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Love battle

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Chapter two

Silence.... thats all I heard as he continued eating his dinner like nothing just happened and the only prove that he heard me was the little stop in his arms as he continued eating, well i was expecting something worst but this attitude is not accepting

"Dante!!.. " I was vexed considering this isnt the first time he used silence as his ultimate answer and calling his first name was to prove that I'm very serious and im not planning on backing down on this fight tonight.. well if you could call it that.. it always look am the only one fighting in this relationship, he is always disgustingly calm, like always, with the right words always leaving his lips and never out of control attitude... i am at my end right now..


that was it, he accepted just like that after all this time, fucking bastard always throwing me out of my game, he just agreed without hesitation as if I've been fighting and suspecting imaginery things all this while.

"Ok, i want to check it out right now and i dont want a no as an answer," i stated as i dont want to lose this opportunity, already standing and pushing the dinning chair back indicating am leaving.

"Lets finish dinner first, ok and beside you barely touched it, im not letting you go to bed on an empty stomach" he smiled signalling at my seat... abd by all means i want to refuse but i know i wont like where it will lead me so i sat back down unsatisfied but at least he stopped eating and now he's watching.

Well i ate.. as much as my stomach could take right now although not a lot but it was something and i guess he approved as he continued without any comment.... he lead me to the room and opened it, ushering me inside to investigate or probably feed my curiosity and either way i was shockingly disappointed, it was not a cave and doesnt look suspicious, just a plain office with a long book shelve.. really long book shelve and that is the only outstanding thing in this room everyother thing looked normal and freaking neat but why was it the only room locked in this mansion.. amd there are lots of rooms here and he locked only this office and mind you he refused my entry for so long i was so sure something is going on in this office.

"Why is it always locked then eh!, and why are you so against me coming into this office all the time," i asked obviously baffled and i needed answer asap.

"Lets go to bed, I'm tired we can continue this conversation tomorrow..and i promise i won't lock the doors again so you are allowed to explore anytime you want...... happy " he complained already taking me back to our room and that's obviously the end of the conversation as always and it getting annoying but I know am not stupid, something obviously is suspicious and I'm not going to stop finding out what.

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