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Even If It Takes Forever

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It ended, it really did as death cannot be averted. Everything has an end, be it love or life and it was the end to it or at least that's what Maurice thought. But what he saw on the 9th of May really give him chills. "Was it really her? She died 3 years ago..then who is this girl?" The hopes in his heart grew once again for no reason we all knew she wasn't alive, although his heart said something else...

Romance / Mystery
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About 5 years ago, there was an outbreak of a pandemic. Everyone was confined to their homes and no one was allowed to go outside after 9 pm. It seemed like martial law disguised as a pandemic.

Like every other teenager, Madeline was frustrated about the ongoing situation. She was done skipping pages of her history notebook. Well, education can't be stopped, can it? Online schooling was the best option. At first, Madeline was very happy about not going to school early in the morning and instead taking classes from her very own cozy bed. But soon she realised how boring it was.

At last, the situation got under control and schools reopened. It was the first time she felt lively about going to school. Our last year at school would've been the worst if the schools didn't reopen.

"Good Morning everyone!! Great to see you all after so long, I'm here to announce a piece of very good news to you all. The staff and students of The Earnest are planning a carnival at our school," Sir Jacob stated.
Madeline was pretty much excited for this event as it was the first time after so long that she could hang out with her friends be it a boring carnival whatsoever and no wonder little did she know how life-changing that carnival would be for her

"Sooo as you all know abt the carnival thing, whos down for it??", Madeline texted in her classmate's group.

"I am afraid I won't make it aghssjs.."

"Sorry mate, I have to go somewhere else".

"My mom said the pandemic is still there so its risky to go to a crowded place"

"Carnivals are boring meh://"

"As no one is willing to go, its a no from my side too"

Apparently, no one was ready to go to the carnival. It made Madeline feel desolate and bereft. Suddenly a text popped up on her screen.

"Heyy ill come with you"

This was a text from Kate, Madeline's close friend.
"ahh thank god I'm not alone we'll have a lot of funn ill make sure of it", Madeline replied cheerfully.

Soon the day of the carnival arrived. Madeline picked a glittery black outfit with a touch of orange floral patterns which made it look glamorous. She wore her pink lip-cheek tint and some mascara and bam she was all ready. That's how she used to get ready unlike most of the girls who spent hours contouring their cheekbones, Maddy needed just 5 minutes to slay the event.

As soon as she reached her school she saw colourful balloons which reminded her of one of her favourite quotes "I'd be smiling and chatting away and my mind would be floating around somewhere else like a balloon with a broken string"

One cannot wonder the number of heartbreaks Madeline had gone through in the past but what awaited her was the best thing that could ever happen.

She unlocked the door of her class to see no one but an empty classroom. "Where was Kate? Did she ditch me at the last moment?", Maddy furiously whispered to herself. "We just received a phone call from Kate's mother" a voice in the background stated. Madeline turned to see who it was. "Professor Jacob, what did her mom say?"
"She's suffering from the disease"
"The pandemic one?"
"Yes, the pandemic one."
"So this means no one showed up for the carnival except me"
"No one from your class showed up except you, come I'll take you to another section." As an introvert Madeline's body shook when professor Jacob took her to another classroom. Thankfully Madeline knew some of the people in that class but there were a few she hadn't even seen in her life before.

"Students be good to Madeline, She is your fellow classmate. I hope you all have fun today" Professor Jacob announced.

Madeline felt anxious and got nervous when some girls who she already knew showed up at hers. "Hey Maddy remember me I'm Zetsy"
"Oh yes of course I remember you, we were together in middle school right?"
"Exactly!! Come meet my other friends"

Madeline didn't like socialising much. She just had a small friend group in her class. But this was fate, this was her destiny and she had to meet him.

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