adj.) excited or overcome with romantic feelings ;smitten ; love-struck _______________ "Y'know, I remember when you use to be shy and quiet" "Yeah and I remember how you use to be so much nicer and mysterious" "Oh shut it" "You started it" _______________ Aiden promised himself that he would never fall for another guy who looked at him a certain way. Especially if they had pretty eyes and a nice accent. But promises to yourself were harder to keep than promises made with other people.

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love struck


"Have you heard the news? We have new neighbours moving in nextdoor"

"really? ooo they better be good-looking"

"oh my god Sarah, you're always thinking with your boobs. Jeez"

"You're just mad you can't get any"

Okay, so Aiden may or may not have been eavesdropping.

It's not like he meant to.

Technically, he was asleep until he heard Sarah and Kelsey-the two twins from over the road-gossiping (if you could even call it that, because the volume they were speaking at could hardly be considered soft).

So new neighbours, huh?

His mom would most probably invite the new neighbours over for lunch or dinner or something.

She loved making friends.

He shook his head, shrugging the thoughts off and made his way to his bathroom, his thoughts set on taking a fucking shower.

He sighed in content as the hot water cascaded down his body.

Dressed comfortably in a pastel yellow hoodie and a pair of jeans, he slipped into some socks and sneakers before making his way to the kitchen.

The delicious smell of pancakes invaded his nostrils as he reached the last step of their wooden stairs.

Walking into the kitchen Aiden's eyes widened and his mouth melted at the sight before him.

There was a huge plate stacked with pancakes,while another was stacked with eggs, bacon, sausages and waffles. All set on the island where his father was seated.

A very cliche scene indeed.

Aiden kissed his mom and dad on the cheek with a quick "morning" before he took a seat at the island, ready to devour the food before him.

Before he even touched his plate the doorbell rang making the boy groan.

"Aiden can you check who that is" his mother asked, her back turned as she worked at the stove.

Why the fuck should i?

Aiden sighed dramatically making his way to the door.

He pulled the door open and a grin immediately graced his face.

"Well look who it is"

"What? No hello? No 'i miss you'? I'm hurted Aidy, Honestly" Ash sniffled playfully as he dramatically placed a hand over his heart.

Aiden rolled his eyes, a smile painting his face.

"You were gone for two weeks"

"Still, it was long, don't you agree?"

A sigh left his lips and he glanced at the scenery behind his brother before shoving his hands in his jeans pockets.

"Why'd you knock"

"Cause I knew you'd open the door" Asher grinned down at his brother.

Aiden rolled his at him before pulling him inside and to the kitchen.

"Aw c'mon shorty, don't look so glum"

For context, Aiden was five'ten but because Ash was like six feet something, Aiden was short (Ash's words not his)

It was torture because now it's always 'hey shorty' 'sup short stack'

He was low-key planning fucking murder...

Seriously, he was fucking tall, okay!?


"Guess who returned after ditching us for two weeks" Aiden spoke out to his mom and dad as he reached the kitchen

"I didn't ditch you" Ash rolled his green eyes as he gave his mom and dad a quick 'morning', taking a seat next to his brother at the island.

Aiden scoffed playfully "What lies. You left me to fend for myself for two whole weeks"

"Stop arguing and finish your breakfast" their mother set a jug of orange juice on the island and a glass of grape juice next Aiden's plate.

Aiden huffed but complied, grabbing some waffles and setting it onto his plate.

He grabbed some nutella and applied it to his waffles.

Seriously, try it.

He immediately dug into his sweet, delicious breakfast, almost moaning at the taste. Fuck chivalry, he could eat a fucking horse.

He sighed in satisfaction as he finished eating, his stomach feeling full.

Standing up and grabbing his dirty dishes, Aiden laid them in the sink.

"What are we needed for" Asher asked bumping his bottom against his brother's as he made his way to the sink.

"Hey!" Aiden scowled not hearing his mother's response to Ash's question.

"What?" He blinked

"I said you and your brother needs to help your father repaint the house" Mellisa flicked her son's forehead as she placed her dirty dishes into the sink.

"Mom come on. It's the weekend" Aiden rubbed the reddening spot with a pout.

"Okay and?" his mother gave him a deadpan look and he sighed

"But first change into some old clothes"

"But I just changed into these" he whined

"Aiden go" Melissa demanded, her tone strict.

Aiden turned around and stomped up the stairs, grumbling all the way to his room.

He searched through his closet and came across an old pair of sweats and an old sweatshirt with a few holes in it.

This'll have to do

He quickly changed into it and made his way back downstairs.

"Well let's get painting" Simon, their father grinned

He followed his dad and Asher outside and grabbed a brush, dipping it into the can of paint before brushing it into the wall.

Guess this was how he was going to spend his Saturday afternoon.

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