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Differently The Same

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Chapter 2

Must I be glad that he did not show his face this time? I snap my thoughts out of it. Now that our professor have been checking attendance, I noticed he's not around.

He's never late. He will not show up, huh? Yeah, I don't really care if he does show up. I'll do my best so that I can maintain my grades.

My Mom won't like it if she learned that I'm being left behind when it comes to Herion Ellison. Afternoon went by and neither his shadow did not seem to appear. That's uncommon. Really.

I grabbed my keys inside my bag. I started to drove way back home. I must say, I'm really startled that there's a red car near our house. Who could have show off this dream car of mine?

If I would, I will convince my father to get me one like that car, but no! Of course, Mom won't agree. Busy praising the car, I almost did not notice the guy that just went out from our house.

Take note! From our house! The heck he's doing?!

I hurriedly left my car to confront him. His brows shut me up. Why is he looking at me like that anyway. It doesn't help that my Mom is standing coupke of meters away from us.

That gaze my mother always gives me, its a sign that I must talk politely to our visitor, yeah?!

I secretly rolled my eyes. "Oh, hey. I haven't seen you for a while, yeah?" I completely fake that excitement to show mother that I'm being kind towards Herion.

He smirked not enough for mother to see. "Yeah, Ace I missed you too." Freak?

Did he? Just said it out loud while my mother is listening?

Now my mother looks shocked more than I. She gave us an awkward laugh. "Oh, well, you two must realky talk inside. Don't you think so AC?" My mother then look at me while her eyebrows move up.

"Sure, let's talk inside Herion." This guy must understand me when I signal him to not agree with me. He must have taken the hint.

"No, thank you but I guess AC is still tired from school. I'll see her next time Mrs. Collins."

He gave us a smile before he went to his home that is so not far from ours. I couldn't stand my Mom's gazes so I quickly ran inside our house.

I have finished eating dinner already and Mom unusually don't ask me about school this time. Well, I guess she have a good day today. Because what else would be the reason why she's not ranting and scolding me?

I swear, even when I did not do anything wrong, its still her hobby to confront me every after school. Dad won't fight with her, of course. So I just have to take it all in.

Remembering my unfinished homeworks, I decided to finish them right now. I am in the middle of reading when my phone vibrated. I keep it silent all the time 'cause you'll never know when it will startle you. My ringtone even sounds like a bell. The default one I guess since I can't find the reason to change it anyway.

Opening the message, I quickly deleted it. I even blocked the number. How did he get my number anyway?!

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