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Monster Slayers MC Book 4

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Chapter 1- Back at the MSMC

Hunter’s POV

After Doc left, I carried Faith back up to our room and sat in the rocking chair I had bought for Marley. She had one at home too. I fed our daughter and then put her on my chest to burp her. I had been watching her eat, admiring her perfection and had not paid any attention to the rest of the room. As I rubbed my daughter’s back, I looked up and saw Marley watching me.

“I wish I had a video camera right now. Do you know how sexy you look, feeding and caring for our daughter?” She whispered.

I smiled at her and just then Faith let out a big bubble of gas, rubbed her face against me then went back to sleep. I slowly stood up and carried her over to her crib. I laid her back down and then walked over to my wife, who was naked between the sheets. I lifted the sheet and looked down at her beautiful body and felt my cock get hard. I dropped my pants and crawled in on top of Marley who spread her legs for me.

Faith was about 4 months old now and Marley wasn’t sore anymore, thank God! I thought I was going to jerk my own dick off waiting for her to heal. “Good morning, my love.” I whispered as I buried my face in her neck and began to nibble her ear lobe and found one of her breasts with my fingers. I pulled and twisted on the raspberry and felt milk coating my fingers as Marley moaned, then whispered “Gently please. They are so raw from Faith sucking on them and so full that they are kind of painful.”

“I’m sorry. I should have brought Faith to you but you were sleeping so peacefully.” I told her.

“That’s okay. She doesn’t latch on as well as Simon did, nor does she drink as much. I’ve been filling bottles faster than she can drink them because I have to keep pumping even after she eats, otherwise they get so full they hurt.” She told me. “I wonder if anyone at the hospital can make use of some of it. Sometimes mothers can’t produce milk either fast enough or enough to satisfy their babies and their babies can’t handle formula. Mother’s milk is best for them either way.”

“Well, I would offer to help you out because you know I do love sucking on them but that milk tastes nasty.” I grinned at her.

“Not like your cream, I’m sure.” She grinned back at me. She had given me several blow jobs when she had been healing and we couldn’t have sex and she claimed it was the best tasting cream she had ever had.

We started out slow as always but it wasn’t long before I was pounding into her as we searched for our release. I shifted slightly and Marley buried her face in the pillow and screamed “HUNTER! I’m going to ...........AAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!” as she found her release, so that we wouldn’t wake up Simon or Faith. I wish we could go home! I loved making her call my name when she reached her climax.

I slammed into her two or three more times and found my own release and she looked back at me. “You didn’t put on a condom, did you?” She almost accused me.

“Oops!” I grinned at her.

“Dog gone you Hunter. You know I can’t go back on birth control while I’m feeding Faith. Hopefully the pharmacy is open today so I can get the morning after pill otherwise we’re just going to have to pray I don’t get pregnant again right away.” Marley said, getting frustrated with me.

“I’m sorry. You just turned me on so much and we’ve been able to go without for so long that I didn’t even stop to think about it.” I said, feeling guilty now.

“I know, baby. I didn’t even stop to think about it either but we’ve got to be careful. It’s hard on a woman’s body to have children and I need to heal for at least a year, two would be better before we try for anymore. Besides, are you sure you want more kids?” Marley asked, tentatively.

“I thought you wanted a bunch of kids. Have you changed your mind?” I asked her.

“I thought I did but after going through 9 months of feeling sick all the time, the emotional roller coaster, getting fat, ugly, my feet so swollen it’s hard to even stand much less walk anywhere, the stretch marks that will never go away, not being able to sit down or sleep in any comfort and then labor and childbirth! You men have no idea how incredibly painful that is. And I’ve done it twice now!

I mean, I was beaten for months, the skin literally rip from my body with a whip and raped and believe me it’s nothing compared to shoving a 6 to 9 pound baby out of your body. I can’t even make love to my husband for weeks and weeks on end and believe me baby, it’s been just as hard on me as it has been on you!

I love you and want to give you everything I can but I’m just not sure if I want to go through that again anytime soon. Right now, I’d just like to have clothes that fit me without pinching or cutting off my circulation that don’t say “Maternity” in the label.” Marley was almost crying as she finally sat back on the bed with her arms crossed.

I recognize this from going through it with her after Simon was born. She’s having postpartum blues and it makes her go through emotional mood swings that would have her either incredibly happy one second and bawling her eyes out the next. It would eventually pass but this was my least favorite part about having kids was seeing her so upset that she began to cry. I hate to see Marley cry.

“I’m sorry, baby. I promise I’ll be more careful from now on until you are back on the shot and if you decide you want more kids, then we will but I’m happy with the two we have. We have our son and the most precious daughter in the world but most importantly to me, I have you. I love you, Marley.” I told her as I pulled her into my arms and held her close.

“I’m sorry I’m being such a cry baby. I love you and both of our children too.” She said and we lay there just cuddling for a while. Finally she pushed away and said “I’d better go get a shower and get dressed. The caterer’s are going to be here soon and I want to make some breakfast. I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.”

“I thought they were supposed to be here at 7am. It’s already almost 8. Maybe the snow has slowed them down?” I said.

“We got snow?” She almost squealed as she ran over to the window, pulling on the t-shirt she always kept at the foot of the bed in case she had to get up for one of the kids, and looked outside. “Oh, isn’t it pretty? We’re going to have a white Christmas after all. Oh, this is great!”

“Yeah, there’s about a foot of it on the ground. Doc even had to take one of the SUVs to get him and Millie to Dallas this morning because her car is too low to drive in the snow. I sure hope they made it okay.” I told her.

Just then Simon came stumbling into our room from his makeshift room in our walk-in closet. “Good morning my little man. Did you sleep good?” I asked.

“Yes, sir. But I need to pee really bad.” He said, rubbing his eyes as he headed to the bathroom.

We heard him go into the bathroom and pull his stool close to the toilet so that he could reach without making a mess. A minute later, the toilet flushed and then we heard him step up on the stool by the sink and wash his hands. “Mommy! There’s no towel.”

“I’ll get it baby.” I told her as I flipped the sheet off of me, grabbed my pants and pulled them back on and headed for the bathroom. I got a clean hand towel out of the closet and helped him dry his hands. “I’m so proud of you son. You can do everything all by yourself now. You are getting too big too fast for me.” I said as I scooped him up and blew a raspberry on his tummy.

He laughed and tried to push my face away but I just changed locations and blew some more. “Mommy! Help!” He yelled.

“Hunter! Stop! He’s going to wake up Faith and I want a shower.” Marley scolded us but with a smile on her face. “Simon, come here and look at this!” she said waving him over after I had dumped him in the middle of our bed.

He ran over to his mother and looked outside. He had never seen snow before and he was in complete awe. “Wow. What happened? It’s so pretty but where did it all come from? It’s covered up everything. Does this mean Santa won’t be able to get here tonight?” He asked and began to get tears in his eyes.

“It’s snow and it’s very, very cold but Rudolph will still get Santa here IF you are a very good boy and go to sleep on time tonight. He can’t come if you are still awake or are naughty. Now, go find some warm clothes and let Mommy get a shower and then we’ll go make breakfast. Okay?” Marley told him, then gave him a hug and a kiss on his forehead before he ran back to the closet.

She stood up and headed to the bathroom but looked over at me lounging on the bed, watching her walk and said “Can you please help him find stuff that matches? We’re going to take pictures today and I don’t want him to look like we picked his clothes out of the goodwill bin.” She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her and I wished I could follow her inside there to take a shower with her. Having kids sure did cut into our sex life, that’s for sure.

Rooster’s POV

Dixie began pushing me to get out of bed around 7:30 Christmas Eve morning saying “Rooster, wake up. I need you to watch Sammy while I go start breakfast. The caterer’s are going to be here soon, I hope and I need to have the kitchen at least mostly clean by the time they get here. I think I’m going to serve breakfast on paper plates just to save on clean up time.” Dixie claimed as she pulled her pants on and jumped up and down to “settle” herself. She had put on some weight since she had our son and I didn’t mind it one bit but I can’t say I like that her clothes are a bit tighter on her now.

Men are men and even though Dixie is my wife and none of the brothers would dare hit on her, that didn’t stop them from looking. I had already slapped one brother on the back of the head for checking her out as she climbed the stairs with Samuel on her shoulder one night.

The same went for Marley. She had really filled out since she had gotten here but she wasn’t dropping the weight after Faith as she had done with Simon. Both women had been complaining about needing new clothes so my Christmas gift to Dixie, in addition to a really pretty necklace I found at the mall jewelry store, I was giving her a prepaid Visa card for $1000 to go shopping for new clothes for herself. I’m not sure but I think Hunter is doing the same thing.

I got up and got dressed and then checked my son, who was still sound asleep in his crib, grabbed his baby monitor and then went downstairs. I found Marley and Dixie by the kitchen door looking outside and asked “What’s up?”

“Come look! We got snow last night. It’s so pretty!” Dixie said.

“Oh great! Well, at least we probably won’t have to worry about Cobras with that on the ground. Snakes don’t like the cold.” I teased then walked over to the coffee pot. I sat Sammy’s baby monitor on the island counter as I added a little sugar to my coffee and then leaned up against the counter.

Just then the kitchen phone rang and I walked over and answered it.

“Rooster.” I said.

“Mr. Rooster. This is Tammy from the caterer’s. Is your wife available?” A female voice asked.

“Yeah, hang on a second.” I said and called Dixie. “Babe, it’s Tammy from the caterer’s. I hope she’s not going to tell you they can’t come today.”

“Oh no! She better not or this will be the last time I ever use them. I didn’t buy anything to make Christmas dinner with today and I don’t have time to thaw meat in time for any meals today.” Dixie said as she stomped over to take the phone from me.

“Hello?” Dixie said, and I could hear the note of anger building in her voice.

“Dixie? It’s me, Tammy. We are going to come but have decided to cook everything here and then just bring it to you. All I need for you to do is have your counters and buffet table clear and ready for us to set up. We’re praying that the snow clears before it’s time for your meal because our vans don’t sit high enough to make it through this. I’ve got stuff already in the ovens and everything is prepped and ready to cook and we should be there by noon. Are you still planning to serve at 12:30?” Tammy said quickly.

“Oh, thank God! I thought you were calling to cancel on us. Yes, we are planning on sitting down to eat at 12:30. Look, if you can’t get here, we’ve got 4 wheel vehicles that can come and get you, but I’m counting on that food. We didn’t prepare anything and I don’t have the supplies to even start cooking even if we were to put our holiday meal off until tomorrow.” Dixie told her.

“Don’t worry. I’ve never not delivered for a client before and you guys have used us so many times in the past that I definitely don’t want to lose your business. We’ll be there even if I have to rent a sleigh and drag it there with snowshoes on myself but I do appreciate your offer and I’ll let you know if I do need the vehicles. Thanks for understanding. See you in about 4 hours.” Tammy said before she hung up.

“Whew! That’s a relief. They will be providing our food but we may have to go get her. Their vans sit too low to the ground to make it through the snow. We don’t have snow plows so I can just imagine what it’s going to be like trying to drive in this mess.” Dixie said.

Marley was laying strips of bacon on foil covered cookie sheets to be put in the oven but looked like she was about to cry.

“Marley? What’s wrong, girl?” Dixie asked as she rounded the corner.

“Postpartum mood swings.” Marley tried to smile at us.

Thankfully that’s when Samuel’s baby monitor started making noise and I grabbed it and headed out of the room.

Dixie’s POV

“Okay, so what’s got you upset? I know, it’s something.” I said. I had gone through about two weeks of it after Samuel was born but it’s been hitting Marley bad this time around.

“I don’t know, Dixie. I just seem to be having the worst mood swings. I can’t start taking birth control until I’m done with breastfeeding Faith but Hunter and I got friskie this morning and neither one of us thought to put on a condom. I love him so much and want to give him everything I can but I’m not so sure I want anymore kids, at least not for a while.

Hell, Faith is only 4 and a half months old. None of my clothes fit anymore and I’m still having to wear my maternity pants or deal with feeling like I’m being cut in half all day. I feel so damned fat and ugly and I seem to go from cloud nine happy to a crying slobbering idiot in the blink of an eye.

I told Hunter this morning that I’m not sure I want anymore kids or to have to go through being pregnant and giving birth again and he was so understanding and now I feel like shit for denying giving him anymore kids. My boobs hurt so much from trying to feed Faith but she doesn’t latch on like Simon did and she slobbers so much that the moisture is making my nipples raw and that just makes them more sore. I’ve got so much milk that my boobs hurt from being so full all the time and I seem to be constantly leaking which means my nipples are constantly wet.

I’ve got bottles and bottles of mother’s milk in the freezer and fridge for her but I don’t want to stop feeding her because the vitamins and stuff she gets from mothers milk is so much better for her than stuff from a can.” Marley was openly crying now and I put my arms around her and tried my best not to laugh at her. This was definitely Postpartum mood swings.

She cried on my shoulder for a minute and I just held her and let her cry until she was just sniffling. She pulled back and I said “Better now?”

She nodded and said “You see what I mean? I do that at the drop of a hat lately. I’m almost afraid I might already be pregnant again and it’s way too soon. Do you know if I can take the morning after pill if I’m breastfeeding?” She asked me.

“I don’t know but I bet we can Google it. Doc is supposed to have left this morning on his vacation with Millie so it’s not like we can ask him. I wonder if Kaylee will know? I have some if you want. I kept them on hand for the hang arounds and sweet butts, in case they tried to trick one of the guys into getting them pregnant. Dumb bitches.

Do you know that Boxer caught Candy sticking a pin in the condoms in his drawer one night? She ruined a whole fist full of them and he was pissed. That wasn’t long before he met Tiana. But honestly, Marley, I’d do a pregnancy check before you do the morning after pill. If you are already pregnant then the morning pill might not work but may cause you to miscarry a baby you might already be carrying. I have some of those too, if you need one.” I told her.

“Yeah, I think that would be best. Hey, if I am, then I am and I’ll just deal with it but if I’m not then I definitely want one of those pills.” Marley said.

“Well, let’s get breakfast over with then we’ll go upstairs and take care of it. Okay?” I told her.

“Okay. Thanks Dixie.” Marley said as she began to mix up pancake batter. “At least we don’t have to rush to clean up after breakfast. What time did the girl say they would be here?”

“By 12 noon. I told her we wanted to have our Christmas meal at 12:30. I ordered enough to feed us two full meals and still have leftovers for sandwiches tomorrow. I’ve also got stuff for wings and meatballs and nacho’s for the game on TV tomorrow.” I said.

“Good lord, what all did you order?” She asked me.

“8 turkeys, 6 standing rib roasts, 40 lbs of pulled pork, 4 pans each of mashed potatoes, yams, sweet peas, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, 100 pcs pieces of corn on the cob, all kinds of rolls and breads, pies, a christmas cake and cupcakes and..........I think that’s all but I can’t really remember.” I told her.

“Oh we have to clear the counters and buffet tables before they get here too. Tammy said they can just walk in, set up and leave. They are serving it in disposable pans so we can just throw them away when we are done with them. I wonder how many of the people we invited are going to come?” I said absentmindedly.

Just then, all the other old ladies started wandering into the kitchen. Everyone pitched in and soon breakfast was ready to be served.

I was on pins and needles all morning, waiting for the phone to ring or the caterers to show up. Thankfully, while it had been pretty while it lasted, most of the snow had melted on the paved roads and driveway and the caterers showed up early. They got everything set in the warmer stands that all of the women had set up. Soon after they left, the few guests that we had invited to join us showed up and everyone joined around the tables to say grace before getting in line to make their plates.

It was a noisy, fun, laughter filled meal but everyone had fun and the food, as always, was excellent. I told the prospects to make sure they wrapped things up well and made sure it was stored properly for later, before going to continue to entertain our guests. Everyone was well dressed and the other women and I wandered around taking pictures of everyone.

Because Kaylee was back at work now, many of the single nurses that didn’t have family in the area but were off today or didn’t have to work until later came and were very popular with all of the single members. Even Jeanne had shown up and she had not been happy to see Hulk with Nessa but thankfully, she didn’t start any trouble, especially after Bruiser began showing some interest in her.

Most of the older couples that had come, left a couple of hours afterwards and that’s when the party really began to pick up. Everyone had kind of drifted into the bar and soon the sweet butts and hang arounds showed up and the alcohol began to flow.

Candy had the nerve to show up and even though Tiana was standing right next to Boxer, holding his hand, Candy tried to come on to Boxer. Everyone was totally shocked when Tiana stood up to her and told her to back off her man.

As soon as that confrontation was over, I went over and told Candy “If you can’t behave yourself, you are going to be banned from the house permanently.”

“Alright! I get it. It’s just that Boxer and I have been together for a long time. It’s hard to see someone else just come in and take him from me.” Candy pouted and I suspected that if I didn’t wake her up to the facts now, she was going to continue to make trouble.

“Look Candy. None of the men here are ever going to claim you as their ole’ lady because you’ve slept with almost every one of the men here. Nobody is going to accept a sweet butt for his ole’ lady. Either realize you are an unpaid whore or wake up and change your ways. It’s already too late for you here but there are other men out there.” I told her and wasn’t surprised when she looked at me like I had slapped her and then big tears filled her eyes. She left not long after that.

The party really cranked up and by midnight, most everyone was drunk, dancing and having a good time. Most of the guests had left and it was only the members and the sweet butts. We had put all the kids in one of the bedrooms closer to the back of the house because even though we had reduced the noise levels on all the bedrooms so that most noises wouldn’t be heard, the music was extra loud tonight. We had the door locked and Tiana and Annalisa were watching them since they are pregnant and couldn’t drink.

Marley had taken the pregnancy test and thankfully, according to her, it had come out negative so she had taken the morning after pill. We were talking to Jeanne while she had been here on breastfeeding tips, since Jeanne worked the maternity floor at the hospital. Jeanne told her that some babies just don’t like the taste of the skin or sometimes it was the soap women used.

“Don’t feel bad. Just pump your breast if you really want her to have breast milk. Any extras you have, we can always use at the hospital. I can get you some sterile containers to put it in so that we don’t take up all of your bottles. Please make sure to date the canisters with a permanent pen. Breast milk can last up to 4 days in the fridge but up to 12 months in the freezer but it’s really recommended that you don’t use it after 6 months. At the hospital we only keep it for 3 months and then it gets tossed, if we have any left. Not enough women donate their excess and all too often we get women who either can’t produce or take the shot to dry themselves up before they know their baby is going to be sensitive to formula.” Jeanne told us.

“Where do you toss it, to the kitchen? Some of the stuff I had to eat while I was there tasted like they could have been using breast milk!” I joked and we all laughed.

“Well, ladies, it’s getting late and I have to work tomorrow, so I think I’m going to go now. I was kind of hoping to spend the night with Hulk but it looks like he’s found his life mate too. Oh well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” Jeanne said a little while later.

I glanced at my watch and realized that it was almost 12 am and I want to keep this down to a reasonable hour. I do not want a bunch of hungover men, or women for that matter, hanging around while the children are opening their presents in the morning.

I walked over to the prospect, named David,who was playing DJ for the night and told him “Start slowing it down. Play some slow dance music or something not so active. It’s almost time to shut this down. The children will be getting up soon and I don’t want a bunch of hungover drunks spoiling their day.”

“Sure thing, Dixie.” David said. As soon as the song he had been playing ended, he turned on some slower music. A few men started to object until they turned and saw me standing near David with my arms across my chest, looking at everyone with a look on my face that said “Go on, say something.” If the music had not been playing, you could have heard a pin drop until Rooster started laughing at me. He walked over and wrapped his arms around me and carried me onto the dance floor. “You can be a real party pooper, you know that?” He teased me, as we began to slowly sway together, not really dancing but just moving close together in small circles.

“I know and I’m sorry. For New Year’s we’ll hire a babysitter and all of the babies can stay up at our place but tomorrow, or rather later today, is Christmas and it’s going to focus on the kids. Simon is old enough to know what is happening this year and even though Crystal may not really understand, I can bet she and Carmella are going to be an absolute delight to watch. They both have been totally fascinated by the lights on the tree and the brightly colored wrapping on the presents. I can’t wait until Samuel is old enough to enjoy it.” I told him.

“I know, sweetheart and I’m sure you ladies are going to make it as special as possible for them. The guys will just have to understand but we will have to give them pretty much free rein on New Years. Besides, they deserve it. Are you ready to head up to bed?” He asked and let me know that he was by pushing his erection against my belly and I couldn’t help but tease him by rubbing against him as I pulled him closer.

“Oh yeah! Make an announcement closing it down? Tell them to make sure the sweet butts are to be out before dawn.” I told him before pulling his head down for a long, slow kiss that let him know to hurry up. Then I walked away and said good night to whoever I passed. I swayed up the stairs knowing his eyes were on my ass. So were several other eyes but I didn’t care. I was going to make this one very merry Christmas for my man!

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