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After Sophia finds out that her mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, she went several miles to make sure that the disease does not lead to her death. During this period, she met Rowan Slade during a meeting in which journalists from different states in the country were present. Their meeting was 'destined', according to Jenny, one of Sophia's closest friends. Living with the indifferent, domineering and obsessive Slade Rowan was a full-time job on its own, but Sophia endured all this, reminding herself of why she got into this in the first place. The first and most important rule of the contract was 'no falling in love.' They were to meet up only for sexual intercourse for six months. At the elapse of it, they were to go their separate ways and act as if they never knew each other. As Sophia battles to save her mother's life, her heart had other plans in mind, and she ends up falling for the Son of the Devil, Slade Rowan. The fear of her feelings not being reciprocated is unbearable as she left before the elapse of the contract, eloping to her hometown in Virginia. After five years of hiding, after five years of therapy, and after five years of convincing herself that Slade would have forgotten about her, she is face-to-face with a time-two version of the Slade she had known five years ago.

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Chapter 1

I sat there among other people, praying to God for the fundraiser to be over soon. Why the hell did I study mass communication? I sat in the middle of men and women who just scribbled as if their lives depended on it. Maybe it does. I bite my lower lip nervously, my tongue tasted blood, and I immediately stopped.

I stared forward, my eyes colliding with the piercing blue eyes. I coughed and looked down at my notepad, I pretended to listen, scribbling madly as I nodded my head intensively.

After some hours of eternity, it was finally over. I dragged my buttocks off the seat, longing for the comfort of my home and some Dear Alcohol. But I needed to take his picture first. My hands rolled into a fist as I thought about it.

"C'mon Cam," I said, half dragging my cameraman who had the luxury of sleeping throughout this shit.

"Where are we going," he asked, rubbing his eyes, those emerald green eyes that stared at me lustfully at every chance they got.

"We are going to take a photo of the man. Five would be enough," I said sighing. "I think."

"Holy Fuckkkk!"

"Cam?" I turned to face him, but he wasn't even looking at me, his eyes were somewhere, somewhere forward.

He was gawking at the owner of the piercing blue eyes. I wouldn't blame him, I gawked too, five years ago when I first saw him. I gave cam some time to finish his admiration.

"Since when did you become bi Cam?" I said, at last, crossing my arms across my breasts.

"Since. . . like now," he said grinning. I gave him a frown, to send my disapproval.

With a sigh, I said, "Let's get this over and done with."

We moved near him but arrived a little too late. He was crowded with people and cameras. Media women frantically tried to touch him, his ear, his hands, absolutely anything. He frowned at them and moved away from them as if they were a kind of plague. Now, it was my time to frown. I mean, why were these women frantic? Why do they behave as if he's the only man on Earth?

"You behaved like that too," my subconscious teased.

"Shut up Lauren."

His blue eyes roamed the hall, looking for something. What was he looking for? His eyes finally rested on me. I grabbed Cam's hand. "Now," I said.

My once-in-a-blue-moon smart partner took the hint. A light flashed, and four successively followed.

The man frowned deeply at me, and I shrugged. Grabbing my partner's hand, I half ran out of the hall feeling as his piercing blue eyes raced my back.



Having turned 29 recently, Slade Rowan aka the man after the people's heart has decided to build an amusement park, for the children of this great community...

Aka the man of the people rubbish, Aka my ass, Aka a bastard. I read the amazing qualities that I wrote on my computer, shaking my head at myself. The man who was supposed to possess this hidden quality underlying what I just typed was no more than the son of the Devil, perhaps, the biological one. I'm just saying.

The Sons of the Devil changed women like they change clothes. But this particular Son of the Devil... Changes women hourly. Why had Parker given me this job? Why had I accepted it? Oh, yeah. For the money, of course.

"See babbbbby, I would kill for you. I mean I would die for you, give everything, I mean everything up for you..."

Addison Lee's voice shot through my phone's speaker.

"Time I change this ringtone," I said as I picked up my phone. Staring at the incoming call that has no name, I frowned. It was 11 pm, who the fuck would be calling me at 11?

"Carson," I groaned. I waited for the person at the receiver's end to say something.

"Alright. Fuck you, never—"

"Sophia." The word sounded like I remembered it.

Feeling my heart beating against my chest, I hung up. There wasn't going to be any sleep for me this night, not after that, not after what happened just now. I closed my eyes, folded my legs, and took a deep breath.

"Shit!" It wasn't working, I tried counting from one to ten but it didn't work either. What has he done to me? He wasn't here, but he affected me all the same. After five years of therapy, I'm back to square one. I shove my hands into my hair, my once happy long shining black hair, which was now cut short and dyed pink. I scream into the Pillow and my hands tugged at the bedsheets.

I paced around my room, the one he had called a rat hole five years ago. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I came closer as I looked at the mirror menacingly.

"Chill, the mirror didn't hurt you," my subconscious teased. I didn't bother to shut her up this time, she was right. I stared at my reflection, and it stared back.

"You're not going to be that girl again, understood." It looked as if it nodded, encouraged, I continued. "You won't go back, no matter how he looks like sex itself and how you want to kiss his lush lips so passionately, and how you want to get fucked so badly by— Shut up! There's no you in Slade's life and there's no Slade in your life, got it?" I think it nodded again. "Good girl," I said, giving a satisfied nod. Okay, help I'm running added.

I slumped on my bed again and I cried, for the third time in three years. I woke up at three am to find myself tear-eyed, spread on papers that had now become squeezed. I jerk up suddenly at the sight of the papers. "Jesus should come now," I muttered. If I did not have my report at the Office tomorrow, it would just be innocently added to my growing list of mishaps, that would subsequently leave me jobless. I dragged my feet to the computer. I finished my report around six am.

"There's still time, I should sleep." I set my alarm to seven am and went happily to bed.


"Please!" I cried out. I was a mess. I sat on the floor, dressed in a mini black gown that had been pulled up to my flat stomach. My panties lay somewhere in the office, shredded to pieces, and my bra was surely also lying somewhere. My lips were swollen, all swollen from kisses, kisses from the lips I can't get enough of. My breasts were outside, they lay on top of my gown, having been dragged out by a domineering Alpha male. They too were swollen. Their Rosy buds had suffered from the sucking they had received. Oh, sweet suffering! They wanted to suffer more, they wanted to be sucked by that electrified tongue. My Virginia was soaked, dripping wet, forming a small pool. Only him could make me wet like that, only him.

"Sophia." He called and I gasped. Was he fucking my name? What was that unearthly voice? "I need you to beg for it, you're simply not acting as if you want it." Fuck him!

"Please! Please, I need your big beautiful cock inside me, inside this cute little cunt." I dragged my pussy to his face as he bent down to have a proper view. "See, it's dripping wait for— oh my God!" I gasped.

He inserted his tongue into my pussy, while rubbing my clit. "Yes!" This was the most beautiful thing in my life. He put his tongue in and out of my pussy, tongue fucking me! He pinched my nipples and I felt electricity radiate throughout my body. My eyes rolled into my head as I took a chunk of his hair, pressing him to my pussy.

"Your cock," I rasped. "I need your cock."

"No, can't do." Are you kidding me?!

I watched him as he pull down his briefs, releasing his magnificent glory. I continue watching as he struck it, biting his lower lips as he held eye contact with me. He rubbed his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I move enthusiastically to rub against it. He stopped, then he smirked at me. He stopped smirking. I was already coming, long and hard. He frowned at me, and the next thing I felt was his mouth on my pussy, draining me of the last bit of cum in my system. After a few minutes, he cummed on my breasts, on my hair, on my stomach, and everywhere around me. Appearing satisfied, he took a picture of me as I was.

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