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Retired assassin falls in love

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Erotic ex assassin love story, starts off with backstory

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Most people know me as Keith Baker, your ordinary small town guy living on main street in the two story grey house. Not many people know me, not the real me. What most people don't know is that Im a retired assassin who killed people for money. It all started when i was 15. It was a month after my fathers death, my last living relative. He wasn't a good father, he was abusive and would always fight me.I found myself alone broke and getting robbed by two guys in a back alley with knives, when they saw i didn't have any money on me they tried to stab me l, as i saw the blade coming i snapped and grappled it out of his hand and stabbed him in his neck. He stumbles backwards and looks at the dagger stuck in his neck with clear shock and alarm on his face. Slowly, he starts falling to the ground with a silent, gargled scream coming out of his mouth. The other robber, lets call him robber number 2, was watching it all unfold, rooted in place by shock and fear. I tackle robber number 2 to the ground and hail punches on his face till it's unrecognisable. Looking at my hands seeing the blood drip off, his blood I realised something was wrong with me. I wasn't scared, i didn't even regret it. Cleaning my hands off on his shirt, i started looking through his pockets and took his wallet, taking all his cash, his ID and passport. Looking at his ID and passport, he has the same short blond buzzcut and facial structure as me, i could probably use them. I didn't find a wallet in robber number 1's pockets but padding him down i feel something hard tucked in the backside of his pants.

A gun. I found a 17-round glock gun. I tuck the gun in the backside of my jeans , covering the top with my loose t-shirt and start walking away. After washing all the blood off my hands, I check all the money and counted 517 dollars, when i grabbed the cash I also grabbed a business card for Lloyds Loan's . Lloyd is a famed loanshark known for praying on the desperate. He always gives his loans out in cash then later he would steal the cash whilst you were sleeping and demand you pay his loan out. He would have a lot of money in his safe. With a plan slowly forming in my head i walk to the fancy hotel nearby. I walk through the door to the reception of the hotel and see a young brunette with a tight bun working at the desk, casually walking to the desk the receptionists looks up as she sees me and puts on a professional smile. Reading the tag on her button down shirt i find out her name is Tiffany. "Hello Tiffany.". She looks up at me and and asks:"What can i do for you sir?."."Id like to book a room for week please."."Okay sir what is you're name?". Looking down at the ID in my hand i read robber number 1's name and see that his name is Keith Baker."My name is Keith Baker."." That'll be 255 dollars, cash or card?"."Cash.". Handing her the money, I look her up and down and see that she is gorgeous. She has plumb smooth breasts with well defined curves and a tight grey skirt. Getting a naive and stupid idea I grin at her and ask her:"Do you want to have dinner later?".... silence, she look confused for a second and then slowly looks me up and down, tilting her head sideways in the process and finally she says:"Okay."."I get off at seven".

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