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A Baby For Dana

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What happens when two people from different worlds come together with one purpose in mind? A lawyer who needs to marry for a year in order to get his inheritance, a woman who wants a baby but not a husband or father to be in the child's life. So an agreement is reached where if she agrees to marry him and divorces him after the year is up he will give her the baby she so desires. He doesn't want a wife or a child and will walk away and never see his child, he will also pay her a great deal of money when the contract ends. What will happen during the year they spend together? Can two people be together 24/7 without developing feelings for each other?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The first chapter will be very short. It was the very first story I wrote in 2016, I was getting the hang of writing so there will be mistakes, feel free to point them out.

Dana Jones, a young florist from New York City sat in her friend Millie’s modest two-bedroom apartment. Millie was also her boss who owned the flower shop she worked in. Though she was only four years older than Dana she acted like more of a mother to her than a friend. Which was nice but at times could be very annoying.

The smell of homemade lasagna filled the kitchen with its sweet scent of sauce and cheese, making Dana’s stomach growl.

Millie’s husband, Todd, was away on a business trip so it was to be just the two of them dining tonight.

Dana sat twisting her fingers around the gold chain she wore around her neck and looked down at the newly laid tiles that she helped to install. She listened while Millie ranted on and on about the decision she had made.

"Oh my God Dana, have you completely lost your mind? If you want a baby then find a husband first. Or at least go and get fertility treatments. You can't have a random impregnate you."

Dana rubbed her forehead before looking up at Millie, "Don’t you think I’ve considered doing that? But it cost thousands of dollars for one treatment. And it doesn’t always work the first time. You know I don’t have that kind of money."

"So what is your plan exactly? Are you going to sleep around till someone knocks you up?" Millie slammed the oven door shut. She was furious at Dana for thinking of doing what she was planning.

"No Millie, I plan on waiting till I find the right kind of man. He has to be smart and good-looking. A man who is dead set against wanting a wife or children, and he also has to to be willing to walk away and never look back once I become pregnant."

Millie scoffed, "Well good luck with that. What man in his right mind would agree to impregnate you and then walk away, not expecting anything in return?"

Dana took a sip of the red wine that Millie had poured for them; it tasted bitter in her mouth when she swallowed.

"I don’t know, but I have to try," Dana answered.

Millie lifted her wine to her lips, staring at Dana from over the rim. Her heart went out to the petite blonde woman that sat across from her. In her short life, Dana had experienced so much pain and horror. "Horrors" that she herself could not imagine living through, and even to this day Dana was plagued with the nightmares of that night. But she always refused to talk about it, locking it deep within her.

Dana and Millie changed the subject as they dug into the delicious lasagna in front of them. The aroma filled their nostrils with delight and their taste buds with sheer pleasure. They both let out a soft satisfying moan.

"Millie, no one but you can make lasagna taste this good," Dana exclaimed. She herself couldn’t cook to save her life. Not that she didn't want to, she was just never taught and as she got older and busy with school and work she never had the time.

After cleaning up they poured another glass of wine and settled on the posh leather sofa in the living room. The next two hours were spent in idle chit-chat, Millie doing the majority of the talking. They hadn’t even noticed the sky was turning dark until they heard the first loud bang of thunder and then the lights flickered.

When Millie went to retrieve some candles Dana went over to the window. Leaning her forehead on the cool, damp glass she looked out. She knew it would be damn near impossible to find a man who would give her what she wanted and go along with her terms. But she had to try since she wanted a baby so badly, someone to love and love her back.

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