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Differently The Same

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MY only english story here. Please give lots of love🥰

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Chapter 1

"Hey, this is Kiel. I wonder if you already knew?" He asked on the other line. He's excitedly waiting for my response.

My brows furrowed. I didn't know what he meant. "Can you please exactly tell me what's going on Kiel?"

He puffed on the other line. Clearly disappointed. "That freaking genius guy is going in the same school again!" He said it like he was singing, or chanting.

Who is that genius guy?

Ah, Herion Ellison.

Freak! It registered in my mind just at this moment! . I hurriedly went down to our living room where infront of it I can clearly see the neighborhoods house.

"Kiel, geez the house is still close!" I madly said to him.

"Yeah, its close AC because he arrived yesterday! Alright? Now, don't you dare shout at me again or else I won't be telling you any other updates from him." He said it clearly like warning me.

I rolled my eyes because of it. Am I afraid not to be told there's someone who's willing to compete to me again?

Of course, no! I am intelligent as him! How dare this Kiel think this way? Like I really needed his help when I really don't! So what if that guy became the top 1 again?

Then I would have made my Mom say things again to my teacher. She would embarassed me again just like the old times. I don't know but I can't satisfy my mother with my grades.

She would always want me aiming for the top. Not the next from the top, and not the next from the next from the top!

This is ridiculous! How dare that guy ruin my chances again?! I crushed the papers on my study table and threw it away.

I have to trust myself and study all night. I don't want to shame myself in front of my classmates and I don't want anyone looking down at me.

" I'll see you tomorrow, Kiel. I need to study all night long, bye." I quickly turned off the call.

The fact that I slept for the volume of 2 hours is making me sleepy still. But I need to see for myself if Herion is really back again. I need to know, alright!

I excitedly close our gate and hurriedly went to my car.

"Just as I thought."

"Wow, he's so fine! I can't wait to see everyone's reaction about this!".

As soon as I walked the hallway, numbers of students already made my morning furious! How dare them talk like I'm not here? They know that I dislike that guy!

Well, I understand that he's a head turner, yeah, maybe an eye catcher? Oh gosh! What am I even saying? I made big steps to be in my assigned room number.

I quietly make steps as I want to assure myself that Herion and I are not in the same class. Slowly and step by step I walk towards my favorite spot while slowly searching for that genius guy.

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