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Witch Is ‘She

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An unknown woman. An unrivalled man. An unexpected encounter. An unpaired couple. then an unpredictable story. "So you are telling me that a lady dragged the entire kingdom down? Just like that?" "Not just like that..."

Romance / Mystery
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"I demand the throne father not a marriage degree."
The rebel princess stood up on her feet as the whole family of 4 looked at her with wide open eyes.

"That's too cunning of you, princess Rosemary. The throne is meant to be your brother's, how can you ask such a big thing-"
The raging step mother's angry comment was soon heard at the dining too but cutting the statement off in the middle the angry princess glared at her.

"I am not asking, I am demanding it. It's my possession after my father. Also I have no brother. I am the only child of this dynasty, the throne is obviously mine cause I am the pure blood!"

Feeling the insult in princess's words, anger started building up inside the step mother as she again intended to talk back when king himself smashed his hands on the table gaining everyone's fearful eyes on him except one.

Glaring back at those angry eyes boldly, Rosemary still had whole confidence which didn't even calmed her father eyes for once.

"Women don't rule, rosemary!"
Those words were naturally a win of stepmother and the step siblings behalf but the angered princess wasn't having any of it.

"My mother brought the throne to you, she was even sacrificed for it. Do not mistake this as my appeal father. This is my right what I am demanding. The throne is my mother's struggle and I deserve it more than your concubine's son."
The angry princess still stood on her feet, never for once looking down.

"Now you will teach me who deserves my title huh?"
The king shouted as the dining flinched at his tone. The reason was princess mentioning her dead mother.

It was true that the throne was meant for her at the end of any discussion, the throne was hers but the stubborn king was too arrogant to handle it to a female and let her rule.

Even if she was his daughter.

"I have to because your eyes are too small to see the difference between me and your other children. I am my mother's daughter, Princess Rosemary Jen in case you forgot me."
Walking towards him, she spoke as the stepbrother and stepsister clenched their hands having enough of it already.

Sure the step siblings's positions were not any different than her but their levels surely are. They are still the concubine's children who have to bow down to reality.
Princess Rosemary Jen has always been the first preference in royalty.

She is the princess carrying royal and pure blood!

"Princess Rosemary Jen, you cannot talk to father like this!"
Stepbrother's teeth gritted, he less cared about his father is being insulted. He obviously reacted because his mention was ridiculed my her at the dining seconds ago.

"Truth hurted you this bad? I can talk to him in any way being real but you cannot cause you have to kiss his ass for my throne every time right? Pathetic!"
The stepbrother clenched his jaw, if he could he would have make her regret right away.

But of course only in his imagination.

He couldn't do a thing to her in reality, he was tied by the honour and his father's limits. Till the throne isn't in his possession, he have to be quite. He have to take in all the insults being the polluted child.

"Language Rosemary!"
Father shouted in rage.

Obviously that's not the language any royal women talk but the angered princess had to. Knowing the true colours of the step family, she knew well that the king was blindfolded by them all these years.

"I don't intend to drag this matter father. I don't even want to but remember this, even if you are planning to eliminate me then I will have no choice left but to request the attentions of our people. Knowing the audience well, if they won't let any woman lead them then they won't let a concubine's son to lead them either!"
The Princess surprised the dining with her bold statement.

It was a threat, a threat to dare and try her. She obviously sounded so very confident and proud of her words as if she would really do so.

This made the step family kind of fear the future while the king on the other side was glaring at his daughter who didn't even reacted for once after that.

"Suit yourself, king!"
She spoke more like mocked her father while bowing before exiting the dining all empty stomach, without eating a single thing.

As she exited the maids bowed to her, seeing her angry and ugly mood they got the clue to not mess with her.

Soon entering inside her bedroom she was welcomed by her server who was seemingly dusting her undone mattress when she suddenly bursted inside without any warning, scaring her.

She flinched when princess entered inside angrily.

"Jesus, you scared me princess rose!"
Daisy spoke as she let go of the dusting cloth and walked near her to pour her some water.

It was not new, the princess she knew was quite a hot tempered woman. Every time when the family dines every weekend, her mood always gets spoiled like this only.

Daisy said handling her the glass while the princess looked away rejecting her offer, she seemed really mad this time which was unique.

"Come on future queen you gotta stay hydrated in order to rule!"
Daisy spoke as she made her hold the glass of water while laughing as soon princess's anger seem to dry down.

"I want to kill those snakes, she dared to manipulate father to marry me off this time so that I won't come in her way!"
Rosemary mumbled as Daisy became shocked.

"Princess mary, that's bad. You gotta do something otherwise-"
Daisy commented back as Rosemary rolled her eyes.

"I did it and I bet they will regret now before messing with me."
Princess scoffed as soon Daisy became curious at her behaviour.

"What did you do?"
The royal servant inspected as the princess chuckled in mock.

"I threatened them that I will seek people's attention if things aren't in my favour!"
Without any care Rosemary stated before gulping the water down her throat to calm her temper.

But opposite of her the royal servant's eyes widened at the princess's audacity.

The fact that she even gutted to threat this time was a very big thing itself.

"Princess Rose that's worse, it can get you in trouble."
Daisy uttered as she looked at the princess who paused her actions looking at her servant with a questionable gaze.

"In order to get rid of you they manipulated the king to marry you off, now that you warned them about seeking the people's attention. I am sure they are not going to just keep quite on this matter!"
Rosemary's eyes stared at her server blankly as she stated those words.

True! They really won't, especially that stupid stepbrother of her.
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