The Boarding School

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Forty Eight

Amanda’s POV

“Thank God they didn’t follow us!” I sighed in relief once we sat down at a circular table with our breakfast.

“Yeah, but keep it quiet…” Lottie warned as she took a sip of her juice, looking around.

“Quiet why? Everyone knows that Anna is joining Summer’s side, it’s no secret, and it became even more obvious after last night,” I replied, not really caring if people around us were listening.

“Still, she is our friend Amanda. We could be wrong, and what a massive thing to be wrong about!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Oh please, are we still questioning if they are becoming friends again? Of course they are!” I said with confidence “If she was still on our side she would have left Summer in that room alone and would be having breakfast with us right now.”

After that they were quiet, silently agreeing with my statement.

I was beyond shocked. I had always had a gut feeling that Anna was growing to like her again, that she was forgiving her for what she had done. It repulsed me just to think about it.

“What should we do then?” asked Lottie.

“We aren’t going to close our eyes to this, that’s for sure,” I stated.

“Do you want to punish Anna for being a little supportive towards Summer?” asked Lucy with a hint of surprise and judgment in her tone.

“Don’t you see what is going to happen if we don’t start now? Everyone will think that all of us are back at being friends with Summer! Don’t you get it? ”

I was extremely frustrated: how was it possible that they were not seeing what I was seeing? Their problem was that they were not thinking ahead, they didn’t understand that a simple action in the present could dictate our future, and for me, that was more important than anything.

“Are you listening to what you’re saying?” Lucy put down her food and looked at me seriously “We cannot simply assume that Anna and Summer are best friends again simply because of one event. That’s nonsense!”

“Must I remind you of what Summer did? She deserves nothing but to rot in hell for giving that murderer a second chance!” I placed both my fists on top of the table. I was right and I was determined to make them believe so.

“Calm down alright?” Lottie looked at us with a displeasing look “I suggest we go talk to Anna, get this sorted out. If she admits that she is, in fact, helping Summer, which I hope she is not, then we will figure out what to do later.”

“Fine, but then don’t give me obnoxious looks when I say ‘I told you so’,” I said as I crossed my arms.

There was silence as we ate our breakfast. I was sick and tired of having people giving second chances to those who didn’t deserve them. I was tired of injustice and liars. During that horrific fight between the two senior boys and that scum, when Summer went to separate them, it was as if the laws of the universe were being challenged: the way he stopped immediately once she reached him was unbelievable. She was able to take him out of that rage, something no one has ever been able to do. That thought alone sent shivers of hatred down my spine. It felt like infinite spades were piercing my heart. How was it possible? Knowing that Summer was helping that murderer was driving me to insanity. I just couldn’t understand how that was possible.

But above all, what left me more confused was, after all that had happened, Anna was helping her. It just didn’t make any sense. I remember when Harry first arrived, his first week at Hudson. I remembered how revolted Anna was towards his behaviour. He was a monster, that was what she called him. She said he was the most despicable human being, that he deserved nothing but to end up alone. Where did that feeling of hatred go?

Anna’s POV

She was just sitting there. Not moving, not speaking, just looking, staring into the void. I don’t know if she managed to sleep at all, her tired eyes indicated so. When we got to the dorm the night before we found it empty. It was a relief at the time, due to the simple fact that if the other girls were there they would waste no time in asking questions and speculating. Neither of us was ready to answer their interrogation.

“Summer,” I shook her shoulder slightly as I sat on the edge of her bed “We have to go.”

She did not respond, just tilted her head downwards. Her face was pale, her body seemed more fragile than ever. I could sense her sadness from where I was seated as if there was a cloud around her, and anyone that entered it would feel the same sadness and pain she was in.

“I don’t want to go,” She stated flatly.

I sighed in defeat. I had tried everything to take her out of that sadness. I tried to talk to her about anything but her problems, the race team for example. It didn’t work, everything else was meaningless to her. Nothing seemed to take her out of that state of numbness.

“Okay then, but I have to go to lessons,” I said, “I can bring you food if you want.”

She didn’t answer once again “If you decide to leave don’t forget your tie. I looked for it but I couldn’t find it,” I stated once again before leaving, closing the door smoothly behind me. I walked down the staircase and exited the building with my backpack on my shoulders. I hated to leave her alone with her thoughts, but I had no choice.

That was when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and I could not believe who was standing there, hiding away behind the corner of the building. I shuddered when my eyes met his, sending a cold wave down my body. If that encounter had happened a year before I would had run as fast as I could, scared to death. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as scared as I was before. I was still quite frightened though, because after all, he was still Harry, and I knew what he was capable of.

He gave away no threat. Actually, it seemed like the last thing he wanted was a fight, which was reassuring.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” I found the words to speak. Suddenly my brain joined the dots. As soon as I saw his face, everything became clear.

He ignored my question “Is Summer inside? Is she okay?” He asked hurriedly.

“Yes, she is inside. And no, she is not okay,” I said, crossing my arms in front of me, keeping a safe distance from him.

“I see you finally decided to help her,” Harry said as he looked around.

“What makes you so sure that I am?”

“You wouldn’t be talking to me otherwise,” He answered cleverly.

There was silence between us. I had never had a conversation with him, so it was all new territory for me.

“Did she tell you what happened?” He asked me.

“No, not a single word,” I stated, “Are you going to tell me?”

“She clearly doesn’t want you to know, so no,” He answered simply.

An awkward silence settled between us again.

“Look, Anna,” Harry turned to face me “I know you hate me, and to be quite honest, you are not my favourite person either, but right now you are the on helping Summer, so thank you.”

“Is there any reason in particular why you aren’t the one helping her?” I asked, “Oh wait, maybe it is because you are the cause of her pain.”

He sighed in defeat. Whatever had happened Harry was the cause of it. Surprise surprise! Once again he was giving me more reasons to hate him, but I couldn’t judge him: the look in his eyes suggested that he was lost, desperate even. For him to seek for me, the person he for sure hated most in that school… He really wanted to mend things, and I couldn’t judge him for that.

“Whatever happened it’s none of my business, but for her to be so sad it must mean that she was hurt by something or someone she really loves. Only someone she really cares about could hurt her that much,” I said. It was the truth and I wasn’t afraid to say it. What Harry and Summer had put themselves through… only people who really love each other would be willing to go through what they did. “And for you to be here, despite your mistake, it must mean you love her, too.”

He looked at the sky and then back at me “You have no idea.”

That response took me off guard in a good way. Harry Edwards just admitted that he loved her. That was something I never thought I would hear from Harry: a confession of love.

“Can you tell her that I am sorry?”


“And can you ask her to meet me here today at five? I really need to talk to her.”

“I doubt she will agree to come, but sure, I’ll try to convince her,” I said.

“Thank you,” he placed his hand inside one of his pockets “And can you give her this? She will need it more than me.”

He took out a tie from his pocket. Summer’s tie. I looked at him, surprised. Why did he have her tie?

With that, he turned around and left, his head facing the ground. Or that boy had finally swallowed his pride or Summer had really changed him.

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