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He's filthy rich, has a filthy mouth and has a filthy obsession with her. [FILTHY BILLIONAIRE: BOOK 1] *AVAILABLE UNTIL 28 FEB, 2023

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"Iโ€™m addicted to you
Donโ€™t you know that youโ€™re toxic?"

- Toxic, Britney Spears



I could not break this news in simpler words than these and I wasnโ€™t revelling in the way she was ready to break down right in front of me, either. When someone did that, didnโ€™t you feel this rush of guilt suddenly overwhelming you from all sides, trying to suffocate you, choke you, ruin you until you give up or give in?

Yeah, that one. Nope. I didnโ€™t feel that.

โ€œOh, come on, Ms Williams, eventually we both knew this day was coming. Your probation period ended months ago, and you havenโ€™t met a single target. No sale. No job.โ€ I mentioned it with ease. I could sense the crackles of overbearing potency in my voice, and didnโ€™t even have to guess what it might be for the twenty-five-year-old Genevieve Williams to be on the receiving end.

However, before Genevieve could come up with a legitimate response on how and why she still could be an asset to my company, the door of my office cabin flung open and a man in a crisp black suit rained inside with all the authority in the world.

The authority I did not remember giving it to anyone.

โ€œJosh!โ€ I greeted. โ€œWhat a joy,โ€ I beamed with a sickening professional smile. Though, the way Josh returned the sassy gesture with a little roll of his eyes, I was pretty confident the sarcasm did not go unheeded.

โ€œOf course, my dear,โ€ he responded, his own sardonic tone trying to force an eye roll out of me, but I focused on fixing him with a glare instead. โ€œI deeply apologize for the interference. That was awfully rude of me. Ms Williams?โ€ turning to face the woman, he opened his arm to show her the door.

โ€œMargo will be exceptionally helpful in explaining the rest of the things. Maddox and I, wish you wonderful luck in the future. Now, if you please excuse us, we have something really important to discuss.โ€

I watched Genevieve bow her head with a brief hesitation on her footing, but she did as she was told, making her way out.

โ€œAlso, would you mind closing the door on your way, please? Thank you.โ€ Josh added with a small, kind smile.

Genevieve, who appeared almost on the edge of turning on the waterworks, mumbled something that at least I couldnโ€™t hear.

โ€œGod, youโ€™re a beast!โ€ I laughed softly, sagging into the snug office chair, swaying my head and concentrating my gaze on the only man now sitting across the desk. โ€œSo, for what do I owe this wonderful pleasure?โ€

Josh pursed his lips and dribbled his fingers against the handrest. Not saying a word, only watching with playfulness in his gaze. As if silently asking me to guess. I found his silence a little mysterious, wouldnโ€™t lie, it gave a solid kick to my curiosity. I also felt the need to ask again, but I never asked twice. Old habits die hard and all. So, I waited, leaning in my chair, eyes hardening towards him.

โ€œWe got the land!โ€ he announced. Finally.

At first, his words confused me because of the apparent lack of reference. But gradually, as what he said settled in, everything made sense. Iโ€™m pretty sure my eyes swelled out. โ€œDid we?โ€

The land Josh was talking about had our sights set on it for a very long time. It felt like a decade had almost passed since our company had been trying to convince the owners to sell that property. To us, of course. It wasnโ€™t very huge land, to be honest, only a thousand square yards or something. A tiny fish in the sea. But it was sitting amid the prime location of the avenue project my company had been working on for the past six years.

The problem was: the owners were hell difficult to sway. I heard they refused all our splendid offers, slamming doors in the faces of my employees. This endless snub between the owners and my company felt like a thorn sticking into my flesh. Bothersome. Shutting down the project wasnโ€™t the decision I was willing to take. To see all our efforts drowning in vain wasnโ€™t a choice either, just because a stubborn woman couldnโ€™t get her head out of her ass.

I decided to hand over the project to Josh. To fix this mess as smoothly as possible before I lost my shit and handled it myself. He was a family friend, and also the majority shareholder of the sister company of the one I was running.

Josh leaned in to get closer, a victorious grin exhibited on his face, like fairy lights on Christmas eve. โ€œWell, thatโ€™s what I just said, didnโ€™t I?โ€ He winked, and I lost my balls.

โ€œJosh! This is the best news weโ€™ve got in months. How did that happen?โ€ But then my stomach dropped, and I sunk back into the chair. Gingerly, I stared. โ€œWaitโ€”I mean, really, how did that happen? The last time I checkedโ€ฆโ€

โ€œThe last time is the past now, Maddox. This is our present. Can you imagine? Weโ€™ve never been so close to our Dream Millennium?โ€

โ€œI know. Itโ€™s justโ€ฆ it feels so unrealistic.โ€

โ€œSeems like itโ€™s time to change that,โ€ he purred, thoughtful, sagging backwards. โ€œHow about a celebration? This scoop calls for one.โ€ Enthusiastically, his gaze blazed.

โ€œWell, now that you mention me, I do have a free weekend to spare.โ€ I grinned.

โ€œPerfect!โ€ he exclaimed, excitement sizzling in his voice. โ€œItโ€™s decided then. We are celebrating this weekend and getting hell drunk until one of us cannot count to five.โ€


โ€œOh God, yes!โ€ the girl moaned as I thrust strenuously.

My one hand lowered to spread around her breast and squeeze it while the other curled around her small waist, keeping her in place, and immobile, as I took her with muffled grunts.

There was a girl pushed against the wall, her cheeks squished to the hard surface and her ass dragged out. Her one-piece dress, coiled and entangled in such a mess, I could see my rod sink inside her before coming out again. I was panting and sweating and so was she. Her nails scraped against the wall with a vague sound, and I took it as my queue to go faster.

It continued for a few more minutes, both of us huffing and gasping for breath. I felt her contracting around my pulsing cock. When she wailed in pleasure, her knuckles turned white. She embraced herself against the wall and came down from the high ever so slowly. But I was anything but done. From behind, I kept plunging into her. Relentlessly. Feeling her pussy pulse, soaking me with her juices. I heard her whisper something against the heavy sexual scent around us, but I was too lost to even pretend to hear whatever she was garbling.

I kept fucking her brains out.

Eventually, I pinned both my hands on the wall and, with the last thrust, unloaded all my essence into the plastic. Waves of pleasure rolled and buzzed through my bones. I groaned until the last shred of peak dimmed, leaving only the small sparks underneath my shut eyes.

I let go of the girl and took a step back. Trying to have a hold of my ragged breathing and the wild heart beneath my chest. When I peeked down at the girl, who now had turned around to face me, I watched as a dizzy smile played at the corner of her lips, biting at her lower lip.

I could have smiled back, but I slipped into the bathroom instead. I cleaned myself up, washed my face, and straightened out my clothes.

By the time I returned, the girl was gone. And as I walked out of the room, the phone in my pocket chattered to life. I answered. It was Josh.

โ€œI canโ€™t believe you ditched me to fuck a random girl,โ€ he sang from the other end, music way too loud in the background. The way he said those words earned him a small laugh from me.

โ€œStop complaining. Youโ€™re not my girlfriend. Iโ€™ll be down in a minute.โ€ I disconnected after letting him know, and with another deep breath, headed for the party downstairs.

Josh had organized the party at his penthouse. And I must say, he did a fine job of keeping most of the things to suit what I like. He knew I wasnโ€™t fond of too much hustle-bustle; the crowd made me uncomfortable and sticky. I couldnโ€™t think straight except for feeling my head droning and my gaze drifting in anonymous directions. Hence, I was content to see only selective invitees, more so Victoriaโ€™s models, with one of whom I just had a quickie. Though now I wished to not see her again. That would call for a conversation, and a conversation could only take place between two comparable minds. And most of the models, no matter how stunning, only spoke garbage.

No offence.

Prying me out of my thoughts, I felt my phone ring one more time. I wondered if it was Josh again. Perhaps it was his turn to ditch me this time. But the home number flashing on the screen had my eyebrows drawn together.

โ€œI wonโ€™t be home for dinner, Paul, if thatโ€™s what you called to ask,โ€ I stated before my butler, Paul, could even utter a word.

There was a small silence on the other end before Paul finally cleared his throat.

โ€œWell, then never mind that,โ€ he grunted politely. โ€œBut I called for something else, sir. There is someone at the door asking for you. She says itโ€™s really urgent. What would you want me to say to her?โ€

โ€œTell her Iโ€™m busy. Or that Iโ€™m dead, whatever fucking works.โ€ I battered before cutting off the call and huffing out the trickle of irritation now building in my system. I hated it when people disturbed me for nothing. Especially whenever it seemed suitable for them. There was a certain protocol for everything in my life. And Paul, out of all the people I trusted, should have known better than to do exactly that.

โ€œOh no, is that the face of a party pooper?โ€

A familiar voice rolled in from a small heap of dancing bodies nearby. And surely, before long, Josh could be seen grinning, making his way with a girl by his side. I recognized the girl effortlessly. She was the twin sister of Josh. Jade Marvel, dressed up to the nines. I did my best to cool down and normalize my mounting temper, easing in a dazzling smirk and gaze alight with spunky warmth.

โ€œNo way. I think thatโ€™sโ€ฆโ€ Jade reacted to Josh, but her eyes seemed to admire me in silence, her delicious lips moving in perfect sync with the beautiful twinkle in her blue eyes. โ€œโ€ฆthe face of someone who is unstoppable, undefeatable and unquenchable.โ€

Fuck me, the way she allowed those words to leave her lips, I couldnโ€™t help but imagine her mouth wrapped around a special part of my body until I came at least thrice and she licked and swallowed all of me.

โ€œJosh,โ€ I turned to her brother, cocking up a playful brow. โ€œHow come your sister knows me better than you? Is she really a fashion designer? Or is it just a cover-up to hide her actual job?โ€

Josh opened his mouth to say something, but Jade beat him to it.

โ€œReally? And what would that be?โ€ she asked curiously, smirking.

โ€œStalking me?โ€

โ€œOh, shut up!โ€ she slapped my arm playfully, laughing more with her eyes. โ€œWe all know how much of a bragging asshole you are, no need to prove it all the time,โ€ she winked, teasing, before turning to look up at her brother, who appeared a tad sceptical, trying to understand what really was going on here.

I simply shrugged.

Jade looped her slim arm through Joshโ€™s, swaying her head. โ€œThatโ€™s what Stellar Magazine has to say about your companyโ€™s recent ventures in the market. You guys are really coming out of your head. Good job!โ€ Her words appeared to satisfy Josh before he gave a nod and chuckled.

โ€œFor a second, I thoughtโ€ฆwell, never mind. Why is your glass still full?โ€ he pointed at the champagne I hadnโ€™t yet finished. โ€œCome on, man, no one is supposed to stay sober. Itโ€™s a big night. Letโ€™s celebrate, yes?โ€

We all cheered in agreement before moving to the bar and taking shots, turn by turn. As the night grew steadily, time was nothing but a blur in the backdrop. People began to either leave or pass out. Josh soon bade his own goodbye, tottering up to his bedroom with one of the invited models. I laughed softly with my back on the counter.

It was only me and Jadeโ€”and a few people tripping here and thereโ€”now. I could feel her smouldering gaze relaxed on me.

After a few more minutes passed, she ambled over to where I was, her heels snapping against the shiny floor, and traced a sweet finger down my hard chest to get my attention.

I turned to look down at her, a flash of hunger burning in my own eyes.

โ€œSo, whatโ€™s the plan?โ€ she asked seductively, tipping her head to the side and giving a good view of her bare neck. I wanted to suck that fucking neck and leave bruises all over. She would like that, wouldnโ€™t she?

โ€œFor the night?โ€ Skimming an arm around her tiny waist, I tugged her closer. Lips inches away from her own. She smelled of fresh flowers and other good things. โ€œCanโ€™t think of anything now that you are here. Why? Do you have anything in mind?โ€

Her lips played with a suggestive smirk, delicately curling. โ€œCome on, I have an early meeting tomorrow. Itโ€™s already almost morning,โ€ she wriggled out of my grasp, tugging me with herself.

Happily, my legs followed.

A/N: I hope you like Maddox and Zara as much as I do (even though Maddox can be a dick oftentimes, just know that heโ€™s only a character and I donโ€™t approve of his actions.)

Fun fact: This book is the reason Impregnated By The Billionaire happened ;) I wonโ€™t exclusively call it a prequel, but for me, it does hold that place.

Canโ€™t wait to see what you think about it. Feel free to post comments, hearts and reviews <3 Iโ€™ll drop by whenever I can, so excited to see your reactions.

NOTE: This book will be taken down by the end of FEB, 2023

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