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how Mary lost her verginergy

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Mary is a 18 year old woman who loses there verginergy

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how Mary lost her verginergy

she was glugging on my dick and making a grunting sound, like it was having a good time fucking her.

And that didn’t phase me, I fucking loved it, loved the feeling of being up inside her.

I could feel myself tense up.

She’s a small girl and easily cums without me trying to.

She would let out a little squeaking sound and I pushed my dick as deep as it would go.

Suddenly I started to feel something squish up inside my dick.

No way...

It’s going to come out!

It was my own cum.

I was so happy!

I felt my dick grow big again as I reamed her out again.

She came one more time and was still gurgling in my dick.

I started to feel my nut juices squishing back out of me.

She noticed and licked at the head of my dick.

“I’m gonna need a rag,” she said, sitting up.

“To clean you up.”

Then she giggled.

“But be gentle, you’re all sticky.”

“It’s not my cum,” I said.

I was impressed that she knew that.

“It’s... oh... my god...

I think it’s my own.

I’ve never had my own come out of me.”

“Yes you have,” she said.

“Well, then it’s yours.

You had your own before, you can have it again.”

She just grinned and I knew that she was fucking with me.

I started to pull out and she said, “No!


Keep it inside me for a while.

I can’t take all of it inside yet.

I don’t want to... but, well...

I know that you want me to.

You’ve been fucking me and I know you like it.

So do me a favour and stay in me.

Don’t pull out, keep it inside me.

You can even do it with a finger, if you want.”

I stayed in her as best I could and she started to play with herself again.

After a few minutes she said, “Go ahead and fuck me if you want.

Make me cum all over again.

But stay in me for a while.”

“That’s ok,” I said.

“I’ve got all day.

Stay in me until you’ve cum.

I don’t think you can.

You’re going to cum.

I’m sure of it.”

I started to thrust my hips and had a pretty good idea of what she meant.

Her pussy wasn’t tight but it wasn’t loose either.

I started to feel myself tense up as I pounded into her.

I felt that I was about to cum.

I pulled all the way out of her.

She said, “Fuck me with your finger, like I was.

Go ahead.

Do me.”

I got up on my knees and started to jack off again.

This time I slipped my finger inside her pussy and started to move it in and out.

I watched her face, waiting to see her face as she was getting it.

I don’t think she noticed.

She just kept doing her own thing.

I kept jacking.

My own cum was starting to ooze out.

I was pumping my finger in and out and then pulling it out and rubbing her clit.

She started to make little squeaking noises.

I felt myself starting to relax and get close to cumming.

Her legs were moving slightly now as she rubbed her pussy.

“Oh... fuck... yes...




She started squirting all over my hand and made me feel it start to squirt out.

She jumped when I felt it drip on my dick.

Her legs started shaking slightly and her mouth opened in a little O of surprise.

She started to grab her legs and hold them together.

She was shaking and squirting.

I saw her hand grip her left leg.

She started to rub at it, squeezing her fingers in tight.

She had two of them in her pussy, squeezing it hard.

I knew she was trying to squirt more cum out, but she was too worn out.

It was too much for her.

Her pussy started to close around my finger.

Her breathing got heavier and slower.

Her legs still clamped together.

I held my finger inside her and stroked it in and out of her pussy a few times.

Then I put it in my mouth and licked it clean.

She just looked at me.

“Thank you.

I needed that.

Thank you.”

She just sat there, looking at me.

“Now it’s your turn.

You’re going to fuck me again.

In the ass.

Put your cock in my ass.

Fuck me like you fucked me before.”

She was laying down and had her legs spread.

She was watching me with a smirk on her face.

“I’ll bet it will fit again.”


I don’t know, “I said.

I looked at her pussy and it was almost dry.

Her clit was the biggest I’d ever seen.

I was still a little shy about it.

“Well, I think that you’ll know it when you get there.”

I stepped up to her and rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks.

They were as hard as they’d ever been.

I leaned over and put it against her ass.

She gasped and stiffened.

I felt her tense up and tried to take it in my hand.

She looked at me and said, “Put it in me, Dave.

It will feel good.

Let me do it.”

“Oh fuck,” she groaned.

“Oh fuck... do it...

I’m begging you... please don’t be afraid.

Fuck me.

I’m not going to hurt you.

Fuck me.

Fuck my ass.

Please do it... please!”

She was pulling my face to her, encouraging me.

I didn’t even have to ask.

I felt her hand grab my dick and start stroking it.

“You’re going to feel so good in me.

It’s the perfect size.

I like it.”

I leaned down to kiss her.

It was like everything else was gone.

The road was gone.

The winter was gone.

All I felt was her lips.

I moved to put it inside her but she stopped me.

“No,” she said, “don’t go in yet.

Let me get used to the size.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

I leaned over and kissed her again.

“Ok, Mary.

I won’t hurt you.

Just stay quiet and wait for me.

I want to go slow this time.”

She giggled again and nodded her head.

I could feel her hand tighten and then relax.

I moved back and started to push.

It was still tight and I felt myself hitting something.

I looked and saw that there was a ring of muscles at the entrance to her ass.

I started to pull out and couldn’t.

My dick was jammed in there.

She looked at me and made a gasping little sound.

“Oh, that’s really big.

Please go slow.

You won’t hurt me.”

I pushed in a little more and felt the ring relax.

Then I pushed back in and felt it hit her ring.

She gasped again and looked at me.

I started to slowly move my dick in and out of her ass.

She was crying again and squirming.

She started to breathe hard and her hands went to her nipples.

She was wriggling around.

I moved my hands to her waist and started to push my hips forward.

She whimpered and started to gasp again.

“You like it, don’t you, Mary?”

She moaned and I could see her hands moving around.

I leaned over and kissed her and stroked her hair.

“I really like you, Mary.

I’ve never met anyone like you.”

She started to sob softly and said, “It’s not fair.

I wish...

I wish I could stay a virgin.

I’ll get married when I get older.

I’ll have a beautiful life.”

I was moving faster, and I felt my dick get harder.

She was moaning loudly and whimpering again.

I felt her tightening up again and knew it was coming.

I kept moving my hips.

“I’m not going to cum in you,” I said.

“I’m not going to ruin your pussy.

Just stay quiet and let me do what I need to do.”

I moved faster and felt the contraction.

I started to thrust.

I put my hand on her waist and started to pull her closer.

“I love you, Mary.

I’m going to have you.

I’m going to make you pregnant.

I’m going to take care of you forever.”

I started to thrust and felt my balls jerk up.

I thrust in her hard and yelled out, “Shit!”

I buried my dick as deep as it would go.

I felt a huge gush of warm sperm into her and held it there.

It started to run out of her ass.

I started to move my dick in and out and looked down.

There was a small puddle of wet stuff on the seat.

I pulled out slowly and slipped my dick between her lips.

She swallowed it all.

I took a finger and swabbed her cheek.

She didn’t move.

“I love you, Mary.

You’re a beautiful girl.

You’re my girlfriend and we’ll be together forever.”

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you, Mary,” I said.

“Thank you for making me a man.”

We kissed again and she started to breathe hard again.

“Do you want to fuck me some more?” she asked.

I moved my hand around and started to rub her clit.

“I’ll do anything you want, Mary.

I’ll do anything you want.

Just not here.

It’s not safe for you to go home and find Steve there.

I’ll take you someplace and we’ll talk and then I’ll fuck you again.

Just please take me someplace where there’s no one else around.”

She kissed me and rubbed my dick as I moved my hips back and forth.

“I want to feel you again, my beautiful boyfriend.”

She began to tremble and started to breathe heavily.

I pulled my finger out and put my dick in her mouth.

She sucked it for a few seconds and then pushed it in and out.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pulled out and put my dick back in.

I was standing in front of her.

She held my dick up and took it all the way in.

I was staring down into her eyes.

I started to move my hips and she sucked in her breath.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her up against me.

“I’m fucking you”

the end

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