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The Rendezvous

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Chapter 2. 1827

Maria embraced her just as tightly as she had done to Andrew. She started crying once again, tears of gratitude cascading down her cheeks. This woman was going to be her mother now.

Priscilla's arms tightened around her. "Don't cry my dearest, you're safe and home with us. You're going to have plenty of love and happiness here from now on. You're going to have new dolls to play with, new dresses and shoes to wear, and when you're older, beautiful jewelry."

Maria gave her a soft smile, tears still falling down her cheeks. "Thank you mother." She gave her a soft kiss on each cheek.

Priscilla returned her kisses as Andrew had done. "You're very welcome my darling." She turned her head to look at Felicity. "Come say hello to your new sister."

Felicity didn't move from her position on the chaise. She simply stared at Maria with her arms crossed over her chest, her hazel eyes glowing with fury. "I don't like her."

Priscilla gave her daughter a stern look. "Felicity, Maria is going to be your sister. You need to care and love her as your father and I do. As Jonathan is going to do when he sees her tomorrow. You have no other choice."

Felicity glared at her mother. "Why does she get new dolls and dresses and jewelry and I don't?"

Priscilla. "Because she doesn't have very much like we do."

Andrew. "She is going to have as many beautiful things as you do my darling. And this way, the two of you can play together."

Felicity stomped her foot with anger. "I don't want to play with her. I want new dolls and dresses and jewelry too."

Priscilla. "Felicity Priscilla Elliot, I suggest you stop acting like a four-year-old and act your age. Maria is going to be your sister, and she is going to be receiving everything she wants and needs to be happy. If you don't behave, you'll be punished."

Felicity rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at Maria before turning and making her way upstairs. She didn't like her new sister at all. Walking into her bedroom, she stopped in front of her dressing table, staring at the multitude of lovely dolls that had been placed elegantly on top of the table. A few of the dolls did have dresses that needed stitching. A few of them had hair in disarray. One of them had a ripped stocking and a missing shoe.

Felicity growled. Maria would be getting brand new beautiful dolls that wouldn't have all of those defects like hers. She hadn't been able to convince her mother for new ones, but her father could possibly have a change of heart. A sly smile curved her lips. If there was one thing she was certain of, it was that she would personally make Maria's life miserable.

Making her way to her fathers office, Felicity poked her head into the room. "Father?"

Andrew glanced up at her from a stack of correspondence. "Yes Felicity?"

Managing to conjure up the sweetest most innocent smile she could get onto her lips, Felicity made her way over to her father and climbed into his lap. She gave him her best puppy dog eyes. "Father, some of my dolls need new dresses, new hair, and one of them has a shoe missing and a ripped stocking."

Andrew tilted her chin up so that she was staring into his eyes. "Felicity, I know what you're trying to do. Those dolls of yours didn't get those damages from sitting on your dressing table. We both know that you're not very careful with your toys my dear, and you always ask for more when you don't need anymore."

Felicity pouted. "But father I need new ones!"

Andrewshook his head, gently placing his daughter back onto her feet. "No, you don't need new one. You want new ones, because Maria is going to receive brand new ones. Jealousy is not good Felicity, and you know better than that."

Felicity clenched her hands into fists. "But father it's not fair!"

Andrew. "Felicity, I am not going to hear any more of this. You're not getting new dolls or dresses and that's final." His tone was firm, matter of fact.

Felicity's face became bright red with fury before she ran back to her bedroom and slammed the door closed behind her. She hated Maria, hated her with passion. She threw herself onto her bed and screamed into her pillow. She was going to make sure that her new sister's life was a living hell. And if that meant outshining her in everything, then so be it.

Getting up from the bed, Felicity walked over to the large glass window of her bedroom, looking out over the lake that was connected to Elliot Manor. Her eyes traveled across the stepping stones that Andrew had built along the lake so that the children could play there. She smiled to herself, knowing those rocks could sometimes be slippery. But then she shook her head. Drowning Maria wouldn't be a good idea. However, she knew there was a lovely little tea party coming up the following week. Plenty of little boys and girls would be there, wanting to meet Maria. She would make sure that everyone paid attention to her and not Maria.


Unfortunately, Jonathan wouldn't be able to be home until the following week. He wrote to Andrew and said that school work was keeping him away and very busy.

Maria was a little disappointed that she wouldn't get to see her brother, but knew that schoolwork was important. She was hoping and praying that Jonathan was going to love her. She was hoping and praying that he wasn't going to be like Felicity.

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