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If Only I'd Known

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Best friends since middle school and someone else joins the picture. Camila goes through many lovers, but will she realize what she had all along?

Romance / Drama
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Video Production

8th grade. The grade you have to go to before entering High School, if I could take it all back and never have to meet the people I met, I'd do it in a heartbeat. One thing I know for sure, is that I've never loved someone as much as him.

August 18.

My alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning. School starts at 8:30, but it wouldn't hurt to be a little late. I decided to close my eyes for what seemed to be 5 more minutes, but I ended up waking up 10 minutes before the time I was supposed to be at school.


My first class was Musical Theatre. I somehow always had a passion for theatre, even though it's considered a sin to be a popular athlete and a weird theatre kid at the same time. The first class of the day, and I already hated my experience so far. As I looked around, I saw this redhead girl call me over, "Aye, what up. I'm Holly and this is Rojina" her friend, 'Rojina', was sitting next to her wearing butterfly vans, a choker, and her hair tied up in two ponytails.

I was the complete opposite of both of them, my gray Jordans, baggy pants, and Vans shirt were nowhere near their style category. "Uhm, yeah. I'm Camila. Are you two both in eighth grade or what?" I ask just out of curiosity since my middle school had both seventh (sevis) and eighth graders. They nod their heads in agreement with my question. One more hour, of this class, and it's onto the next. Thank God.

Second period was math. I used to hate this class since I knew no one in it. From what I remember about this class, it was the only class to assign homework on the first day.

I was so over the whole new school shit, and I just wanted to go home and do my own thing. However, all that changed when I got to fifth period. In case you didn't know, Video Production was a class where you learn directing skills and acting. It helps lead you more into the acting industry and making your own movies and films, (if you're into that kind of stuff).

As class begins, the teacher gives an announcement "Everyone has their own slide. On that slide, you will write down some interesting facts about yourself and why you chose this class", My teacher, Ms.Eisman, was one of the most social teachers at that school. She's kind of the reason how I met my bestfriend.

20 minutes into that class, and I'm decorating my slide with basketballs and shoes, and you can already imagine how immature an eighth-grade class is. Pasting memes, and weird shit on other people's slides. Some kid kept posting an egg meme on my slide. Which after a while kinda got fucking annoying. Everyone had anonymous names, which made it a little harder to find out who this kid was.

"Wow, what a nice picture. I wonder who pasted that", this shorter, sweet boy, with highlights in his hair, says while looking over my shoulder and onto my computer. "So the mystery boy reveals himself", I say making it obvious that I'm being sarcastic. I won't lie to myself, and certainly not to you but, seeing him gave me a feeling that he was going to become something important in my life.

I smile as he smiles back, as we hold eye contact for what seems to be forever. He looks away and touches his hair, moving it back and out of his face. It was obvious that he was a shy, innocent boy, which as you can tell, most eighth-grade boys are when talking to a girl.

"Hey, aren't you in my math class? I swear I saw you flipping your pencil during the presentations" I say. "Yeah, that's me. I'm Isaac. What about you?" Just by looking at him, I can tell he's nervous, he breaks eye contact every time I look at him in such a way. "One thing I hate about school, is I have to constantly tell everyone my name, 'cause no one knows anything about me, but I'm Camila", I say laughing at the fact that we're both nervous.

Okay, I get it by now. We meet in eighth grade, so cute right? Well, yeah we met, but I know there are a lot of people like that. I enjoy being a submissive person. I like having a dominant person if I ever end up dating. He's the complete opposite. He's clearly innocent and looks as if he's never heard the word 'intimacy'. However, a part of me finds it exciting to be the one to change his life. Whatever, I barely met him anyways... right?

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