Monster Slayers MC Book 2

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Boomer is now the Sergeant of Arms for the MSMC. He can’t explain why he doesn’t feel like partying with his club brothers tonight but for some reason he feels unsettled. Maybe it’s because his two oldest friends have found their old lady’s and now Boomer feels like a third wheel. He decides to just go for a ride through his old neighborhood, just to clear his mind. He had just turned on his street and was getting close to his childhood home when he couldn't believe his eyes. There’s a young woman passed out on the sidewalk. He hurries to park his bike and rushes over to her, but is afraid to move her since he doesn’t know what her injuries are or how she got here but as soon as he touches her a sensation runs up his arm that he just can’t explain.

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Teresa Knapp
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Chapter 1-Boomer finds Kaylee

Kaylee Marie Marshall

I just got off a 14 hour shift at the hospital and I’m dead on my feet as I let myself in the house. I want nothing more than a shower, something to eat and my bed but what do I walk into AGAIN? My house is a wreck! I’m sick of coming home from work to find my house looking like a tornado has gone through it, dirty dishes and clothes all over the place, my brand new pots and pans with burned food in the bottoms rendering them useless, unused food that should have been put back in the fridge just left out on the counter, rendering it unusable now. This is the final straw!

To top it all off, Greg’s lazy ass has crashed out on the sofa from another long day of playing video games on my big screen TV, which now has a big crack right down the middle because he got pissed when he lost the game and threw the controller at the screen. I’m fed up and have had enough!

“What the fuck! You know what? I don’t need this BS. Greg, get your sorry ass up and out of here!” I scream at the jackass that had been living in my house for the past year.

“What did you say?” Greg suddenly shot up off the sofa.

“I said I’m sick and tired of coming home and finding my house a mess and you crashed the sofa from another day wasted playing video games. I bet you didn’t go to that job interview, did you? And what the hell happened to my TV? You’ve ruined my brand new pots and pans and haven’t contributed to the bills or groceries for the house in months. I’m done. Pack your shit and get out!” I scream at him. I’m beyond furious, I’m absolutely livid.

Greg had slapped me around a few times before but he had always apologized and then we had make up sex, which was not much better than his normal performance which was lousy! But tonight I was so mad, I threw caution to the wind. My big mistake was turning my back on him because the next thing I knew, he grabbed my arm and slapped me hard across the face so hard I saw stars and fell back against the counter that separated my kitchen and living room.

“You don’t talk to me like that, you bitch! I’m the man in this house and I’m not going anywhere.” Greg shouted at me.

“Oh yes you are! I’m tired of supporting your sorry, lazy ass! Now get out before I call the cops and have them physically remove you. This is my house!” I yelled.

“I said you don’t talk to me like that! You wanna call the cops? I’ll give you a damned good reason to call them.” Greg yelled back and began to hit me and throw me around the room, which for him wasn’t hard considering he’s 6’ tall to my 5’4”. He weighs around 220 and I maybe weigh 110 after a heavy meal, fully dressed in my heaviest clothes.

The last thing I remember is him slamming me up against the wall,with his hand to my throat and him punching me in the ribs until I passed out.

When I woke up, I don’t know how much later, Greg was gone and my front door was standing wide open. I tried to find my phone and my purse but I couldn’t even stand. I didn’t even realize I no longer had my panties on. All I know for sure was that I was hurting so bad and knew I needed help. I could barely see out of my eyes which felt swollen and I could taste blood in my mouth but running my tongue against my teeth told me that at least I still have them all. My throat hurt so bad but what really had me worried was the pain in my ribs and the fact that I could barely draw a full breath without wanting to cry out in pain. I’m pretty sure he broke at least a couple of my ribs and I just prayed I didn’t have a punctured lung.

I finally managed to crawl out my front door, hoping a neighbor would be able to help me. The short distance between my front door and the road seemed to have lengthened by a mile as I drug myself on my hands and knees towards the street that was barely lit by the motion sensitive street lights. For some reason it hurts to move my legs to bring them closer to my body, like I had pulled muscles in my pelvis. I figured it’s just bruised from hitting something when he was throwing me around like a ragdoll.

I finally made it to the sidewalk that ran along my street in front of my house and I looked across the street. The lights in the Coopers house were out as were the lights at the Johnsons. I have no idea what time it is but I prayed that I could find someone home or that someone would drive by and find me. Hopefully not Greg.

Suddenly I heard what sounded like a motor and a flash of light but that’s the last thing I remember before everything went dark again.

Boomers POV

I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling restless. I just don’t feel like drinking in the bar with the rest of the brothers tonight. I take off on my bike and ride through the neighborhood where Rooster, Dixie, Hunter, Ox and I had grown up. All of our parents were gone now and all new people had moved into the neighborhood but the houses all looked the same and it was like a comforting trip down memory lane.

Our Prez, Rooster is married to his high school sweetheart, Dixie now and they are expecting their first baby after years of trying and it’s due in about a month. They have chosen to do the surprise thing so we don’t have a clue what they are having yet.

Our VP,Hunter, married a girl from the Rescue Farm, named Marley. She had been through some of the worst shit we had ever seen or heard of but she not only survived but was now thriving. They bought a house about 5 minutes from the clubhouse and have a little boy, Simon, and are expecting a baby girl about a month after Dixie.

Our SoA and a member of our childhood group, Ox, was killed along with his wife, Tango, by a rival gang that was after Marley. Dixie killed the leader, Snake, by blowing his head off with a shotgun when he attacked our clubhouse and slit the throat of one of our prospects. We ended that charter of the Grave Diggers MC after that.

My road name is Boomer and I’m now the Sergeant of Arms (SOA) for the Monster Slayers MC. We help rescue children and sometimes women from being neglected, abused and sometimes molested.

I’m 27 years old and wondering if I will ever find my old lady. Ox and Hunter had both told me that when you find that one special woman, you just know but so far, I hadn’t even come close. A lot of women found me intimidating, mainly because of my size. After Hulk, I’m the biggest man in our MC, standing 6’6”. In addition to having dark brown hair that reaches my shoulders, I wear a full beard, which I’m thinking about shaving because it just gets too damned hot in the summer and quite frankly, it itches!

I cruise through our old neighborhood and see that not much has really changed. There are still kids’ bikes and toys in some of the front lawns, people sitting out on their porches enjoying the warm weather who lift their arms and wave as I pass.

When we first took over the MC, about 10 years ago, we were considered just another biker gang but our president, Rooster, had a vision of what he wanted for us to become. He wanted to be known for the MC being a good thing, not just another bunch of trouble makers but men the community would respect and could depend on.

It took a major war with the two smaller groups of bikers in the area, the Cobras and the Vipers, but we finally ran them out and began cleaning up our act. Now, most of the people in our small town like and respect us, knowing that our club does a lot of good for the community.

I turn the corner of Clarkson Street where I grew up and I’m just cruising along. There are not many houses on this street but a few years ago, the county put in sidewalks and better street lights so the path is well lit now. I’m about halfway down the street thinking that it must make playing hide and seek after dark harder now. I’m shocked to see what appears to be a girl, passed out on the sidewalk.

I pull up to the curb and park my bike then hurry over to her. She’s laying face down and is out cold. I don’t know what happened to her and I know enough to not move her in case she’s been hit by a car or something and has injuries that I can’t see. She’s tiny, judging by the length of her backside, from her head to her feet. I hold my hand over the back of her waist and I’ll be damned but the length of my hand almost completely spans her waist. Her hips are much wider, or maybe it’s just the dress she has on, which looks like a nurse’s uniform. I lean over and sniff for alcohol but all I smell is blood. Now I’m really concerned.

I put my hand on her shoulder and I’m shocked when a sense of warmth and calmness washed over me and then my heart began to race when she moaned.

I quickly pull out my phone and call 911. “This is Boomer from the Monster Slayers MC. I need an ambulance on Clarkson Street. I found a female unconscious and I don’t know how she’s hurt or why but we need someone here now!” I hang up with them and call Rooster.

“Rooster.” He answers.

“Prez. It’s Boomer. I found a young female unconscious on my old street. I don’t know who she is or how she got hurt but I’m going to the hospital with her. The house directly across from my old house has the front door open but I don’t know if that’s where she came from or not or if anyone else is around here.” I told him as I looked around. The houses on this street are spaced a good distance apart and the two, one being where I grew up, directly across the street were dark, indicating no one was home. The house next door had lights on on the porch but the rest of the house was dark but I could have sworn that I saw a curtain move in one of the upstairs windows.

“Be there in 10. Stay with her. I’ll check out the house if you are not there.” Rooster said and then hung up.

It took all of 8 minutes for the ambulance and police to arrive. I swear, I felt like it was the longest 8 minutes of my life. The paramedics asked if I knew anything about her. I told them no, I had no clue who she was or how she had gotten there. “I was just riding down the street when I spotted her just like she is now. I grew up on this street but everyone I knew as a kid has moved away from here.”

Just then, Rooster and two of our prospects showed up and we all stood and watched the paramedics turn the young woman over. There was a collective gasp that went around everyone when her face became visible. Her eyes were swollen and she was going to look like a racoon for a while. Her lips were bloody and swollen. She had straight jet black hair and her skin where it wasn’t bloody or bruised was lightly tanned. Her shape was amazing from what I could see now. Large breasts, that tiny waist and those womanly hips and even though they weren’t long, her legs were very nicely shaped. She even had pretty hands, with long delicate fingers and nails that were neatly trimmed.

Rooster talked to the police and together, we walked to her front door. It was obvious that there had been a fight in there. The place was a disaster. Broken furniture, stuff knocked over and there was blood on the wall from where someone had obviously punched it. I know I’m not needed here and I tell Rooster “I’m going to the hospital with her. Might want to get the cops to knock on the door of the house next door. Someone has to have heard something and I’m sure I saw a curtain move upstairs. The lights are all off but I think someone is home.”

“Go. I’ll take care of shit here.” Rooster said.

I left and got back on my bike just as the ambulance pulled out. I followed them to the hospital. For the first time in my life, I had a hard time controlling my bike because I was shaking so badly in worry for the tiny woman. When I pulled into the ER parking lot I saw them unloading her on a gurney and pushing her through the double doors. I quickly parked then hurried inside.

I told the receptionist who I was there for and asked to be notified when they had any information about her. All of the hospital staff know who we are so we rarely get any guff out of them. I got a cup of coffee and sat down in the waiting room. This room is all too familiar to me, having spent a lot of time here.

After about an hour, a nurse I know well by the name of Millie came out and greeted me. “Hey Boomer. Are you the one that found Kaylee?” She asked, calling me by my road name since there were other people within hearing distance.

“Is that her name? I found her on the sidewalk outside of what I can only assume is her house. She was passed out and face down. I was afraid to move her. I didn’t want to do any more damage so I just called for an ambulance. How’s she doing?” I asked.

“He beat her up pretty badly this time. The inside of her mouth is all cut up from being caught against her teeth but thankfully she’s still got all of her teeth. Both eyes are going to be swollen shut. She’s got a nasty bump on the back of her head that was bleeding but it has stopped on its own. But the worst of it is two broken ribs and hopefully they can get the internal bleeding to stop with medications or they are going to have to operate and take out her spleen.” Millie said as I stood there fuming.

“Do you know who did this to her?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“I can’t say for positive but I’d lay dollars to doughnuts that it was that good for nothing boyfriend of hers, Greg Mason. Kaylee is a surgical nurse here so I’ve seen evidence of where he’s knocked her around a couple of times before but never this bad. He’s been freeloading off of her for almost a year now and she’s been threatening to kick him out but she’s also been afraid of him.” Millie told me.

“Damn! I’ll break his neck when I find him. No man should ever lift his hand to a woman!” I said, fighting to keep my temper under control.

“Kaylee moved here about 2 years ago after working in Chicago for 4 years and getting her masters in nursing. Her parents had bought a house over on Clarkson street while she was in college but they were killed in a car accident not long afterwards. They left her the house in their will. She said she was getting burned out in Chicago so she quit there, moved into their house and got a job here at the hospital as a surgical nurse and she’s a good one. She could be working as a Nurse Practitioner but the surgical nurse position was all that has been open since she got here.

She met Greg about six months later and he was good to her at first but then he lost his job and started drinking pretty heavily. A couple of times she’s come to work with a black eye or bruises on her arms or a split lip from where he had knocked her around but this is the worst one yet. She’s reported it before, but of course, our diligent police department did squat about it. This time, I hope she insists and gets a restraining order against him and gets him arrested.” Millie said.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to make sure he never lays a hand on her again.” I told her. “I guess she’s going to be out for a while?”

“We’re not going to knock her out. I’m sure cops are going to be here soon and will want to question her as to what happened.” Millie said. “OH look who’s here!” The sarcasm in her voice was evident. “I’ll see ya later, Boomer. Let me know if you want to go up and see her later.”

“Thanks, Millie.” I told her.

Just then, the two patrolmen who had been on the scene strolled into the waiting room, trying to look all important. These two jokers were worthless. They would ask all kinds of questions, make stupid notes and then do absolutely nothing.

They walked over to me and asked “Why did you leave the scene, Boomer? You know you are supposed to stick around to answer questions.” The little pinhead that always gets on my nerves asked.

“I told you what I knew had happened, which was that I found her on the sidewalk, unconscious. I don’t know how she got there or what had happened to her. What more do you need me to say?” I answered in disgust with his stupid attitude.

“Did the nurse give you any information about the victim?” The little twirp asked.

“Only that she’s a surgical nurse here at the hospital by the name of Kaylee and that her boyfriend has been knocking her around for a while now and has reported it in the past but no one ever does anything about it. Now, the Monster Slayers MC is going to step in and help her before the SOB kills her.” I told them with a look on my face that must have gotten the message across. They all know I’m not someone you want to piss off. I got my road name for a reason.

About that time, Rooster shows up and not long afterwards, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum leave, without talking to the victim or any of the hospital staff. Figures. Twirps! Great police work there guys!

“How is she?” Rooster asks.

I told him what Millie had told me and he told me what they had found at the house. “Furniture all busted up, turned over, a couple of drawers in the bedroom emptied. It looked like someone left in a hurry after the fight. No car in the driveway or garage and her wallet was laying on the floor in the kitchen with all of her ID and stuff but no money in it. Couldn’t find any house or car keys so I’m assuming he took them. Before she goes home, we’ll have someone go clean up the place and change the locks. Maybe install a security system, just in case he comes back.

Cops and I talked to the neighbor next door who didn’t want to open the door at first but I finally convinced them to speak to us. The woman told us that this fight wasn’t the first one and they saw him take off in her car. Said he doesn’t do anything all day but sit on the sofa and play video games but he’s constantly burning food because they can smell it. They also told us that he’s had more than one “scantily dressed lady friend” over when she’s not home.” Rooster told me.

“So he’s not only been beating on her, he’s been cheating on her too. What a bastard.” I said, clenching and unclenching my fists. I was really beginning to see red where this guy is concerned.

“Did Millie give you a name?” Rooster wanted to know.

“Yeah. Greg Mason.” I told him and his eyes got wide. “What?”

“Don’t you recognize that name?” Rooster asked. “He was a linebacker on Brendelson High’s football team our senior year. He was a junior, I think. He tried to hit on Dixie at a dance one night and I cleaned his clock for him. He’s not really tall but back then he was solidly built with a bad mouth and attitude. I thought he had left town.”

Just then Millie came back out and walked over to us and they exchanged greetings before Millie told me, “She’s waking up and I told her that you found her unconscious on the sidewalk. She’s asking to speak to you.”

“We’ll see you back at the clubhouse, bro.” Rooster said and turned to leave, telling one of the prospects to stick around and wait for me. I followed Millie into the back and she led me to the curtained off area where Kaylee was sitting up in bed. She was leaning back with her eyes closed, an IV in her arm and a heart monitor beeping quietly next to her. She looked even more tiny in the bed than she had on the sidewalk.

She heard the rings slide on the metal bar and I could tell she was trying to see through the swelling in her eyes but I was surprised when she gasped a bit.

“I can’t see you very well, can you come closer please?” She said, her voice was slightly hoarse, I’m guessing from where he had been choking her. I could see the fingerprint bruises around her neck.

Millie helped her take a sip of water and she croaked “Thanks, Millie.”

“Kaylee, this is Boomer. He’s the one that found you. He works with the Monster Slayers MC. I’ve told you about them. He’s a good guy and a great friend to have.” Millie told her as she smiled at me. “Boomer, this pretty lady is Kaylee Marshall. Like I told you, she’s an excellent nurse and has become a good friend. And I think she’s going to need your help because those losers at the PD aren’t going to do a damned thing, we both know that.”

“Don’t worry, Millie and you too, Kaylee. I didn’t recognize his name but Rooster did. We’re going to take care of him.” I told them.

“Well, I just want to say thank you for helping me. I really do appreciate it. I don’t think I even closed my front door. My only thought when I came to was to get help. All my neighbors’ lights were off but I heard a motor and saw a light and I prayed someone would stop but I guess I just passed out.” Kaylee said.

“Well, he trashed your place pretty good but looks like he took not only his clothes but emptied your wallet and took your car. He’s got your house and car keys so the MC is going to send someone in to clean up your place and replace your locks. I’ll make sure you get a new key before you leave here. With your permission, we are also going to install a security system in case he comes back. It will catch him on tape if he tries anything else.” I told her. I desperately wanted to go over and hold her hand but wasn’t sure if I should or not.

“Well, he couldn’t have gotten much out of my wallet. I learned a long time ago not to carry cash in there because it always has a way of disappearing in the mornings when he’s up before me. But damn, he took my car? What am I going to do for transportation now?” Kaylee said, getting upset.

“Do you have your title at home? I would advise you to report it stolen as soon as possible. Do you have full coverage insurance?” I asked.

“Yes, I do because it’s not paid for yet and the bank requires it.” Kaylee said.

“Any idea where he hangs out?” I asked her.

“Bernie’s on 7th St. or the pool hall on 10th are his usual spots.” Kaylee says.

“What kind of car do you drive?” I asked.

“Dark blue, Toyota Rav 4. Just bought it a few months ago when my old beater finally gave up on me. It was the first time I’ve ever had a brand new car.” Kaylee said but I could tell she was getting really tired.

Millie had been standing and listening to us and she finally said “Kaylee, how about Boomer coming back tomorrow? I think the meds the doctor gave you are starting to kick in. You need to rest. Boomer, can you come tomorrow? Visiting hours are from 8 am until 11 am and then from 4 to 8 pm. She’ll be on the 4th floor. Not sure what room yet but just stop and ask at the nurse’s station.”

“Sure, Millie. Kaylee, I’ll be back tomorrow. Okay?” I said.

Kaylee held out her hand to me and I took it without hesitation.

“Thank you, Boomer. Hopefully my eyes will be able to open more tomorrow. I’m really wanting to see what you really look like. Right now, it’s kind of a blur but that may be because of the meds.” Kaylee said, her words starting to become slurred.

“I just hope you are not disappointed.” I said as I squeezed her fingers gently. “Good night, Kaylee. Sweet dreams.”

I told Millie good night and left the room and got a big smile on my face when I heard Kaylee ask Millie “Is he as good looking as I think he is? I can just barely make out what he looks like.”

“Yeah, he’s very good looking. Big, strong as an ox but I don’t know anyone who is gentler or kinder than Boomer. I’ve known him his whole life. His mom was a good friend of mine.” Millie told her.

“I do hope he comes back tomorrow. I liked his voice. Very sexy.” Kaylee said softly but I heard her.

“Sleep now, sweetie. He’ll be back tomorrow. That’s one man you can count on to keep his word.” Millie told her. I smiled and left the ER. I’m sure my walk had more bounce to it than it had when I first came in here. I found the prospect that Rooster had left to ride back with me, waiting next to our bikes.

“How’s she doing?” He asked.

“She’s going to be okay. Tomorrow, get a couple of the others together. We’re going to clean up at her place and I’m going to change the locks on her house. I want to ride by a couple of places tonight to see if I can find that SOB that beat her up and stole her car.” I told him.

We mounted our bikes and took off through town. We passed both of the places where she said he normally hung out but her car wasn’t anywhere that we could find so we headed back to the club house. It was getting late and most everyone had gone to bed but Rooster was waiting for me to come back. He and Dixie were building a house on the land but it wasn’t finished yet.

“So, how’s she doing?” Rooster asked after I stopped at the bar for a beer and then joined him at our table.

“She’s going to be fine. They have her on medication to stop the bleeding inside. She can barely see out of her eyes because he punched her in the face and she’s got fingerprint bruises on her neck. Two broken ribs and they didn’t puncture her lung but she’s bleeding inside and that has them worried. They’ve got her on medication to hopefully get it to stop without having to operate. She’ll probably be in there for about a week. I’m going to take a couple of prospects over tomorrow and clean up her place and then change the locks on her doors. She gave me a description of her car. It’s a new dark blue Toyota Rav 4.

She said he normally hangs out at Bernie’s on 7th or the pool hall on 10th. We drove by both places but her car was nowhere to be seen. I’ll keep checking until I find him. Millie told me that he’s been knocking her around for a while but it’s never been this bad before. Kaylee got too sleepy to tell me why he did it this time but I’m going to go see her again tomorrow.”

Rooster nodded and added “Not like it really matters as to why he did it. A man should never raise his hand in anger on a woman. Women are meant to love, to bear our children, not to be used as punching bags. Speaking of loving a woman, I’ll see you in the morning, big guy! My woman is waiting on me.” Rooster grinned at me and I laughed as he took the stairs two at a time.

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