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a wilting life

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Elina forced to marry her childhood best friend and her childhood crush and by the seems of it he actually likes her doesn't sound so bad huh well that's just not it honey. With her her father her only family dying from cancer she doesn't have any choice but to marry him. But as she spends more and more time with Daniel. Who well just might be the only one who understands her loss of losing her father and we'll she just might be coming back to life .

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Chapter 1

"Elle darling I think you should get married. " I should be surprised with my dad butting in my love life but I'm not since he has been pointing towards it for a while. I look unphased so he goes on.'' I've found a nice young guy. I think you will like him and before you say anything please just meet him. I...'' he doesn't go on because he knows how much it hurts me when he talks about dying. Dad has last stage lung cancer he doesn't have much time to live.
I look up trying to blink those tears away when I know I won't cry I look towards dad and smile. '' Don't worry daddy, I will meet him , you just focus on getting better. " He smiles and all of this is worth it ,I don't care if I have to marry a stranger. He can be a druggie or a psycopath i will marry him if it makes dad happy.
Or so I thought the guy dad meant was not a druggie or psycopath, by any means ,well he could have become one in the time we lost contact. I stare at him in wonder Daniel, my childhood bestfriend my first love. Standing sitting across me looking just as handsome as I last saw him or maybe just a bit more. Ohh who am I kidding he has become a man. Any traces of that young Daniel I knew gone now the person sitting is mature,fit and might I say just plain gorgeous. Maybe it just me being biased my friends always told me he wasn't as gorgeous as I make him out to be.
I realize I have been staring to long. So I clear my throat and straighten myself and clear my throat. " I think there must be some kind of mistake. What are you doing here ? " he smiles and I see a trace of my bestfriend. Wanting me to freeze this moment so I'll have both dad and Daniel. " there isn't a mistake Elle , I am the one your dad chose. Funny isn't it. All my childhood be threatened me if I tried anything on you he would just slaughter me. " I unconsciously smile remembering how he would be to scared to even come into my room if dad was in the house . Realizing what I am smiling like a goof I return to be stoic and say '' I will talk to him you don't have to worry . I came here thinking it will be a stranger you don't have to worry this will never happen. " I see Hurt in his eyes but he quick,y covers it with something else making n'me feel terrible but I tell myself its OK I shouldn't. Even though it hurts me more than me , since there was a time I couldn't picture my future without him. But oh well
" I will talk to him. " I say and try to stand up but he puts his hand on mine and I stop. " you don't have to I want this. " he removes his and looks the other side . I sit down not knowing what is happening . He continues '' I know we haven't met well in a long long time and there's past drama too but when I found about James .... "
he gives me a sad smile usually I would have been angry thinking that the person doesn't understand it . What does he/she knows but I don't mind Daniel he knows dad he understands it even though dad scared the shit out of him . Daniel was like the son dad never had they both did basically everything together . I smile telling him I understand and he continues '' and well I came back seeing the world this city going on as if nothing has happened and James there lying inside a hospital bed it broke something in me. You know I realized when my dad I didn't feel anything compared to what i felt seeing james ....dying . How can life be this unfair , Huhh elle. " i smile a tear rolling down my cheek and i see that he is fighting back tears too .
I wipe my tear and say '' its going to be alright danyy.'' he looks at me dumbfounded and admiration . " I guess he is ready to meet mom and lily . Thats what he told me . " he starts to say something but I cut him off . " I don't know you are sad and losing a father like figure is hard and well I don't know what dad has told you but I can't do this too you you are just mourning and marrying me is the last thing you want you will regret this ok . I will talk to dad and tell him I don't want this. You don't have to worry about anything . He loves you just like a son he won't behurt by this . " I start to stand up and collect my things when I turn towards the door he says:
" I love your dad but do you think I did this for him . I'm not not so selfless as you think I am I came here for you after knowing about your dad and then when he told me about you possibly getting married . I couldn't ,I couldn't see you with another man . I was and I am completely selfish coming here. So if you want to reject me sure but do it knowing this. " hearing that I don't say anything and leave.
when I am inside the safety of my car . I cry I bawl I haven't cried like this since the day mom and lily died in the car accident . When I found out that has cancer and he had not much time to live I had become a lifeless doll who ate, slept, work and didn't feel anything.
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