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Desolate, her very name means alone it’s only when she’s not that she finds out who she really is.

Romance / Fantasy
Courtney Anne
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Chapter One


I stand on the edge of the dock gazing into the black water below me. I think back to the time my father brought me here; he sat me down at this very spot and told me the story. My father began his story the way he began all stories he took a deep breath “It was a dark day when Natas and his soldiers attacked.” My father said looking into the water as though remembering the battle that took place. “We used to live in peace joined together as one Kingdom united under the mighty King Rehtaf's rule. In those days the people were happy, the land was abundant, and darkness scarce. The King ruled justly and was loved by many but there were those who grew weary of his Reign. Natas, one of the Kings closest companions became envious of the power the King possessed and started a rebellion against him. After months of gathering men who opposed the King Natas finally set his plan in motion. He and his many followers stormed the Castle slaughtering everyone in their path. The battle lasted all through the night leaving death and destruction in the day's wake when Natas and his followers were finally surrounded. The King tired and grieved by the betrayal of so many decided death was not just enough for what Natas had done. Instead, he exiled him and all those that followed him to a land cursed to be as dark as a starless sky. He named the darkness Kcalb meaning, 'Never to see the light of day.' He then gave his Kingdom and it's people to his son Ibbar giving it a new name to go with its new King and he called it Yerg meaning, "To be a place of freedom." The King still tired and longing for peace took his most loyal companions and built a new Kingdom in a far off place calling this Kingdom Etihw meaning "To live forever in peace." Thus the Kingdom of Neerg was no longer one Kingdom but three."

“Father, you’ve never told me this story before.”

“No, Desie, I haven’t, and you can’t tell anyone of this story either. It’s forbidden.”

“Forbidden? Why Father?”

“Because Natas in his pride refuses to be known as the man that failed but that's doesn’t want anyone knowing there’s more out there than this black hole.”

“I don’t understand, father. There isn’t anything more than this.”

“No, child, there’s more. Much more! We’ve all been too afraid! Too ashamed of what our fathers took part in all those years ago. None of us had the strength to stand up to Natas, we still don’t, but you do, you can! You can leave this place! Desie, don’t listen to Nata-” He stopped abruptly and I saw the look of fear in his eyes as a dark shadow passed over us. “Contrite!” Natas said hissing. “Natas.” My father said standing to his feet and bowing. “This must be your, lovely, daughter.” He said as he looked at me with disgust.“What’s your name child?”

“De-Desolate.” I stammered. “Desolate.” He said sneering. “It fits you doesn’t it, Desolate? Or at least it will.” He said to himself more than to me. “Contrite, why don’t we go have a little chat.” He said as he glanced my way.

My father nodded in understanding as he bent down to take my hands, “Desie, I need you to go back to the village, now.” He said.“I’m scared, daddy. I don’t want to go alone.”

“Don’t be scared, Desie. Everything will be fine; Natas just needs to talk with me. That’s all.” He said smiling faintly. “I love you, Desie.”

“I love you too, daddy,” I said as I wrapped my small arms around him. He held me tight and whispered, “You’re never alone, Desie. Now, go!”

That was the last time I saw my father alive.

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