The World Spins Madly On

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Chapter 8

A good few months passed before Abigail and Jays paths crossed again. She was busy working and preparing for Josh’s wedding, while he resorted to hiding himself behind music once more like before. She had moved on fairly soon after she left Jay behind. Her new partner was almost the opposite to how Jay had been. He on the other hand had began seeing Anna, he had flown her out to stay with him for a month at a time, he would occasionally fly back with her.

As the wedding grew closer Jay contemplated not going. It seemed unfair for him to bail on his old friend just because he dated his friends younger sister.

Abigail was with her new partner, Luke, in a little Italian restaurant by the river that ran through town. It was a beautiful little restaurant with riverside seating delicately lit. Abigail kept getting distracted while talking with Luke.

“Abby?” Luke tried to get her attention.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” She snapped out of it.

“Are you okay?” Luke asked.

“Yeah... I... I’m fine. I just can’t help but thinking that I can see an old friend.” She replied.

She watched two people get up from a table the other side of the restaurant. She caught a glimpse of the guy’s face.

Abigail immediately excused herself from the table and hurried over to him.

“Jay?” She called as she followed him out of the restaurant.

Jay turned around to see Abigail stood before him in a dress he had bought for her birthday.

“A.. Abigail...” He was shocked.

Jay signaled to Anna to carry on towards the car and he would catch up.

“How have you been?” Abigail asked.

“Alive.” He replied almost bluntly. “You?”

“I can safely say the same.” She smiled.

“Abby?” Luke called through the doors signaling to come back in.

“Since when did you like being called Abby?” Jay questioned.

“I don’t...” She replied. “Look, I’ve gotta run back in, but it was good to see you.... I’ve missed you.”

Jay just flicked his eyebrows and waved it off as he hurried off to catch up with Anna.

Abigail walked back in and joined Luke.

“Who was that?” Luke questioned, the jealousy showing in his voice.

“Just an old friend.” She replied quietly.

Late that night Abigail laid in her bed, wide awake watching the ceiling. She picked up her phone and scrolled down to see Jays name. She hesitated but managed to find the nerve to press the call button. It rang. And rang. It got to answer phone and she hung up. She rolled over and sighed. Almost immediately her phone began to ring. It was Jay. She smiled, her heart raced and she answered.

“Hey...” She spoke softly into the phone.

“How’s it going?” He asked gently.

“I’m okay. I just had the urge to talk to you.” She admitted.

“What are you doing?” Jay asked.

“Just laying in the dark. You?” She replied.

“The same. Wanna go for a walk?” Jay offered.

“It’s 3am?” She questioned.

“Cool, I’ll see you in 15 minutes then.” He hung up.

Jay jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on. He walked down to her house. He was met by Abigail at her door. The sky was dark, the air was chilled but it wasn’t too cold. Jay and Abigail walked side by side into the park area. They followed the river, they were in total silence and the comfort of each other’s presence for the entire walk. Abigail stopped still. Jay turned to face her.

“What?” Jay asked.

“I just forgot how comfortable I am with you.” Abigail stated.

“Sometimes people get graduation goggles late.” Jay replied.

“Do you love Anna?” Abigail asked.

“In ways.” Jay answered. “We’ve not been together long.”

“Is she coming to the wedding?” She looked at Jay with wide eyes.

“Yeah.” Jay looked her dead in the eyes. “Why are you asking me this?”

“I thought you would have fought to keep me around.” Abigail stated.

“Abigail, I fought our entire relationship to keep you by my side. I loved you. ” Jay stepped towards her.

Abigail looked at him. Her eyes were beautiful in the dim light around the river’s edge.

“I will never stop loving you.” Jay rested his forehead on hers.

A single tear fell from his eye, she used her thumb to wipe it away.

“Do you think we could ever make it work?” Abigail asked.

“Part of me thinks it’s too late.” Jay admitted.

Abigail knew he was right. She hugged Jay, her head resting in his chest.

“I’ll walk you home.” Jay informed.

After walking Abigail home, Jay headed back to his. The cool air against his face was relaxing, the jumbled emotion in his head and heart wasn’t so much. He eventually got home and climbed into bed. He slept it off.

The next few months passed quickly, the wedding was in a couple of days. Jay and Anna had bought their suits and dresses. Anna was looking forward to seeing Alex in her dress, they had become fairly close in the lead up to the wedding. With Jay and Josh hanging out more Alex took the opportunity to get friendly with Anna.

The four of them went for brunch the day before the wedding, it was the last 2 hours Alex and Josh would spend together before they spent the day and night apart. They were at a nice little cafe in town, Josh’s favourite place for breakfast.

Abigail walked past the window and saw them all sat there together, she felt her heart sink a little as she looked at Jay smiling the way he used to with her. She composed herself and kept walking, she would be seeing him tomorrow.

Soon enough the night had come, Josh was staying in Jays place with him for the night. It was like old times, back when they were in college they would hang out and end up crashing at his with a bottle of whiskey. Just like old times they sat in the dark watching terrible movies and discussing everything.

“So Abs misses you.” Josh stated.

“Yeah, I know.” Jay looked across at him. “I saw her a little while back, it got awkward.”

“How so?” Josh asked.

“She was telling me about it. It reopened a lot of feelings I didn’t want to come back.” Jay replied.

“But you’re still friends?” Josh questioned.

“Of course, I’d still give the world for her. But I’m happy with Anna now, and our relationship is clear.” Jay informed.

The big day was here. Jay and Josh were getting ready at the church.

“You ready for this?” Jay asked.

“I’ve been looking forward to this day my entire life.” Josh replied.

“No you haven’t.” Jay joked. “I remember in college when you told me you’d never marry anyone.”

“You know what I mean.” Josh looked at him while doing his tie.

Josh and Jay sorted out their wedding suits and looked at each other. They soon headed out in front of the crowd and stood at the end of the isle. He eagerly awaited his bride. Jay stood to his side among the groomsmen. Alex was walked down the isle by her father, Josh was stunned by the sight of her. She had never been more beautiful.

Throughout the ceremony Jay couldn’t take his eyes off of Abigail in her dress, she was stood opposite him the entire time.

After the ceremony the wedding party took place in a huge city hall. The band were amazing, playing a mix of classic songs from their teen years and soppy love songs. The entire night became a party.

“Jay!” Brad came over and grabbed him.

“Hey dude.” Jay smiled as he brushed him off.

“Man, I always thought you’d be married before Josh.” Brad joked.

“You’re kidding right?” Jay laughed.

“Of course, everyone bet on him getting married, he’s such a sop.” Brad smiled. “So where is Abigail?”

“I dunno man. Probably with her boyfriend somewhere.” Jay stated.

“Wait... Aren’t...?” Brad was confused.

“No, we split a few months back.” Jay informed.

“Wow, can tell it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other!” Brad laughed.

Abigail floated about the party. Champagne in hand. She smiled as she saw how happy Alex and Josh were together. She looked around and saw her crazy aunts and uncles being as immature as ever. She spotted Jay dancing with Anna. She smiled to herself and walked to the bar.

“Another champagne?” The barman asked.

“No, thanks. Can I have a double Gentlemen’s?” She asked.

The barman poured her the double whiskey. As he passed it to her he smiled as if to hope she was okay. She waved the glass and headed off back into the party.

Jay and Anna were dancing stupidly on the dance floor when Jay noticed Abigail sat alone at a table. He finished dancing with Anna before heading over to Abigail. He sat down next to her.

“What’s up?” Jay asked.

“What do you mean?” Abigail asked.

“The double whiskey.” Jay pointed out.

“I just fancied it.” Abigail argued.

“Abigail I know you. You don’t drink whiskey unless something’s bothering you.” Jay stated.

“Abby. There you are.” Luke sat down with them. “Who’s this?”

“This is uh... This is Jay. He’s an old friend.” Abigail hesitantly introduced.

Jay looked at Luke, he could tell that Luke instantly hated him.

“I can see I’ve over stayed my welcome... ′Abby’... But yeah. I’ll catch up with you later.” Jay walked back over to Anna.

Jay looked back at Abigail to see her arguing with Luke. He felt sorry for her.

“Everything okay?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, her new partner is just clearly a bit of a dick to her.” Jay stated. “It’s never nice to see, ya know.”

Alex came over to see Anna.

“Oh my god! Congratulations sweetheart!” Anna greeted. “The ceremony was beautiful and you look freaking amazing.”

“Thank you so much!” Alex hugged Anna.

“You’re the only person in the world that would be able to handle Josh for the rest of their life.” Jay joked.

Josh grabbed Jay from behind and lifted him off the ground, spinning him around.

Abigail watched her ex partner with his new partner, her brother and his new wife all joking around together and she looked at Luke.

“Leave.” She said bluntly while he was mid rant.

“What?” He asked aggressively.

“Get out. I don’t want to see you again. We’re over.” Abigail stood her ground.

Luke grew more and more aggressive. Jay and Josh looked across to see it getting rowdy. They headed over to Abigail’s side.

“Everything okay sis?” Josh asked.

“He won’t leave me alone.” Abigail informed.

“Okay buddy. It’s time to get out.” Jay stepped forward.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do if I don’t?” Luke stepped to Jay, their faces a few millimeters from touching.

“Oh, Luke. You don’t wanna do that.” Josh laughed.

“If you wanna take this outside, I will happily let you take a few swings.” Jay sternly growled.

They stood in the car park of the city hall. Jay had dragged him out of the venue. He took off his jacket and threw it to Josh. Luke threw the first punch, instantly Jay was able to dodge it. The shoulder drop before each throw made it easy to predict the fight.

Jay caught one of Luke’s swings and hit him with his palm directly in the jugular. Luke fell to the floor gasping for air.

“See, I’m trained to actually fight. Imagine how bad this could have been if I’d actually wanted to ruin my friends wedding by kicking his sisters ex boyfriends arse?” Jay knelt down and spoke quietly into Luke’s ear.

He got up and headed inside with Josh.

Abigail was anxious to see Jay as he walked back in.

“What happened?” She asked, worried.

“Let’s just say he won’t be bothering you anymore.” Josh laughed as he and Jay walked inside together.

As the night went on people got more drunk and people seemed to be having a great time.

Once again Jay noticed Abigail from across the room sat alone. Jay stepped away from Josh’s aunts and uncles that had swoon him into a conversation.

“Hey,” Jay greeted. “Remember how when we first met you told me you’d never really danced with anyone?”

“Yeah?” Abigail replied.

“I can’t remember if it’s because you don’t like dancing or if nobody had asked you.” Jay stated.

“It’s a bit of both really.” Abigail smiled.

“Well, m’lady, may I have this dance?” Jay held out his hand.

Abigail took it and stood up. She looked beautiful in the dress. He lead her onto the dance floor. They were near Alex and Josh. Abigail wrapped her arms around Jay’s neck and he placed his hands on her hips.

As they danced Jay rested his head on hers.

“Are you okay?” Jay asked her.

“I’m fine.” Abigail answered.

“I mean, are you actually?” Jay insisted.

“Jay, I love you. I always will. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me, but sometimes people have to move on. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. If you move on, I’m completely okay with that.” Abigail’s words echoed around Jays head.

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