Lockhart Forever

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Its the final story of Cassie and Noah as they embark on their freshman year of college. With new challenges ahead will the couple stay together or will new forces break them apart for good.

Romance / Drama
Josie Really
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1. Cassie

"How many clothes do you need? I don't think their all going to fit?" Noah asks as he carries another cardboard box of my stuff into our room.

Noah and I have been slowly moving into our new apartment. We spent the summer traveling all over Europe so we haven't had much time to finish unpacking or moving everything in. Waiting until the weekend before school starts was a bad idea.

"It will be fine. If I need room I'll just throw some of your clothes away." I tease.

"Hmm, you would like that? Me naked for everyone to see my body." He starts slowly pulling his shirt up when I yank it back down.

"Never mind. I don't want anyone to see your body. You're mine. I don't share." Noah grabs me and throws me down on the bed. He crawls on top of me and starts kissing up my stomach.

"I don't share either. You're mine, Lockhart. Stay away from the horny college guys." Noah licks my nipple teasingly.

"What about horny college guys?" Cole asks from the doorway. Noah instantly pulls my shirt back down. I'm not wearing a bra I wanted to be comfortable when I unpack.

"Don't you knock?" Noah gripes at him and gets off me.

"The door was open. How was I to know you wanted to christen the place?" Cole asks and I stand up.

"Did you want something or did you just miss us?" I ask with my hands on my hips. I'm starting to get curves probably from all the yummy foreign food I ate.

"I did miss you guys. I practically starved while you were gone." He answers and Noah walks past him probably to the kitchen.

"The chef just left you better catch him!" I tease and Cole runs off after Noah begging him to cook.

Noah and I both have taken several cooking classes over the summer. Noah seemed to master cooking so I let him take over. But I do bake a yummy dessert.

I throw on a bra. I know Cole won't be checking me out but I still feel the need to cover myself up. At least during meal time. I grab my phone and it starts to ring. It's Pia.

"You're finally back! Freaking Noah kidnapping you all summer. I miss you!" She screams and I pull the phone away from my ear.

"I miss you too. How my favorite little person?" Pia sent me pictures and videos but I still feel like I have missed so much of my nephew's life.

"He is great crawling around destroying everything. And his favorite word is Dada. Which makes me so jealous."

I laugh at how overdramatic Pia is. I'm sure little tanner will be the same way.

"How's Lucas still busy as ever?" Lucas accepted a scholarship to a different university. It's a four-hour drive while I'm a two-hour drive away.

"He's fine I just miss him. The wedding is in a few months. We still have to go shopping for your dress Cassie." She reminds me for the millionth time.

"I know but school is just starting I need to focus on that. Maybe we can go in a few weeks."

"You have three weeks or I will pick the ugliest maid of honor dress for you to wear." She laughs.

"Fine ill be there. I have to go." I hang up and head into the kitchen. Our apartment has an open floor plan and I love it. It's also on the fifth floor with an amazing view.

I walk through the hallway and enter the living room. Noah has his back turned facing the kitchen stove cooking and I see Cole on his phone while sitting on the middle bar stool.

I go into the kitchen and sit beside Cole to his right. He swings his arm around my shoulder.

"Tell your husband here we need to go out tonight. It's Friday and we can do a bar crawl."

"We're not even twenty-one. Aren't you afraid to get your id checked?" I ask and Cole laughs.

"Noah, Josh, and I have had fakes since freshmen year. We're good. And you're a hot woman nobody will ask you."

Noah turns around with a spatula in his hand glaring at Cole. "Hands off before I cut them off."

Cole slowly and dramatically takes his hands away and holds them in the air. "Same old Noah aggressive over his woman."

I laugh. "You like to provoke him and you know it." I tease and Cole tickles me. I jump off my bar stool and he chases me around the living room jumping over our couch and table. Noah watches us smirking.

"Come on Cassie. Just one little tickle." He says and dives towards me to tackle me. I move and he lands on the floor on his stomach.

I run up to Noah and he wraps his arms around my waist. "Please help me." I beg and he smirks at me. Cole slowly gets off the floor.

"She's fast. Help me and I'll pay for drinks tonight." Cole tries to persuade Noah while I pout at him.

"Free drinks all night?" Noah asks and I feel betrayed.

"Yup. All night."

Noah smirks at me and I try to pull myself away from him but he starts tickling me. I manage to escape and somehow run into the arms of Cole. The boys tickle me and pick me up and throw me on our large black sectional. My head is on Noah's lap while my legs are on Cole's.

"No Please I surrender!" I scream and Cole looks at Noah.

"Do you believe her or should we continue the torture?" Cole asks Noah like I'm not even here.

Noah leans over and places a quick kiss on my lips. "Sorry sweetheart bros first." he tells me before the tickling begins again.


We walk down the sidewalk to the bars and my feet already hurt. Our apartment is in the perfect location. Six blocks from campus and about five blocks from the best bars. If you feel like walking to either you can.

I look at Noah beside me and check him out. He has on his usual dark jeans and white cotton shirt with his leather jacket. I'm currently in a short black maxi dress I got before we left. I paired it with black stilettos which are why my feet will be killing me by the end of the night.

Turning my attention to Cole I notice his outfit for the night. Blue jeans and a light blue button-up shirt. "You look very handsome Cole." I tell him. I have never seen him wear a shirt this nice.

"Thanks I plan on getting laid tonight." He winks and Noah scoffs.

"What about me?" He asks with an adorable pout.

"You look handsome also. The girls won't stay away." I whine and Noah wraps his arm around my waist.

"Sweetheart I don't want anyone but you don't worry." He tries to reassure me but I just worry he will find someone prettier and better than me. College is full of gorgeous single women.

"I know I just don't want college to change us. It's always been me and you. I don't want anyone getting between us." As soon as I finish my sentence I'm pushed against a brick wall. Noah presses his chest again mine and cups my chin so I'm looking him in the eye.

"You don't need to worry about me. I love you. I choose you every time. Nothing and no one will come between us. I won't let them." He whispers and I silently nod.

Noah gently presses his lips to mine and my arms wrap around his neck. He holds onto my ass gripping it.

"You two lovebirds done yet. We're almost there?" Cole asks standing with his hands in his pockets.

"You're right let's go. I need a stiff drink now." I answer and Noah releases me but grabs my hand to hold as we continue our walk.

We enter the bar and Cole was right they don't check my id. All three of us sit at the bar. Noah is in the middle. The boys order whiskey and I order a beer. We sit and watch the football game on TV while we all take some shots. Then Cole stands up and moves between Noah and me wrapping his arms around our shoulders.

"Okay, I'm going for it. There is a hot blonde over there" Cole points with his eyes and Noah looks around the bar.

"No way she is already surrounded by guys no chance." He tells him and Cole nods and looks around the bar more.

"Okay how about that brunette over there?" Noah looks then shakes his head.

"No way she looks like Lockhart too much." Noah answers and I crank my neck to look at the girl.

"You're right she does kind of look like me."

"Whoa, I must be super drunk to try and pick up a Cassie lookalike, sorry Cas." Cole squeezes my shoulder.

"None taken. Please don't hook up with any girls who look similar to me." I laugh and so does Noah. Cole points out another blonde and then leaves to go flirt with her.

Noah faces me and bites his lip. "You look beautiful. Are you wearing any panties?" He smirks and I smack his arm.

"Noah you're so naughty!" I tease him and a girl comes and sits in Cole's seat.

"Hello, handsome." She greets Noah who doesn't even turn to look at her.

"I'm going to the restroom then we're out of here sweetheart." He gives me a quick kiss on the lips and then walks away.

The beautiful girl in Cole's seat smiles at me. She has bright auburn hair and beautiful hazel eyes. She has on a silver cocktail dress that compliments her golden skin.

"Sorry was that your boyfriend? I thought he was single."

I down the rest of my drink before I answer her. "My husband actually." She looks surprised by my answer and I flash her my ring.

"Wow, congratulations you're so young." She says smugly.

"Yeah thank you. We're about to leave back to our place, the one we bought together." I imply and she grabs her purse and walks away swaying her hips. Noah walks up blocking my view of her.

"Ready to go sweetheart?" He asks.

"Oh yeah, I'm ready to get out of here." After dealing with that girl I don't want to take Noah to any more bars for a while.

Noah pays for the drinks with Cole's card and we start our walk home. Noah gives me a piggyback ride since my feet hurt. He lets me down outside our door while he unlocks it.

The door opens and Noah lets me in first. He closes and locks the door. It's quiet so that means Cole is still out. We enter our room and as soon as the door closes Noah pushes me against it.

"You're so sexy. I have been wanting to rip this dress off you all night." He growls and starts kissing all along my neck.

My legs wrap around Noah and he hikes my dress up to my stomach and pushes my panties to the side sticking two fingers in.

"Ahh, Noah!" I moan already. Noah rips my panties off throwing them to the side. I've lost so many thanks to him, now another.

"Fuck baby I'm starving." He whispers and gets down on his knees placing my legs over his shoulders. His tongue licks along my folds as I try to find something to hold onto as I moan.

Noah's tongue goes deeper hitting my sensitive spot. Then he nibbles and sucks my sensitive nub. My legs tremble and I know I'm done for. I scream and he laps up all my juices hungrily.

I'm carried to the bed and Noah lays down over me. He holds my hands above my head as he thrust in me causing me to jolt.

"Noah!" I scream as his thrust gets harder and faster.

"You feel so good, Lockhart." He moans and my hips rock against his.

Noah crashes his lips onto mine and our tongues dance together doing the tango. His hard thrusts continue and I try my hardest to match his pace as he goes deeper and harder.

"Fuck baby I'm about to finish." He moans and grips my butt cheek as he slams into my causing me to orgasm again. Noah releases at the same time filling me up as we moan each other's name.

Noah pulls out and rolls over on his back catching his breath. I lay beside him doing the same. This was the workout I needed.

"I love you, baby," I tell him and Noah rolls over and kisses my lips.

"I love you more, always." He answers.

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